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Avatar n tn Make sure and tell the dentist next time to give you a shot WITHOUT epinephrine. I get these shots all the time when going to the dentist, my heart never races or skips, but in the past when I had the regular novacaine shots, my heart would race, skip, I'd be nauseated etc.
Avatar f tn it just might be from the epinephrine in it. He could be sensitive to it. I am and they say that it is a normal reaction but I still don't like it. Tell them you want your son to have carbocaine or anything else without the epi. If you decide to go to another dentist tell them what happened to him and say you don't want him to have it.
Avatar f tn I am worried that the next time I need dental work done that I won't have many anesthesia options. I do not want anything with epinephrine in it because it makes my heart race and causes PVC's and the last time they gave me something that didn't have the epi in it BUT it didn't really numb me very well therefore, I still had some pain during the procedure. Is there any other alternative for someone with tachycardia?
Avatar n tn he suggested novacaine but i dont understand why novacaine would be any better?? and wont the epi in it effect my heart? he says it could, so what is the benefit? i just want it out . what do you think would be a good alternative?
Avatar n tn (I am still using ice for the swelling) I'm wondering with my heart problem how dangerous is it to get a dose of epinephrine and how will that affect my heart? I had an epinephrine dose in the early nineties due to a breathing problem, but that was before I was diagnosed with the mvp and atrial misfire.
290867 tn?1333572878 they don't like to give you pain meds that late in pregnancy, because of the possibility of dependence from the baby. I had a cap put on, (he won't do a root canal because of the xtra xrays and possibility of infection) and i'm almost 20weeks. But my dentist gave me Tylenol3 which is safe to use during second trimester. I think if your doctor says its safe its' safe.
Avatar n tn Can extractions with novacaine be done if a person has hbp that is being controlled by blood pressure medication? Thank you.
1047019 tn?1256723561 We DO NOT have SYNTHETIC Epinephrine in our bodies. Any drug that is synthetic has been made this way by man in a lab & it is recognized as poison/unnatural to our bodies...hence this is why it causes reactions in some. The last time I was given it I thought I would die.
Avatar n tn He told me this was from the epinephrine in the shot. My heart raced for several minutes afterwards and so he injected it more slowly and said I may be sensitive to it. I am wondering if this is an indication of an underlying problem of some sort and if I should mention it to my doctor.
Avatar n tn Many times there is epinephrine in a novocaine injection. Epi can affect the heart (makes it race) and with an arrhythmia hitting on a t-wave it can cause a "heart" seizure (been there - done that!). It can just be a benign thing as mine was (had it for a different reason than novocaine though), but scary none the less. EP study done after showed no cardiac effects at all. I hope you find the cause. If not, ask your doctor about getting novocaine with NO epi in it.
9445847 tn?1408063355 you might need a note from your ob saying you can have novacaine without epinephrine and xrays with proper chest protection. But there shouldn't be any other issues. :-) good luck the dentist *****.
Avatar n tn html While the start of my episode matched the start of my root canal, I didn't use any antibiotics. My brother-in-law is a Dermatologist and he thinks the Epinephrine in Novocain is probably the cause and the drug reference states that Epinephrine can cause heart Arrhythmias. One month after the Root Canal, the Arrhythmia's stopped like a switch and I'm back to my normal Arrhythmia pattern.
Avatar f tn And that is important for heart health. Be sure you get a novacaine without epinephrine. This is REALLY important. I have an irregular heartbeat, after having the epinephrine and have heard the same thing from many others going into Afib from it, or having their Afib made worse. I remind the dentist each and every time. It's not paranoia when there really is a problem!
Avatar f tn It works very quickly to put you out, but patients also recover very quickly from it with almost no hangover/nausea effect. FYI, the usual dental meds would be safe as long as they don't have Epinephrine in them, which can increase arrhythmias.
Avatar n tn because i have seen some evidence of this being listed online (anything can be posted online so id like to just see what another dentist has experienced) and another question i have that you might be able to answer is will novicaine effect an existing arrythmia my heart has been beating about 100-120 beats per minute at rest and sleep when it normally beats 60-70...
Avatar f tn So I'm about to schedule an appointment because I have 2 cavities that need fixed bad!! What would be the best pain med that's safe for my baby? My mom in law said ask for the gas but my husband said just get the shots! Idk what I'm doing? Anyone been through this? What did you get and were there any complications with pregnancy or baby?
Avatar f tn When I first became pregnant, my OB gave me a note to give to the dentist just in case I needed any dental work while pregnant. The note said novacaine without epinephrine could be used, penicillin if I'm not allergic and Tylenol #3 is also safe. I would check with your OB and see if they have a dental form instructing the dentist about what is safe for you.
Avatar n tn novacaine hasnt been used in years just to let you know. im sure you meant lidocaine.
1301089 tn?1290670171 However Im not allergic to latex. But I cant get the novacaine that has the epinephrine in it! It makes my heart race so fast it feels like its going to explode! they have to use the other kind instead which doesnt work as good of course. I once had to have an infected dry socket debrided/scraped out with NO NUMBING because it wouldnt work! The dude took a metal hook in the infected socket where I had just had a tooth pulled from a few days prior and raked it in the pit to make a new clot form.
Avatar f tn At my old dentist I got the novacaine without epinephrine because my body gets very shaky. I didn't remind this doctor that I wanted that so I got the regular shot which is stronger and lasts longer. I am very sensitive to medications (cant take cold medicine). Anyway, here is my question.... I really don't want to get a root canal unless its seriously necessary. I am not having ANY tooth pain on that tooth. I can poke it and put pressure on it and nothing.
Avatar n tn About a year or so ago he went to the dentist and about 10 minutes after his appointment he turned completely white (very white lips) and said he was thirsty. Then he broke out in a cold sweat and then vomited. He then wanted to lay down and was very weak for about 30 or 40 minutes. He could hardly move a muscle. Then he recovered fully after that. He had two more of those episodes after going to the denist during the last year.
Avatar n tn I used to have WPW syndrome (VERY rapid heart rate at times) and I would tell my dentist not to use epi. The only diff (using epi in novacaine) is it works faster with the epi, and wears off faster. I would play it safe and ask for no epi. It's no big deal for the dentist, they just have to wait a few minutes longer until you are numb, and you have to wait an hour or so longer before it wears off. It's worth the wait to avoid rapid heart rates and higher BP.
Avatar f tn And then the most painful thing, I was not staying numb and they shot me right in the hole in my tooth, OMG that hurt like a *****. But today, after this morning, took some ibuprofen or something this afternoon and I feel ok. MY neck hurts from laying in that chair for such a long time. Just wondering if anyone else has had this situation, and if so, why?
1666434 tn?1325265950 I had no idea that I even had an allergy or severe reaction to epinephrine until 2 weeks ago when I went to the dentist and was given a novacaine with this in it called Septocaine. I immediately broke out in a cold sweat, started shaking and felt like I was going to pass out. The after effects were a swollen throat and swollen face. It looked like I had a stroke on the side of my face where I was injected. This normally does not happen to me at all.
Avatar f tn I thought I had a toothache. So I looked in the mirror and what do you know- I have a wisdom tooth coming in... and there's not enough room for it to come in. So now it hurts to eat and my inner ear is starting to hurt from all the pressure the tooth is causing. Does anyone know if you can have your wisdom teeth pulled when pregnant? Or am I going to have to endure this way for 4 more months?
Avatar n tn Epinephrine (adrenaline) has a very short half life and is gone from the body in a matter of hours. I guess you can take comfort that you are not alone in this. There are medications that can help such as beta-blockers and serotonin reuptake inhibitors. I would ask your doctor about these medications in your case.
Avatar f tn To chime in on you general question of "are some people sensitive to meds?" It seems like some just are. In a way you could say bodies have "different personalities", just like our brains do. Some bodies are easily fooled by meds while others seem to almost 'revolt'. This may be one of the seldom discussed differences between Natural Thyroid and Synthetics. Scientifically synthetics look the same, but I think some bodies can tell what is man made and what is not.
Avatar n tn I have been told when going to the dentist, to tell him to keep the epinephrine out of the novacaine. That will make your heart speed up. When my heart is racing I get a like a tightened feeling in my stomach, as if it is all the muscles tensed up. As soon as the racing goes away, so does that tightened up feeling. Also the funny beats or flutters you can feel sometimes down in the center of the stomach, or up in the base of the throat.
Avatar n tn This was recommended because I was also being treated for Hep C which also causes depression. Most of the people in my group were not given any AD's though. There must be a good reason for this, I suppose. If you read some of the posts in the MGH depression forums, you will hear a lot of bad things about them. This may sound strange but when I was on Paxil, I started drinking heavily after about three months. I rarely even had hangovers.
Avatar n tn ) Since then, I had an US in Feb on the right breast for 4 cysts (no follow up needed at this time) and a mammo on the left side in May for a new lump (cyst). Now in July, had my yearly mammo for which I got the call back for spot compression. I go in on the 10th. I'm doing fine mentally...just wish I didn't continue needing screenings. In march I also had a biopsy of the lining of my uterus (benign). I have conflicting feelings about screening...