Enoxaparin and pregnancy

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Avatar m tn I am 27 weeks pregnancy and have dvt, start to using CLEXANE(ENOXAPARIN) I am really worried is there any harm to my baby Thanks & Rgards
Avatar f tn In the last pregnancy (2007), I had still birth at 34 weeks due to IUGR. During the present pregnancy, my doctor has recommended aspirin and Low Molecular Weight Heparin (like Clexane) for the entire pregnancy period. I am regularly taking these both medicines. Regularly undergoing Ultrasound regular scan and Doppler scan. Till now the growth of fetus is good and is better than the last pregnancy. But my platelet count is coming down, now its around 160,000.
Avatar n tn They tested on August 9th and called today to say very early pregnancy and to test again on Monday. My Hcg was 35, which didnt mean much to be prior to searching the web, now it seems LOW.....I guess it should be if it was negative a week ago. I have had no spotting or cramping, just aches, tired and a headache, so now I wait, this is so stressful!!!
Avatar f tn I wad injecting in the stomach but started developing scar tissue and it was getting sorer and sorer.
Avatar n tn In one study, 50 women with thrombophilia (including 20 factor V Leiden heterozygotes) and recurrent pregnancy loss were treated with enoxaparin throughout 61 subsequent pregnancies. The live birth rate was 75% with enoxaparin prophylaxis, compared to 20% in prior untreated pregnancies [Brenner et al 2000].
Avatar f tn Yes I'm on the generic enoxaparin. I was on it with my first and forth (all 4 pregnancies were miscarriages). Now I'm on it again since 3 1/2 weeks pregnant.
178698 tn?1228777938 Sanofi said there is no problem with the drug enoxaparin itself and does not expect any shortage of Lovenox and Clexan to result from the recall.
186844 tn?1209157644 But I don't think I will be starting at all because I don't think my pregnancy is sticking. My HCG levels are extremely low and I believe at this point they've declined. Can you find out why it's being recalled?? What do you do at the hospital. I work in medical field too at a monster ins co. -- medical economics boring number cruncher.
Avatar f tn I went in for my first ultrasound at 51/2 weeks and then again at 61/2 weeks (if my dating is right) and we just saw a gestational sac and I don't really have any pregnancy symptoms. I'm worried nothing is going to be there again (dr said we can do one more to verify which would be 7 1/2 weeks). This is my 4th pregnancy all ending in miscarriage! I'm working with a fertility specialist. I have been on progesterone suppositories, baby asprin, folic acid, prenatal vitamins and enoxaparin.
Avatar n tn They really don't know why it happened with me, all of my tests to rule out causes (certain conditions also predispose you to getting PE's such as cancer, pregnancy, lupus and more). I am sorry that warfarin didn't agree with you...I have heard about some people not tolerating warfarin (coumadin). I am on long term coumadin, have been since the PE..almost 5 years now to keep my INR levels between 2 and 3. The one thing that I do have a problem with is keeping my levels in the theraputic range.