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Avatar f tn "But I do take issue that this discussion group mostly represents those who have had side effects on the more severe side" hi Jim, this place IS a life line to me,,,BUT I was 'trying' to point out that we do not have enough posts from people when things are going good. They are important also. That's part of the reason so may people fear treatment,I believe.Thats why I wanted to make sure i posted that my start was fine, 'for the ones waiting to tx.
Avatar n tn Has anyone experienced any bad side effects from the hcg shots? I am administering them myself and just want to know what to look out for.
Avatar n tn I am sticking with the 11 pm or 3 am time because of the nasty side effects if I wait and take it in the morning. For me the side effects were WORSE with synthroid. I guess I am in the minority there. Anyone else have a story like mine? I am so new to this I want advice. I also have a cyst on the other side which they have to watch. My brother's cyst was malignant and he has no thyroid now. He has been on Syn for 18 years and has never complained. he gets up at 4:30 to take his.
183933 tn?1290220562 After my first dose lastnight I have had no side effects, do you think I would have had that by now, or do those side effects usually come later after taking it longer.
Avatar n tn There is a very strong drug available by prescription, but it is often with side effects, and if you drop the drug, it can lead to a recurrence of the condition. There is an all natural remedy available which I use personally. If you want more information, please send me an email at acemail2005-***@****. Note: I am not a physician, but I am practicing user of herbs and supplements for many years and the information I have is informational only until you consult with your physician.
Avatar f tn I think you might have an ulcer, I don't really know, but here, take some pills for acid reflux. Just ignore the little pamphlet that has all the scary possible side effects (conveniently written in very small, stale print) and let us professionals handle this matter. Don't ask questions". Wake up! Doctors admit that a vast part of their education comes from the drug companies who make the pills. Why is there no solid info on what we are experiencing?
Avatar n tn It isn't worth the long term side effects of prednisone. I've had 3 colonoscopies and 2 endoscopies over the past 2 years. Aside from one very large pre-cancerous polyp, the results have been negative. I have been living on Vivonex for over one year. When I initially became allergic to beef, I switched to mainly pork and chicken. It only took about 3 months for me to become allergic to the pork. Then I was mostly eating chicken and eggs for protein.
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1160836 tn?1332333769 My doctor thought it was enviormental (exercise, stress...etc) as I just started to go do body pump right around that time. Every cycle before that was 30-31 days to the day!! So we will see.....
Avatar f tn I was able to tolerate milk and soy protein last year but now cannot. Just a few weeks ago, living on only egg whites and plant protein I have started to have all symptoms of B12 deficiency and not enough protein intake. I am now waiting for that result and have started on B supplements. I started to increase intake of protein via plant based protein powder. My problem is that now I seem to be having the same reaction to this soy-free plant-based protein.
Avatar n tn Hi Stone, The side effects go form loss of weight, loss of muscle mass, skin problems, hair problems, eye floaters and memory loss. Then this depends how much masturbating you doing a day, and the next problem are you doing this to porn, if so this could be shutting down your sexual receptors. You may have also lost your nocturnal erection along with your morning woods.
Avatar m tn Hello, I think I am having side effects from the infertility meds but my egg retrieval was exactly 28 days ago and the ivf cycle did not take. However, I am having the same exact symptoms just not quite as bad (nausea, bloating, headache diahhrea and general maliase) that I did from the 5th day that I was on the fertility meds. I had ovarian hyperstimulation symptoms but never any cyst or free fluid and 22 eggs were retrieved.
Avatar n tn Hi girls I don't know about ivf but I should imagine it implants in the same way and I have read that it is very common to have cramping when the egg implants and sometimes spotting. I am cramping now at 6 weeks and everything seems fine on u/s.
312323 tn?1193300534 After I got it put in about two months later I developed a very large cyst on my right overy it was the size of an extra large egg so of cours I was in alot of pain.
Avatar n tn yes i do --- like as if you are having your AF --- i am not the worried though as my doctor clearly told me this is also one of those hormones side effects (progesterone) --- just like having a sore boobs --- and the whole tummy, back and waist just feel very heavy... so hang in there and wait until monday for your b/w if doing hpt upsets you...
Avatar n tn Right, the one responsible for monitoring me, making sure that I am ok with the side effects and such, picture this. I am currently a Business major, in school still, finishing up in may/June. I have now been prescribed 60 mg of adderral XR a day for the past 2 years. Maybe I’m in denial, or maybe I don’t know, but I have never been addicted to anything in my life, not drugs, not cigarettes, and now I’m stuck on both. When I hit college I had just started seeing this new doctor.
Avatar m tn I see so many threads about the side effects of SOC that I thought people should be reminded that there really are some possible side effects from HCV too. But, you can bet that this will not attract nearly as much attention as a thread about that other stuff. People flock to that like moths to a flame. They love it!
Avatar n tn There's one problem with this, collagen is a ridiculously expensive type of protein compared to other sources of protein like whey protein, casein protein, egg protein, etc and collagen is no better at promoting weight loss than these other forms. I would suggest going over to the forums, you'll learn a ton about smart weight loss. My screen name is supplementsavvy over there if you need help.
Avatar f tn There have been some side effects reported from the use of phenylethylamine. These effects include heartburn, nausea, constipation and headaches. There have also been some more serious side effects such as insomnia, confusion, dizziness and chest pains, although these appear to be less common. 18 Metabolism-Boosting Foods How much protein do you need? New research suggests that many of us may need more protein than we realize. The current RDA is 0.
Avatar m tn My creatinine level is 69umol, what could this tell me about my eGFR and the level of my kidney funtion? All feedback deeply appreciated. Side Effects Exsessive/EXTREME Urine output.(Especially after protein or animo acid rich food.) No blood Slight Diarrhea every other day. Slight soft pain in upperchest (Liver/heart area) mainly after mealtimes/snacks. Weight loss. Tight Breathing (mainly after mealtimes/snacks). I have no allergies, take no drugs and do not drink.
932044 tn?1244589070 Start exercising, do some cardio and then start some weights and you will have some positive side effects by the end of 6 months. Take care!
Avatar n tn From what I and my friends experienced, it definitely increases strength and improves physique... with no SHORT-TERM side effects that any of us have noticed. That having been said, who knows what the long-term effects of using creatine are? One thing we noticed is that creatine's muscle-building effects are temporary. Once we stopped taking it, our strength would quickly return to pre-creatine levels, and our muscles would quickly lose whatever gains we experienced.
Avatar m tn My creatinine level is 69umol, what could this tell me about my eGFR and the level of my kidney funtion? What can i do? All feedback deeply appreciated. Side Effects Exsessive/EXTREME Urine output.(Especially after protein or animo acid rich food.) No blood Slight Diarrhea every other day. Slight soft pain in upperchest (Liver/heart area) mainly after mealtimes/snacks. Weight loss. Tight Breathing (mainly after mealtimes/snacks). I have no allergies, take no drugs and do not drink.
Avatar f tn All the anxieties of the last year, all that madness and change and stress and sorrow, and I have had no protein supplements. I've been taking multi-vitamins and calcium, drinking V8 juice, doing everything I can to get nutrients into my new eating habits (or lack thereof), and I missed the most important thing. I've been a vegetarian for almost 7 years, and never remember the protein. I believe my follicles have decided they've had enough of that noise, and are in protest.
Avatar n tn When too few carbs are available for your body, you may experience fatigue, dizziness, dehydration, nausea and bad breath, according to Vanderbilt University. To minimize these unpleasant side effects and to keep your energy levels high, aim to eat a minimum of 130 grams of carbs daily. Healthy low-carb foods are often high in protein, healthy fats or both are great additions to 1,200-calorie, low-carb meal plan.
1201929 tn?1293711672 Do not use if prone to seizures or if taking anti-epileptic/anti-seizure medications. Some people may experience nausea or headaches as side-effects. Garlic Usage: Garlic is a natural do-it-all: it is known to inhibit the growth of viruses, bacteria, candida and certain parasites. It is also a wonderful mucus thinner and is often used to help clear up congestion in the lungs. Some women have experienced an increase in cervical mucus from using garlic.
4043517 tn?1374010173 Went backwards, hit my head on a brick, broke at least one toe, soaked in Epsom salts, bloody and foot swollen, butt and side throbbing, goose egg on my elbow. Confused. **** this hurts. Back to like my bike wreck. I feel so awful right now. **** **** ****. Thought I had this under control. Apparently not. My foot hurts so bad. My head is swollen. Kids made me stay up until they were assured I didn't have a concussion. Oh. I forgot how much it hurts to fall. Glad my bones are relatively strong.
4959779 tn?1361583805 That it increases ones energy levels immensely and she also told me not to eat bananas, carrots or peas that they are high in fat and to eat 4 egg whites at breakfast for protein, is this true. and to eat salads and veggie soups and apples and berries. Anyone have meals suggestions for suppers.
Avatar m tn Eat a diet of 25% or more protein and 40% or less carbs (improves egg quality and doubles pregnancy rate in IVF) Consume dairy fat (reduces risk of unexplained and anovulatory infertility by 27% and 50%, respectively) Avoid low fat dairy (increases risk of unexplained infertility by 85%) Don't drink alcohol before conception (reduces live birth rate by 21% in IVF patients) Increase monounsaturated fats Increase saturated fats (lowers risk of infertility by 17%) Decrease trans fats Reduce polyu