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Avatar f tn 's advice for slow reduction and finally stopped taking Effexor ER the end of August. I had a few withdrawal symptoms, but this week I can no longer sleep. I am extremely restless and just walk and pace until totally exhausted, when I'm able to sleep for about one hour and then start the process again. Is there anything I can do, or is taking Effexor the only option?
768617 tn?1475035656 Now I'me on my 6th day of withdrawal from the effexor, which I decided to do on my own. How long can these side effects last insomnia, crying, irritability. I feel that they are getting better.
Avatar m tn Until recently I had never used any A/D's in my life, but I decided to try them during my tx. I took lexapro and it didn't do anything so I tried effexor instead. Effexor didn't seem to do a whole lot either. But when I came off of it after I stopped tx, it was hellish. And I tapered and tapered and tapered my dose down to almost nothing over a long period of time, and I still had a bad time of it. I even took the 37.
Avatar n tn I tried to not take it at all today( my doctor suggested cutting the dose in half for 1 week and then going to every other day for 1 week) but I got the brain zaps and actually had thoughts about killing myself(although I love my life and am certainly NOT suicidal) and it had only been a few hours past when I was supposed to take it. After reading others' feelings on Effexor withdrawal, I am relieved to know that I am not alone-but I still gave in and took a pill.
Avatar n tn So, Wyeth pharmaceuticals has found another application for its SSRI Effexor. How effexor will affect your insomnia is anyone's guess. Sone people find effexor helps with sleep, other find it aggravates their insomnia. It is not recommended that you discontinue effexor abruptly. I discontinued paxil after 10 yrs of daily use, so I know what discontinuation syndrome is all about.
Avatar n tn insomnia hypotension (low blood pressure) weight gain wheeziness sexual dysfunction
Avatar n tn I have read the closed forum headed "Withdrawal Symptons from Effexor XR" to see if other's are/have experiences when stopping Effexor. I have gone 'cold turkey" which I know I should not have after only taking a small dose of 75mg in the morning along with 2 Ritalin for about 2 years (before that taking 150mg). I had forgotten to get my script and I thought I should try to see if I could do without the Effexor.
Avatar n tn hey everyone, I have a good tip to get through the withdrawal pains of effexor. First off I have been on effexor for 1 1/2 years. At first it was great and only up until this fall it was starting to be clear to me that it was not helping with my depression anymore. I was told by my doc never to go cold turkey with this med that I was to tapper it. I was told if I went off cold turkey I was risking brain siezures. I am tappering off now from 75mg a day to 37.5 a day and then 37.
Avatar m tn No no no you have not done perma damage! Tramadol has a anti deppressant in it so the w/d's do take a little longer than the regular opioids. You're actually not suppose to just quit them cold turkey because you can have seizures. You're 22 days off them so you should be clear of that now though. I really would recommend not drinking though. It is so easy to become dependant on something else well trying to quit a substance.
Avatar f tn I have done it both ways, so I know. Effexor helps a lot of people, it is just the withdrawal that is difficult. I took 10 months to withdraw and had no withdrawal symptoms at all. OK cold turkey worked for you, but I would encourage people to take a very long time to withdraw. It worked for me. I am an elderly lady and have struggled with depression for over 20 years and been on many different anti depressants. Effexor really helped me, and I would not knock it.
Avatar n tn I'm crying more than ever before, irrationally obsessive about my appearance, and just feelings of helplessness and not being grounded in the world. Is this an effexor withdrawal effect (and thus will be lessened as time goes on) or is this my natural mood and behavior without effexor? I don't want to go back on effexor, especially if this may only be temporary, a lag i have to go through, but how long will this last? are such delayed mood effects from withdrawal possible?
Avatar n tn hi there, i have some comments on withdrawal from effexor. my withdrawal has been pure hell for about2 weeks now and i am beginning to wonder will i ever make it thru this. i had been taking 300mg a day for the past 2 years but was beginning to feel it was time for me to be off this medication and live my life you know. anyhow with my dr's advice we gradually tapered off the meds but i am still having severe withdrawal and wondering will it ever stop.
Avatar n tn If you want to start another SSRI (instead of continuing the Paxil), maybe it would help to start it sooner rather than later - I know that my dr suggested that I take a low dose of Prozac when I get down to a very low dose of Paxil because it can ease the withdrawal symptom from Paxil - and because of Prozac's long half-life - it doesn't cause many withdrawal problems itself.
Avatar n tn My doctor started me on Lamictal while I was going off the Effexor, so it's not as if nothing is in my system. My question is, are these emotional symptoms normal for Effexor withdrawal, even if I weaned down slowly? How long can I expect them for? I'm feeling very desperate. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Dimi, My name is Diane and I take 425mg Effexor daily. I used to take 350mg daily but I found over time that I was feeling dizzy and my concentration was not good. My doctor took me off this and I experienced the worst withdrawal ever. I could not even put a sentence together or understand what people were saying to me. The insomnia was horrific. The withdrawal took 5 months. The worst time in my life.
Avatar n tn I fully apprecite the value of SSRI's in managing depression and I may take another drug in the future, but not Effexor. Secondly, could I tolerate the withdrawal symptoms. Well I suppose time will tell. One of the few benefits of a mispent youth growing up in the late 60's and 70's is a very clear understanding that "normal" and "reality" is a plastic concept, the brain is quite malleable and I am capable of functioning under less than optimal circumstances.
1276918 tn?1271034280 It has been 6 days since I have stopped my Effexor 75mg. I keep having manic moods, crying, shaking, cold sweats, pain all over, insomnia and thoughts of suicide. I have never felt like this in my life! My Neurologist put me on this medication along with Topomax almost 3 years ago. Over that time I have gained like 40 pounds! And I always have severe fatigue! My NEW neurologist took me off of both and I am now taking Amytriptoline.
Avatar f tn I've recently been weaned off Effexor XR and it has not been too great. Below is a list of what I have been experiencing for almost 2 weeks: Lack of balance Spacey Lack of concentration Blurred Vision Auditory Hallucinations Jittery Sweating Nightmares and/or vivid dreams Itching everywhere while resting or sleeping I will not go back on and start over again. I'm done trying other brands, other types, old ones and new ones.
Avatar n tn I lived 3 months of pure hell prior to the Effexor, anxiety, depression, insomnia, agrophobia, it was horrible. I believe mine was brought on by the loss of my mother and a pregnancy that made my hormones to crazy. I lost the baby which added to the depression. I like you, felt better with the Effexor, however, it took me a month to start feeling better. I pray that my dizziness is temporary, I do not want to go back on the Effexor.
Avatar f tn Hi, I can't pretend coming off Effexor was easy, and I would never do it again now that I am back on it. My withdrawal took 10 days, so if you can stick it out, you should feel better after about 2 weeks. The zapping is the worse. I just lay down for 10 days and let it happen. I don't think it will get any worse. Do you think you can stick it out? If you don't you will never try again to come off it again. Hang in there. Let us know how you get on.
Avatar f tn As you are only recently off the tramadol & effexor has a virtually identical chemical structure to the antidepressant in tramadol, this may be effecting your body's response to the effexor. Having said that it's common enough for NARI/SSRI combo drugs to cause a bit of a speed rush with the initial doses. This class of meds don't usually help with anxiety or insomnia so you may want to try some melatonin; valerian; kava or nyquil for that side of things.
Avatar n tn I can't withdraw because I am in the process of withdrawal from effexor so I can't do both at the same time but i will quit klonopin after I quit the effexor. Now, depending on the stress level, I usually take between 2-5 mg a night of klonopin. Is it safe to up and down doses like that? I feel fine if i take 5 mg now and 3 mg tomorrow night. (But I am trying to stabilize the dosage on 2 or 3 mg until I quit effexor.) Or maybe I should take 1.g mg in morning and 1.
Avatar f tn How do I find a neurologist who is educated in Effexor withdrawal? I have a mild seizure disorder, my Mother was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, and I am "addicted" to Effexor, which I have taken for 10 years and cannot seem to break free from. Put that all together and I feel as though my worsening memory issues spell our DEMENTIA in big, bold letters. Can anyone make any suggestions? Thanks...
Avatar n tn withdrawal from Effexor. Gradual titration doesn't seem to be working for me. I have been taking my Effexor dose down since beginning of June due to loss of insurance and no funds to stay on meds until September.
Avatar n tn It took approximately 2 weeks for the Effexor withdrawal symptoms to subside, and I finally thought I was out of the worst symptoms (especially because I was completely fine at week 3). UGH! Has anyone else experienced symptoms that lasted this long? I was thinking that maybe there was a connection between the Effexor withdrawal and beginning the Wellbutrin, but I'm not a pharmacist. :[ I feel like I have been permanently damaged by the Effexor. I just want to feel "normal" again.
Avatar f tn Has anyone else experienced these delayed, long-term withdrawal effects from Effexor? If so, did they ever go away? I'm scheduled for an MRI of my brain to rule out anything more serious such as ALS. If my tests come back o.k., the doctor mentioned putting me back on Effexor and then weaning me off of it very slowly to see if that gets rid of everything, but I'm afraid to go back on it in case it just makes everything worse.
Avatar m tn I thought I'd start a thread to document my withdrawal from Effexor due to the multitudionous threads elsewhere worrying about it. First of all I am a 12 stepping recovering alcoholic (dry since Apr 5th 2011). I am not an evangelist about these things but I know its working for me. I live in the UK I am not very good with the 12 step thing - but I am getting there. Second, I have been on Effexor for several years - max 75mg - currently on 37.
Avatar n tn Today I found this site and read practically every comment , article as well as personal testimonies from fellow Effexor XR survivors. My question is not one of how to reduce or manage withdrawal symptoms ( have fully discussed with GP and Psychiatrist all aspects ) however I get nowhere when trying to find out high dosage over long term effects medically . I've been on 300mg, 150mg in morning and again at bedtime.