Effects of smoking mephedrone

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Avatar m tn Good Evening, I'm not too sure on the exact effects of all these drugs although I can say they are terrible for your brain as you may know already. It is no surprise that these drugs can cause psychotic episodes, panic, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and others.
Avatar n tn We convince ourselves this is real and it becomes real because of it even though it is a lie. I was afraid to take meds for the longest time because I was afraid of side effects and that it would cause me more problems. I was terrified because my anxiety had to do with physical worries. I take them now and if I can do it anyone can. Tried twice before, but quit because "it made me feel wierd". Honestly nothing even happens until about 2-3 weeks one way or another.
Avatar f tn I am afraid of taking prescription drugs because of the side effects. Does anyone know of any herbal or natural products that can help?