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405614 tn?1329147714 I've been running on Provigil and adreneline, and I'm starting to run down, even with the Provigil in my system. I had a wonderful time at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure with my best friend, her daughter, son-in-law, and her three grandsons, ages 8, 8, and 7. It was kind of difficult to have a wonderful time, but I managed. I was able to quietly state that, no, I wasn't staying at the parks until midnight, I could watch the fireworks from the walkway outside our hotel rooms.
Avatar n tn Background: 8 year old girl, healthy, no allergies, no diseases, no cavities, no medications, home is dad and step mom, mom visits yearly and has 2 other children. Tested for add, adhd, and developmental problems...results: none, very intelligent child with no attention/social issues. 6 months ago: tic1 - eye rolling, a hard roll to the left and held for about 3 seconds and then stopping....happened for a few weeks, went away; after tic1.....
Avatar n tn i have give up smoking 30-40 a day for 3 weeks now feel pretty **** for it lol gave up coffee but drink tea is this bad for you eating healthy and also drinking more water the wait has been agonising but i am ready to fight the dragon only thing i am worried about i have a constant high temp has anyone got any good advice on this.anyhow hope everyone is well and keep on fighting.......
Avatar m tn I've been working out alot and eating extremely healthy lately compared to how I was before (even at Disneyland I only had a $alad lol, water and an apple!). I like to think that if I can overcome this addiction, I can basically do anything else, I mean what else can be harder than getting off the pills? Right? I think I'm on day 17, I'm gonna check after this. I changed my work schedule this week to get off earlier to squeeze in room for NA meetings at a church near here.
Avatar f tn Our five year also suddenly stopped eating solid foods, happy and healthy otherwise. Three doctors believed it was due to anxiety. All he was comfortable eating was gogurt (yogurt in tubes). The doctors said it was all in his head and he could live off yogurt for a month but to speak to a psychologist if nothing changes in a month. We looked back at probable causes. My wife told my son of a girl chocking to death on a hotdog a while back.
Avatar f tn I began not getting dressed, putting makeup on, or eating. I literally could not stop crying. I had this sudden realization that I was permenantly ruined due to the lesion on the pons causing me to never walk right..balance was the main problem... I wouldn't golf, or hike, take walks on sandy in Vegas ever again. Not that I avidly did those things to begin with, but to have them taken off the table was devastating!
Avatar f tn He's always checking expiration dates on things before eating them, I know he's being cautious but it's a bit extreme. He hates going out.. anywhere literally. He doesn't like going anywhere at all. A normal kid would never say no to places like Disneyland or the beach. He's been checked by several doctors and they have all said he's perfectly healthy. Theses examples I gave are just a few of the things he does.
Avatar m tn I dont blame them I feel they are a product of their environment their dad is lazy in my opinion and doesnt do enough for them to get out and play and develop interests or new friends, he doesnt have a schedule in place that is healthy or proper family time I feel he should do more quality time than just watching tv with them or being near them...
Avatar n tn Remember the prize for eating shouldn't be too big, like don't take her to Disneyland for eating a muffin, but rather let the prise be something small that she will get enjoyment from so that she will relate eating to everyday enjoyment rather than something really big. But make the punishment hard for her to give up so that the punishment is greater than eating. If she isn't going to lose something important to her eating won't be worth the prise.
Avatar f tn you can never go wrong with eating lol. But anyways, congrats on the baby and always keep your head up. What people say, let it go in one ear and out the other.
Avatar f tn I would not let my son have a soda in the presence of any child who is eating with your family who has an important and recent dietary reason not to drink soda. It is simply not kind to let him indulge while telling the other child he or she cannot. This goes double for a family member who you have been requested to help with her diet challenges.
427382 tn?1298213186 I had a little freak out moment last night with the ligament stretching...but she is good and healthy and nothing is wrong! (Thank God!) I bought an Angelsounds fetal doppler on Ebay...great investment! I love to listen to her heartbeat! I recommend it for anyone who wants one. I am still constipated as ever...that is just how I am going to be I guess. I have been sick less and less...every once in awhile I get sick but I have a great appetite and I make up for it.
Avatar m tn when i was 7 years old i started receiving physical abuse from my father for not doing homework ,eating all my food, or not getting along with other children. my father was never home he was usually always at work and when ever i would see him he would beat me and mentally abuse me. as the years went by the physical abuse escalated to a great gravity. my mother used to visit me every other year for 2 to 3 weeks in south america .
2122443 tn?1335785718 KNOWING from what others who had been through it had said about 4-5 days being the worst then things start looking up...all that really helped. Staying hydrated and eating anything helps, and AS SOON AS YOU CAN, ANY exercise, especially getting outside and in the sun will help. A walk in a park, anything. Keeping busy....which is why the movies help, even this forum, with the insomnia.
Avatar f tn I've recently had another and isolated episode of a different kind. I was eating soup, not choking or coughing, and swallowed a spoonful normally, or so I thought. However, all of it cascaded out of my nose and onto my clothes. Not a nice surprise. Well, obviously I realized that something is wrong, but I haven't done anything about it yet. I did mention this to my PCP Friday when I was there for other things, in a sort of 'by the way' comment.
363110 tn?1340924019 Eating real food instead of milk, Talking, Walking. Etc. I'm very curious and If you want you can PM me otherwise... I'd be happy just to have you respond on here. I hope I'm not being intrusive, but by your other posts you seem VERY open.
967168 tn?1477588089 I have not noticed them anymore or less in relation to weight loss or gain - maybe weight has nothing to do with arrythmia's but more to do with CAD heart disease? Maybe exercise and eating healthy is more important than being in a "normal" weight range?
Avatar f tn Also, shopping and cooking differently will save money and you can do that when you are home (time-saving food is not only processed and unhealthy, but more expensive than making healthy, filling meals from scratch). And don't expect your husband to suddenly look at it from your perspective--this is working just fine for him, so there's no incentive for him to do anything different.
393685 tn?1425816122 Oh, don't let Oprah get to you. She is one of those people that constantly looks outside of herself to find out what's wrong within. She wants the magic fix, the instant cure. With all the touting she does about inner peace, soul searching and putting it all out there in the universe, it's all a bunch of hoo ha. She doesn't practice what she preaches and it shows on her backside. She is reaching for excuses as to why she's fat.
Avatar n tn I agree with you 100% on your comments. The PVC's are like torture. I see these same big fat, smoking and eating machines with seemingly "healthy" hearts and the people who try to take care of their bodies are the ones getting the illness. Also, you are totally right on when you say that the answers given by the doctors on this site are all the same. The answers are very brief and in my opinion off the mark in alot of cases. I get more use out of the question instead of the answer.
Avatar n tn Have any of you heard if there are any benefits of eating raw garlic to help reduce the viral load?
372778 tn?1201930643 Just the thought of going out tonight is bothering me! And im going to Disneyland which is sooo crowded. Im still determined to go out though! At least if i pass out at disneyland they are trained professionals lol! Sorry sometimes you just got to laugh at yourself. You want to hear something shocking i have been married for 3 years now! lol! Hey all i got to say is when love hits it hits. And im sooo glad i have a supportive husband to get me through this.
Avatar n tn said that's why i have the arrythmia, It' very common with people who suffered from anorexia or other eating disorders, due to throwing up, all of your electrolytes are out of wack, I get my arrythmia alot during working out or lifting heavy things, or when upset, anybody else ever heard that theory???? By the way I'm doing really nothing to treat it, I just drink gatorade, I don't like medicine...
Avatar n tn But i dont really think that i should have to constantly 'tolerate' this condition 24/7. I want to really be able to enjoy eating, drinking, excersing etc without this big dark cloud over me. I used to be an avid bike rider but now i gave up because it was just not fun anymore. I was offered drugs but didnt take them as i dont like to be reliant on them.
Avatar f tn in your stomach even when you pick up the phone to call in your new refill? Then the drive to the pharmacy is like a kid on their way to Disneyland? I wont even mention the feeling you get (i get) once the bottle is actually in my little hand.
495284 tn?1333897642 Maybe it's just me but am i the only one who thinks it would be awesome to plan a week out of the year for a meet and greet? For everyone on this fourm? Get to meet the people on here face to face, go on vacation somewhere. Say "July 15th-20th - Disneyland trip. bring your spouse, kids or just yourself. We're stay at this hotel". It'd give everyone time to plan and budget for it. Everyone here is so helpful, it feels like i've gained a ton of friends in the 5 days i've been here.
405614 tn?1329147714 I asked about consulting with a neurosurgeon, and he said that it was a good idea, though they can't do a fusion because I don't have a healthy disk to fuse too; they're messed up into the thoracic. I told him about how my feet have been getting cold when I sit for any length of time, and he said that's from nerve compression. Dr. H. and I discussed stuff like fentanyl patches, oxycontin, etc.
534800 tn?1217170959 The source is simply heat and age--your leg blood vessels getting irritated from the heat. It seems to occur in healthy, active people. The researchers suggest it should not be a health concern and recommend not getting allergy testing, etc. Pampering yourself after a good long walk by taking a cool bath, sitting with your feet up, or applying cool wet towels to the rash may help relieve discomfort. ref: ref:http://en.wikipedia.