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Avatar n tn My father suffers from Chronic back pain and has been suggested to use the duragesic patch, what if anyone does anyboy know about this. Also on my own, I suffer from testicular pain (it's not cancer, we know that) any suggestions on what I can take that won't put me overboard. If you want to know how intense the pain is, imagine having a tooth ache down there.
Avatar n tn before writing this post, and read that I should be out walking and that it would make me feel better. I hardly have the strength to get up and go to the kitchen to get water at this point. I am really grasping here folks. Please help. I appreciate it. Really.
Avatar f tn It even had to be the pharmacist and my GP who came up with the meds to help with the side effects! So anyways, I learned about Duragesic. Wow! A patch, every 3 days! Less hassle. And if the info I got is right, maybe slightly less harsh side effects too! But when I asked my doc about it, he, again, said no. Told me that Duragesic patches were way too high-dosed for me, and that the side effects were the same. But I don't trust him anymore.
Avatar n tn I do suffer from legitimate pain, however the company I work for does not allow any type of opiates/opiod to show up in a drug screen. Does Duragesic patch show up in a drug screen. Is there anything you can take for pain that does not show up in a drug screen? Sincerely, in Pain no b/s.
Avatar f tn I've been on the Duragesic 100 for almost 18 years. I've had 3 cervical fusions & 1 lumbar laminectomy. The Duragesic 100 has controlled my constant, chronic pain & while I've never been pain free, the Duragesic certainty helped. However in the last 2 months, its as if the patches are no longer working. I've always had additional breakthrough meds, but now its as if I'm going through withdrawals. I've tried changing to different boxes of Duragesic but that hasn't helped.
Avatar n tn I've read several posts from folks here who have used/are coming off of Duragesic (fentanyl) patches of varying strengths. Seems like most of these folks, however, have had them prescribed for legit reasons and have used them as directed. My question is, is anyone else familiar with the NON-approved methods of using these patches (that would include mainly ingeston)? Back in "the day", I would either cut them up or place them intact inside my mouth, and then. . .
Avatar n tn Just recently because of my drs concern for the tylenol affect to my liver I now use the Duragesic Patch 50 mg which has been such a relief...I am able to do almost anything without worrying about the pain I will feel tomorrow. The dr was happy to give me the patch and I am happy to have it. What is this doing to me physically...he even remarked that my dosage would be upped as my tolerance needed it. I expect to be on medically supervised narcotic pain relievers for the rest of my life.
431814 tn?1205850547 Last Tues I stopped the 100mcg duragesic patch and I went through h**** til about Sat. and then I went and screwed it up on Sat, Sun and today. I had some left and I knew I shouldn't but I thought what the heck the worst is over and I really wanted to sleep so I only used it long enough to get rid of that ya know odd feeling so I could rest and then I flushed it.
Avatar n tn I've never done the patch - thus, can't advise you - but can tell you that I admire your guts and strength to overcome "ALL' of what you've been through.
Avatar n tn I have found the Duragesic patch to be just about perfect. The first one I was on (can't remember the brand) was quite large and you could visibly see the gel. I had problems with it sticking properly and it would also buckle, no matter how flat I originally had it. The glue was also an irritant. I could never get it off my skin and it left a residue on my clothes that wouldn't come out.
Avatar f tn I spent 15 yrs taking oxycontin, duragesic patch (fentanyl) for previous back surgeries. I still had continual pain. 2 yrs ago I decided to stop all pain meds. My body was physically addicted and built up a tolerance. I never abused my medication and took it exactly as described. Initially, I tried to wean myself off-stopping one of the oxycontin's per day. The withdrawal was "nuts". My legs thrashed, I had freezing cold sweats, shivering, agitation-and God knows what else.
Avatar n tn I have been taken the duragesic 50ug/h patches for 1 yr. I have been so tired that I must gat away from this medcation. I under stand this patch last for 72 hrs. The last patch I used was 5 days ago. Im about ready to put on a new patch from my pain and must of all the withdraw. How much longer will this withdraw go on. what can I take to help reduse the efects.
Avatar m tn Have you ever tried a Duragesic pain patch? It is strong (in diff doses)and steady and lastly about 3 days if you've got good skin absorption. The med in Duragesic is about 100 times as strong as morphine mg for mg.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know what the conversion from oxycondone to the Duragesic patch is, Its obviously not strong enough but would the 50 micogram/hr (next size up in strength) be too much for someone who used 55 mg of oxycodone daily?
Avatar n tn I am extremely weak, still. But the strength you can feel from others is amazing on this forum. Keep in touch ok?
Avatar n tn im so glad i found this site today. i was on duragesic fentanyl patch 300mcg for over 3 years. i have now been off them since jan. 2 2007. i still strugle with cronic pain and many other struggles that come along with addiction. it is refreshing to see a site that lets others with the same things going on share there experance, strength and hope with eachother. anyone with any advice on how to stay drug free or anyone going through the same stuff as me please drop me a note.
Avatar m tn The drug fentanyl is mesured in Micrograms (mcg.) , where as Vicodin is measured in milligrams (mg.). So strength wise, the duragesic patch Fentanyl is alot stronger than any healthy dose of Vicodin. a 75 mcg. dura patch can last three days depending on your tolerance, but three days is typically as long as it lasts. But also these two drugs are different in how they are suppose to be used. The Vicodin is for breakthrough pain, whereas fentanyl is meant for around the clock pain relief.
Avatar f tn The new medicine does not control the pain in its current strength. During a recent trip to the local emergency room an ambulance medic put a skin patch (Duragesic) on her back; she said it did not help, but then the ER doctor replaced it with a stronger one that brought the pain level down considerably. Now, she is back on 80mg. of Oxyconton every 6 hours, and it's not enough to combat the pain, so they want to put her either back on methadone, or suboxone.
Avatar f tn Monday, first thing I will do is make appt. with rheumatologist. Didn't mention I am taking Duragesic 50mg patch every 3 days and continue with roxicidone 30, 4 times a day and the Zanaflex 4mg, 4 times a day. I am still in so much pain I am in tears many times. Will I ever be where the pain will be where I can tolerate it. I celebrated 28 years of sobtiety and being drug free. Not tempted to abuse, but I still have spouse keep meds andI ask him when I need it.
Avatar n tn I have been on lorcet going on over 3 months...up to 5/day of 10 strength (I think that's what they are, they are green and say watson 502). I know my strength lies in the Lord and pray constantly! I think I'm illusional that my prayer should be answered "immediately". I'm going to start today with weaning down to 4...and take it one day at a time (then to 3 in another day or two, etc.
1437229 tn?1296073620 I do not have the strength. My body is throbbing in pain. My head is going to explode. I do not know what to do.
1312494 tn?1273753161 I also was going to suggest you contact the manufacturer of the patch that you have - I know there are a couple of different companies that make them. When I was using the patch, mine was the Duragesic brand and they offered a patient assistance program that gave me my patches for free. It's actually quite easy to apply for these programs, or at least that one was - I simply had to have my doctor fill out a form saying what my dosage was and how many boxes she prescribed at a time.
Avatar n tn I've been on both of those strength patches in the past and there isn't much difference between them side effects wise(nor strength wise). I find it highly unlikely that the 12 is useless and the 25 is too much. besides, we can't expect everything to be perfect. It just isn't realistic. I don't think you are over your addiction. I'm sorry that my response isn't the one you're looking for. but if i were you (and really in pain) i'd make a choice between the 12 and 25 patch.
Avatar m tn I have had terrible neck pain since 91, by 2001 it was found to be extremely degenerated and I had to start on strong drugs in the summer of 2001, actually duragesic patches up to 75 before finally had a 3 level C3-C6 fusion in late 2002. I was on a combination of Oxycontin and Oxycodone from 2002 til 2007.... in 2007 I was on a total 130 mg., 50 mg Oxycontin and 80 Mg Oxcodone.
Avatar f tn along with the usual anti-infammatories and rheumatic strength Acetaminophen just for good measure. I did think I should have been at least reducing the meds by now but did try recently, with disastrous results. I felt as though I had the 'flu and was as weak as an kitten but the pain and numbness came back in my left leg along with the nerve pain..not as bad but really uncomfortable. I am so much worse off compared to before the operation.
Avatar m tn Hi Mar, Welcome to the Pain Management Forum. I had a terrible allergy to the adhesive on the fentanyl (Duragesic) patch. I tried everything to ease it. Nothing worked and my physician had to change the me to another opiate. Please talk to your prescribing physician. He/she should work with you to find something that does not produce an allergic reaction. Please share with us how you finally resolve this issue. Take Care.
Avatar n tn I hate repeating myself, however, here it goes. I've went from 2-100 Duragesic Fentanyl patches meaning 200 every other day for about 7 years. Went down to 100 for a month, and that wasn't near as bad as going to 75 last Wednesday. It keeps feeling like some horrific nightmare. My body gets to aching, gets cold, and my head gets to popping. Its just awful, but still I'm glad I didn't follow through with the bright idea of going cold turkey.
Avatar n tn I have been taking 3 pills a day from 15, but, I have decided to take 1 pill cut in to a half for a few days and then nothing. I was going to go on suboxone, but, no insurance. I have built my strength up with the help of you guys and all kinds of supplements, most I have gotten off this post. I am going to start looking for work and be self supportive. Its going to be hard, but, I have conquered so much with the help of you guys.