Duragesic conversion table

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Avatar n tn Of course they don't have a crystal ball but discussed switching me into another medication and spoke of the conversion table they use to determine what dose to use. My question is this....those of you out there who used the duragesic patch for long term pain management and was switched out to oral medication, what was your experience like? Folks I have been on this stuff for 4 years (75 mcg/q48hrs), so I am sure the psychological dependency is extremely high.
Avatar n tn Fentanyl is a horrible drug and is 80 times stonger that morphine. I did a conversion once when I found a table online and was shocked to find out that the 100mcg patches I was on are equivalent to over 200 mgs of oxycodone. That's some bad stuff to get off of and there is no easy way that I have found. I had the cheap mylan patches (flat and not jell filled) so I ended up cutting them so I wouldn't get the full dose and tried tapering a bit.
Avatar m tn I read in the little pamplet that comes with the Fentanyl and found the conversion table. Looks like i would need a lot of pills to combat whitdrawls. Anyway i will let you guys know what happens.
Avatar n tn meals, sitting at the table as a family, etc.... of course, what good am I if I'm stoned?) But I also have a very intense highly stressful job that I have been able to finagle working out of my home (to try to help me be this supermom). So I get up at 4 am, wrok til noon, then after my daughter is back in bed, try to fit in a little more... It is this schedule that I think has really done me in. I keep thinking that once she's in school, I'll change... HA!
Avatar n tn please do be careful,im not going to give you the talk about not using BUT do not be fooled when you make these drug conversion,this is why people are dying with the oxycontin.YEAH,YEAH ,YEAH,ive read the conversion chart too.but remember the time when all of a sudden you got a great buzz with just a few pills? out of the blue?