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Avatar m tn If you have GERD, this band of muscle doesn't work properly. Certain medications can further impair its function, including: Anticholinergics such as oxybutynin (Ditropan), hyoscyamine (Levsinex) and certain antidepressants.
Avatar f tn You may benefit from thyroid hormone replacement. Also, low D can cause this, so get it above 60. Sunshine works best as does the liquid drops found at many vitamin stores. People with Hashi commonly have low D, B12 and iron, which is why I recommend a repeat antibody test. Also, any TSH above a 2.0 is questionable and warrants further thyroid testing. My TSH never went above 2.7. I have Hashimoto's (221 TPOab and nodular goiter).
Avatar f tn The nyknyc vest really does work I am getting denser bones just by walking in the vest. Worth a try- Unless you would rather use dangerous drugs like Fosamax etc which can give you cancer etc and and wreck your health for the vest go to you can really save your bones for 75.00 worth a try.
Avatar n tn Does she have any abdominal pain (where exactly?), nausea, fever (even slight), blood in the stool? What are her official diagnoses so far? 1. Common colon diseases in old people - diverticulitis (often with left lower abd. pain) - ischemic colitis (left lower abdominal pain, blood in stool) if she has atherosclerosis, or microscopic (lymphocytic colitis). Blood test would show inflammation in most types of colitis. 2.
Avatar n tn How long have they been on it, and does it work?.....Must you be on it for the rest of your life?.....Menopause is bad enough, without this happening, too.
Avatar f tn Hi recently had some blood work done and my phosphate level was 4.8 and the lab range does to 4.4 or something. so do I have any thing to be concerned about.My calcium level was 9.0 Thanks I have osteoporosis and they want to put me on Boniva but I think I would rather have the Forteo shots ...any ideas??
Avatar f tn However........just in case it does not work........I would suggest that first of all, mom has a COMPLETE workup with blood tests, urine tests, etc. Secondly, I know a few older people that have been taking a safe medication for sleeping called "TRAZADONE." They fall asleep within about 15 minutes to one-half and hour and end up sleeping well throughout the entire night.
Avatar n tn My surgeon's office (nurse) said she never heard of that. I crazy?????? Does air pressure affect cervical fusions????? Please advise...can't seem to get an answer. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/296645'>Continued pain after anterior cervical fusion</a>.
Avatar n tn I had a normal bone density in September and was wondering, would it be wise to take reclast infusion in order to prevent osteoporosis since my ovaries have ceased to work. I have constipation, and my diet is very limited to just lentils, chickpeas, with 1 or two pieces of bread. I am taking carbocal calcium pills which have 500mg and 400iu of vitamin d per pill. I take two per day. Sometimes I take one pill and drink one litre of milk since 4 glasses contain 400 iu of vitamin d.
Avatar n tn I have this same dilemma. I can't believe there are not any answers here. Please respond.
Avatar f tn Only other meds are Prontonix and Allegra. Just came off a 5 year cycle of BONIVA. My spine is high fracture risk. Now told that I need total hip replacements & that I have cycsts in my hips (considered not unusual). I work 60-70 hours week. I find I can no longer tolerate that schedule, but need insurance. There is a possibility that my company may downsize and I would be without both a job and insurance.
294425 tn?1288531995 I need to go on either IV Boniva or Reclast (too advanced for any of the pills to be useful) - anyone know anything about either of them? I am now having to use my cane pretty much whenever I am out of the house, cause my balance is extra bad lately, and I simply can't risk breaking a hip and having to rehab in a nursing home right now. I just wasn't ready to cross that threshold yet emotionally, you know? But I am trying to be a big girl about it, and just move on.
Avatar f tn Hi and I can so relate to your doubts on the mentioned medicines, I have given up on taking any of them and least of all any bisphosphonates the side effects are simply terrible specially Boniva, there is a site about these meds and all the posters are those women who have taken them, you can look it up under "Boniva side effects" or, this is a forum where patients detail the side effects they had.
Avatar f tn I heard that it effects the eyes and makes your hair fall out.,etc.. I have to be honest..I'm SOOO scared of this medication!!! Does a person have to stay on it for life? Thanks.
Avatar f tn no Synthroid does not cause osteoporosis - calcium deficientcy does. Thyroid hormone is rarely linked to calcium - but parathyroid glands are.
158939 tn?1274918797 Glad I could be here for you because it does help to know we are not alone. I had the same concerns and fears when I started on methotrexate. I should learn Wednesday whether or not I will be joining the Humira club this month or postponing it again. We are taking it a month at a time. Glad you found us and I look forward to hearing more from you.
Avatar f tn As a personal trainer for the last 20 years I had bones of steel. When liver disease took a hit at me I didn't work out for almost a year, at least the heavy weights. To my surprise I was diagnosed with Osteopenia. The only way you can increase bone density is thru weight bearing excersices. The vitamins and scripts for your bones can help to maintain your bones, but not increase density. Should you not enjoy weight lifting, walking can help somewhat.
107366 tn?1305683975 It's easier than IV chemo, but one of the side effects is bone pain. Since I work, I can't really start popping pain pills first thing, and then drive to work (my commute is nearly an hour). It was bad enough that this afternoon, one of my co-workers drove me home, and another followed us in my car. I had an appointment to get my port flushed, so after I got home, my dad came to get me and took me to the doctor's office.
744962 tn?1270945638 I'm very concerned about this because a high PTH robs the bones from calcium and causes osteoporosis. I already have osteoporosis and taking Boniva for it. Does anyone have any idea if the Hashi may have anything to do with the parathyroids over acting?
Avatar n tn Ostio is a real factor though and progressing but have started Boniva. I'm on my sixth physician currently. Of these physician I've been back twice to the digestive center with issues twice but leave with no resolution. I couldn't specify what I didn't know other than something was wrong. I'm also a prior H-Plylori carrier so the vitamin deficiency may have been there prior to the surgery but I wasn't aware of it as Numerous blood tests pasted the prequisit for surgery.
798555 tn?1292791151 They just dont get it, but some are catching on. Magnesium is vary safe though, it does no harm. They do have Magnesium oil topical spray also for targeting certain areas, but it takes a while to soak in and then you have to wipe off the residue (salt) - it does help, but its very time consuming and messy. I'm fooling around with a few Amino acids that are supposed to have positive effects on repairing muscle and nerve fiber, nothings happening yet though after one month. Time will tell.
Avatar n tn I really have been having severe hip and buttock pain on left side and when I work I am on my feet all day and I don't think I can take much more of it. The only time I get relief is when I am lying down with a heating pad on. How long have you't been having your hip and back pain? Mine started in November and has been going on for about 4 months have had xrays ct scan and MRI which show nothing to cause pain except a little arthritis. maybe worry has caused it to get worse.
Avatar f tn He is an internist who does my acupuncture etc and does some homeopatic things.. I will tell you what... I have had type 1 diabetes since I was 14 years old, beating the odds on stage IV ovarian cancer so I guess this is just another bump in the road.... I will keep you posted and thanks again for the post...
Avatar n tn it can be used to treat nerve pain, and of course it's a seizure medication. It does work, however give it a bit to get into your system. Also, you may have to adjust your dosage depending on your tolerance to it. I was taking 600's twice a day, and it will make you dizzy, and not so much out of it, but a bit slow to react. however, everyone is different. Once they lowered my dose to 300, I was quite content on it. A WORD OF CAUTION: Do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES abruptly stop this medication.
393986 tn?1303829575 It sounds like a scary sensation, and I hope it does not return. But you know what to do if it does, right??
Avatar f tn I looked it up and that seems to be more of psychological or neurological problem. It has been confirmed that those upper right crown's are out of alignment and that the implant crown 26 pushed all my teeth it's just that they haven't stopped moving there all squeezing inwards on the top and forwards. In doing so they pulled all my bottom teeth inwards on the sides and now they're pulling the front bottom teeth backwards.
Avatar f tn Also, my father in law is a pharmacist for the Army and says that one of the very few drugs that the Army dose not bother buying is the generic for levoxly because it just does not work the same. I tried the synthroid for 4 days and took it back. I love my Levoxly and have found the 2 hour nothing but water window on either side of taking it to be crucial. And just a tip, I've found that a ginseng supplement can make a HUGE difference, I don't think I would survive hypo hell without it.
147426 tn?1317269232 I'm glad that your recent MRIs have been stable and your exams show little change, but I'm sorry that your symptoms seem to be bothering you so much. Your doctor is so on-the-ball!!! I used to work as a Computer Programmer in a previous life and your neuro's analysis and plans sounds like an extensive flow char!!!. Very detailed and thorough!!! I do hope that the antibody test goes ok.
Avatar f tn The doctor said that she thought that was unlikely and wanted to run routine blood work. Blood work came back as high calcium; she wanted a repeat. This time however she asked for a PTH as well. Both came back as high. I researched parathyroid disease on the internet, she sent me a letter saying we should wait and check in 6 months! I then called my family doctor who said to wait 2 months to recheck my bloodwork. What am I waiting for?? a slow death?