Does augmentin need to be refrigerated

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1051479 tn?1256534145 Hello all. Im a woman who suffers from Panic Disorder/Anxiety. Here's the story and then I'll get to the question. I went to my PCP 3 weeks ago. He diagnosed me with a Sinus Infection, gave me antibiotics (Augmentin, 2 a day for 10 days) nasal spray, and cough medicine.
Avatar m tn This is why you should take probiotics from the refrigerated section of the best health food store in your area to try to keep as many beneficial organisms intact as possible while taking antibiotics, and particularly after you stop taking them. This helps prevent the damage from antibiotics, such as yeast infections, fungal infections, etc. that can follow due to the die-off of beneficial organisms.
Avatar n tn To anyone out there with this dreaded Strep B in the vagina problem, i need some help, i too had a swab for thrush but it come back with strep b +++, i was given amoxil 500mg antibiotics but it did nothing, now im on an antibiotic cream inserted every night for 7 nights. My symptoms are only that i have a very thick white discharge all the time, i shower twice daily and am very hygenic, i dont use soap because of dermatitis down there too, instead use aqueos lotion.
Avatar f tn The dr put her on 2 different antibiotics, omnicef first then amox-clav 875mg, and once the congestion started, ordered 40mg prednisone for 5 days. He said it didn't need to be tapered since she was only on it for 5 days. She was also prescribed a cough medicine with codeine so she could sleep at night. When she finished the prednisone, she started wheezing. The dr diagnosed asthma as a result of this respiratory irritation & put her on medrol 32mg for 6 days with no tapering.
Avatar m tn If my doctor was willing to call it and start writing prescriptions, I would be on board. Because I didn't need to do the antibiotic challenge, I don't know which one my doc would have used. But I would guess Azithromycin, as that is the first drug they put most patients on. A big reminder on this whole post...I am not a doctor, only a patient who reads a lot.
Avatar n tn in addition,it is great (if this stuff is going on out there) to be able to go to the forum to turn to. i just wish that the dr. was able to provide some answers because the origional poster is not the only one with this problem.
Avatar n tn He is very small for his age and does not eat the best, so I was concerned this may be related to a vitamin deficiency or dietary problem. This does not seem to be the case based on the posts I have read here. It does seem that a lot of people noticed this around the time they were ill, or had surgery, or other circumstances where the immune system has been under stress. My son is acting very happy and not seeming like it is bothering him in the least right now.