Does antihistamine raise blood pressure

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Avatar f tn When I see my Dr, who I've had for 19 years, my blood pressure is almost always high. He does understand this so I bring my readings from home which are normal. I do think it would be a good idea to call your Dr and tell him about your low blood pressure, tonsils and no relief from antacids.
Avatar n tn This just happened again to my thumb after 10 years and my cardiologist prescribed high blood pressure meds...and I DON'T have high blood pressure, I've been running for 25 years! If anyone has a diagnosis please share...I know your frustration.
Avatar m tn The alternative would be to treat all as anaphylactic shock but using my eppi if not a real reaction could be dangerous because if my heart was going boom boom my blood pressure is high and adding medication to raise pressure is a bad idea. If anaphylactic shock my pressure is low even if my heart is boom boom so the eppi brings it back up to normal. Bummer. I will still have to make a conclusion bases on each event as it happens.
Avatar n tn I have been to about 30 doctors- including ENT's allergists, neurologists, chiropracters, opthamologists. psychologists, dentists and everything else u can think of. All CT scans, MRI of brain and blood work keep coming back clean and ok. Nothing I try seems to work. There was a period of time about 3 and a half years ago that the symptoms lifted for about 4 months and then it returned full force.
Avatar f tn Hey there :) I don't know about if it happens in 100% of cases but when I'm having a bad attack, my peak flow drops dramatically. When I'm weel, the best I do is about 470 but during an attack, it can drop to about 150 if really bad. My asthma care is based on my peak flow readings. Ask your nurse about a plan. You have different zones depending on the readings and things to do for each zone. If your peak flow is always better than normal, I would ask your doc for advice.
Avatar n tn Yoga or exercise moves that put the eye inverted (think standing on your head) markedly raise the pressure in the eye and the blood pressure inside the brain. It is strongly recommended that glaucoma patients not do this and many MDs recommend people with high blood pressure or a family history of cerebral aneurysms not do this. It will also raise the tissue pressure so I would say you were upside down too long.
Avatar n tn I've seen commercials recently marketing a cold medicine that doesn't raise blood pressure. Do you think that means it wouldn't raise the heart rate either? As far as saline solutions (comment from Mell22). I know they are safe. I use them every night and morning. But what I would give for something that would help the sinus's and unclog the nose during severe colds.
Avatar f tn Got POTS suddenly and am in bed a lot, and housebound. Blood pressure is now normal and heart rate with doing little is not excessive but does rise well over 30 point when I stand. I am nauseas a lot, can' sleep and very weak. One doc wants me to try florinef but I am concerned if my BP is normal. Another says Beta blocker..short acting metropanolol but I worry since resting heart rate is low and below 60 at night.
Avatar f tn And my inhaler Proventil does a wonderful job for the emergencies until my antihistamine kicks in. I sometimes use a nasal spray called NasalCrom. Only works for about 2 hours on me but helps stop the mucus in my throat. You can repeat usuage every 4 hours. In emergencies I have repeated usage up to 4 times in 1 hour. The stuff works just doesn't last that long. They say can only be used every 4 hours. If you have mucus you should deal with it.
Avatar f tn The 1st doctor had a look and straight away it cant be herpes but we did a type specific blood test to check. The test came back positive for HSV type 1 IgG (which I do get coldsore very rarely) and negative for HSV type 2 IgG and IgM which she explained to me that, that means my body hasnt produce antibodies for type 2 and that my blood wasnt showing that I was having a HSV type 2 breakout at the time it was taken. Ok so that means I dont have HSV 2.
Avatar n tn I've been told that when we're stressed we can hyperventilate and that this can affect carbon dioxide levels which can affect blood pressure. I was recently getting very fatigued and wasn't tolerating exercise very well. It came back that I was anemic. Excessive urination I put down to anxiety, drinking too much caffeine (which is said to be a diuretic) or asthma meds. Not sure about the other stuff.
Avatar m tn I went to my doctor yesterday and my blood pressure was pretty normal as well as my EKG results. The doctor said there is nothing to worry about and it's okay to be able to see the pulse. I am still getting anxiety from paying attention to it though. I guess my question(s) is, is this normal/okay? Will the visible pulse go away once I stop being so anxious? Maybe when my medicine is at the original dose and completely kicked in it will go away?
612551 tn?1450025775 They are so-called alpha-agonists (inverse effect of alpha blockers which are blood pressure medications). The alpha effect of adrenaline is to constrict blood vessels. So the spray works by constrict blood vessels, to make more space in your nose / sinuses. A problem is that they also may elevate systemic blood pressure to a certain degree. New sprays also contains a substance almost similar to adrenaline (alpha and beta agonist).
1571878 tn?1354953383 They definitely care, and we owe it to them to a) save ourselves, b) get better, so c) we can fight to spread support and awareness to help others out and, one day, raise enough awareness to do something about this. Because, as you know, something is VERY, VERY WRONG, here. There ARE long-term effects. There IS permanent damage from HEAVY, CHRONIC abuse. There HAVE been suicides.
Avatar f tn If I understood correctly, grapefruit will enhance or build up the drugs in your blood. So, if your on high blood pressure meds for instance, it could cause it to go down too much. If your on a high dose of anti dep. you could get too much. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. The one thing I did get from the articles is, the bad cholesterol which the virus attaches itself to, is eliminated out of the body with grapefruit.
Avatar m tn The way the EP (electrophysiologist) explained it was that the blood pressure drops with pressure and movement so with the drop it is not circulating up to the head as it normally would. Although, I also have herniated cerebellar tonsils/probably Chiari Malformation. I never had any POTS type symptoms until a trauma occured to my neck. Try looking under Vanderbilt Dysautonomia.
Avatar f tn Hi Everyone, after reading everyones comments I felt the need to create a post. My mother had been suffering from the same symptoms everyone as explained. She would get itchy legs whenever she would exercise. It even caused her to refrain from exercising for 3 years. Myself having a B.S in Biology and certification with the American College of Sports Medicine knew alot about the human body. I knew it had to be an allergic symptom, so I urged her to see doctors about the issue.
Avatar n tn I take Pegasys and Ribavirin. I'm on Neupogen to raise my WBC. Does anybody know if cold remedies are ok for us to take when we are on tx? I wonder if it's ok to take Claritin. Claritin is an antihistamine. My sinuses hurt.
620923 tn?1452919248 We were told she has the blood pressure problem - drops with movement. Can't remember the name right now... Chiari... ;) With my history, I "asked" the pediatrician if this is something we need to look at more closely. She agreed and referred her to a neurologist. My daughter has her first MRIs on Monday. Eeek! But without me having these symptoms, we would not know it wasn't normal!
Avatar f tn Get a 2 week supply of Loperamide Hydrocloride (Immodium AD). It's structurlly related to the opioid meperidine but does not cross the blood-brain barrier. It acts on opiate receptors in the intestines and stops spasma and therefore diarreah. Take a doubble dose as your body will not be effected by single doses like take 8MG per dose. Get with your DR about getting some Clonidine for blood pressure and some Klonopin for the anxiety. .
Avatar m tn I am not going to try to translate this one. It does seem that they also raise lots of unanswered questions. I am also struck by the amount of detailed study and testing that was done in this study. Are we doing the same here in the US? Or just ignoring these topics? Here is the link: By the way, how do you make these links 'live' links. Can we do this on the forum? Enjoy the reading!!
530191 tn?1214166411 The most well tolerated initial treatment is the non-sedating antihistamine Claritin. Zyrtec is similar but may sometimes cause sedation. If that doesn't eliminate the hives, a sedating-type of antihistamine (hydroxyzine, cyproheptadine or doxepin) is added at night. High doses may be needed and this will cause sedation. Fortunately, most patients will become less affected by sedation after they have taken the drug regularly for a while.
Avatar n tn In your last note, wouldn't the symptons be constant if I had any of the things you noted? Another thing that has been odd lately is that my blood pressure has been elevated a bit the last two times I have had it taken. My blood pressure has always been excellent, but this last two times (about three weeks ago and then again 2 weeks ago) I had an upper number of 140.
Avatar n tn I have checked blood sugar and blood pressure to make sure. Both are great. I have also recently lost some weight. So now I have gotten my BMI down to 27. By the way I am only 30. So I think over all that is good. I did however this winter, have some ear issues. I had a horrible sinus infection and my ears were killing me. That nevers happens I am just not one to ever have earaches so I took some advil. It went away and life went on. Now this! I have pretty much stopped driving anywhere alone.
Avatar f tn •3 Avoid aspirin until the bruise has started to heal. Aspirin is an anticoagulant, which prevents blood from clotting as quickly. Blood that does not clot spreads more extensively underneath the skin. •4 Take acetaminophen for pain. This does not affect clotting. •5 Apply a warm, wet compress after the first 48 hours to reduce pain and swelling. Heat is recommended once the blood has stopped spreading around the bruise.
Avatar f tn this entire ailment was kicked off spending Thanksgiving Day weekend in the e/r the Blood Pressure med I was taking triggered anaphalixsis...I was then allergic to every thing they've tried on me since...My allergist did Candida testing on my arm and it showed a HUGE allergy to Candida - the nurse kept asking me if I was just on antibiotics (which triggers growth of candida) but, I hadn't...
544292 tn?1268886268 I cough I hack I sneeze. Kleenex and I? BBF's!! Best friends Forever!! My makeup does that icky thing where I break into a cold sweat and then am freezing and then too hot ... kinda hard on yer mascara, and the eyeshadow vanishes. I managed to get my homemade chicken soup on the stove. Quickly, before I crashed. I can tell when I can push myself thru and when I can't. When I crash, I pretty much am laid out horizontally hopefully on the sofa and not in bed!
Avatar n tn I can say it almost feels like I'm falling close to an elevator or roller coaster drop.The pressure in the nose I get it slightly but it doesnt completly feel like pressure just another weird sensation..Sometimes its realy dry in my sinus's burns.Mybe thats just allergys.I'm refered to a nuero in OKC but the clinic I go to is a volunteer clinic because I'm low income and they take there sweet time.They said it could take a mounth for a response from the Nuerologists.
Avatar f tn I almost always end up with almost no blood pressure. Flecaininde at least doesn't add so much to the whole hypotension problem. Glad to hear you are doing well with it. As a nurse, I had always considered that one on the list of meds that declare there IS a problem. I have not really grown to comfortable with it. It has helped me here to see that people do OK on these things and even find that it improves things... like my pacer. By the way...