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Avatar n tn In fact doing the math on half life of the specific medications that is why I choose Atenelol over Metoprolol). I take a beta blocker to lower my heart rate, not to lower my blood pressure, but of course it does both. In general my BP is normal to low normal. I often check when in a pharmacy using the free public blood pressure machine.
Avatar n tn Sometimes to the point where it is hard to remember whether you dreamed something or if it really happened. I am on a form of prozac for the anxiety and the metoprolol for the heart rate and the combination made dreaming more fun than TV for a few weeks. But, like you....I didn't mind that, as it was somewhat entertaining for one and for another, I can live with some dreams if the heart beat stabilizes. I really enjoy reading posts on this site.
Avatar m tn Is Diovan a beta blocker? If it is, is it a selective BB? The latter is less likely to affect sleep, but I believe they all cause some fatigue side-effects. The trick with High Blood Pressure (if that is what you have) is to find the balance between medicine and side-effects. Unfortunately with HBP we don't have the option of letting it go because the medication has too many side effects.
378273 tn?1262101221 Munching all day long so have gained about 5 lbs (even though I'm exercising as much as ever) Is anyone else really hungry on beta blockers? Also, I still have Afibs about once a week and am now getting some weird PVC-types ( I think) Usually my PVCs consist of a pause between some of my beats (about 2 seconds maybe) and that's it. Now however, I feel some normal beats and then a tiny, almost un-noticable beat kind of piggy-backing on the next beat.
Avatar n tn It also had some other disturbing (mental/emotional) side effects. My psoriasis is worse than its been for years. We discontinued the beta blocker which led to a hypertensive crisis (222/127). We overcame that and tapered off the beta blocker. Now I have been off the beta blocker completely for about a month, but my regular BP (not in a white coat or stressful situation) is now running in the 150s-160s over 90s and 100s!
343006 tn?1314450071 there are meny ! and it reads far worse than other brands of beta blockers. Anyone tryed this stuff or is taking it ?? for the life of me, I find it hard to put myself in pain again ,and suffering with adverse side effects ! and cant figure why any Doctor in his or her right mind would perscribe such mediacations ? with so meny harsh side effects that can happen ! Im at a standstill here - wondering what to do !
Avatar n tn Yes, Atenolol is a beta blocker. It does not come in an extended release so I have to take it in halves or sometimes quarters, depending on low my bp is. I take from one or two 25 mg. tablets a day. My heart rate pretty much stays in the 50's. Toprol was very debilitating for me. I get some dizziness from time to time, especially when I stand up quickly and start walking. I am trying to remember not to do that, to wait a minute and then start out. Several of my meds cause dizziness.
Avatar n tn its interesting reading about this and I see alot of people have this same problem , that does come from b.blockers as a side effect .. as it is listed on most beta blocker medications (side effects lists ) whats next , we grow monkey tails ? or a extra arm out of our necks! ???????? drug companys ???
343006 tn?1314450071 (beta blockers) this side effect is unlisted and most Doctors wont tell you. if they even know it.. ? but it is listed on some side effect sites. and I confirmed it with the makers of toprol xl via e mail. its a real fact ! and happens ! So for now im going threw the weening process to get the heck off this nasty drug slow and easy! ha ha .. thats joke ! it does also have withdrawal symptoms when getting off it to slow or too fast.. (they say) who are they ?
Avatar f tn While you wait for a response, maybe you can try a pharmacist and at least find out if it is common. They deal a lot with those types of questions. Good luck.
Avatar n tn My mom has not had a slow pulse since her beta blocker dosage has been reduced, however she has been experiencing a lot of fatigue, headaches and dizziness. Her pulse and blood pressure is also higher than she is used to (pulse:62, and bp: at times 140/90). Do you think it's the right strategy to get her back to her original dosage of propranol? Do these symptoms appear to be a result of her change in dosage? Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I know Atenolol has been used off label to quell stage fright and anxiety before a major exam, like med boards,etc. It is a beta blocker and works by affecting the response of nerve impulses in certain parts of the body, like the heart.
Avatar n tn Hi, Without being on a beta blocker , i would assume that is nothing to worry about, at 37 your max predicted heartrate would be around 183bpm. As I understand 12 bpm as an increase or decrease over or under the max predicted heartrate during an exercise is normal. I myself if I hadn't been on a beta blocker during the stress test , my maximum would have probably been around 200 or over myself.
378273 tn?1262101221 Neither my internist or my cardiologist even mentioned the night heart rate of 35, but I'm wondering if it is even lower now (with BB and Diovan) and is that a danger? P.S.
443862 tn?1238003039 I started this stuff a week ago and my anxiety is through the roof. I get hot flashes, feel flushed, nervousness, cant sleep well, can hear my heartbeat........Dr. said it will take two weeks for the side effects to subside. I will wait it out I guess or go make sure I have a anxiety pill I can pop when I have an attack. I really don't know how they use this for anyform of anxiety..even social anxiety. So, your not alone. Good Luck to ya!
Avatar f tn I haven't tried head meds yet, but I'm about to. I have a good life, dammit! I am ready to enjoy it. If my head is in the way, it needs a little help is all, and there's no shame in that. I'm going to mention to my doctor my concerns about heart-related side-effects, and work with a mental health person too before picking the one I think might help. Sounds like Xanax or Klonopine for the bad days, but we'll see what they say later today (wish me luck).
Avatar f tn hi, Toprol is as beta blocker. That class of drugs is known for causing tiredness beta blockers can also affect the mind, e.g.
229198 tn?1208784954 but Toprol XL (a beta blocker) is also prescribed for heart failure and procardia (a calcium channel blocker) is prescribed for angina (chest pain). Diovan is an angiotension II receptor antagonist. Catapres is an alpha agonist hypotensive agent and zestril (also called lisinopril) is an ACE inhibitor. No doubt her cardiologist has a logical reason for this combo of drugs.
343006 tn?1314450071 p I know that most people in there late 40s and 50s, start to have bad vision and need glasses. its pertty well known however upon taking a beta blocker I found my vision got worse (at a fast rate) compaired being off them. as well I had to take Diovan for a few years, this really screwed my vision up (fast) though it did lower the b.p good. im now on a ccb and dieretic drug for b.
1577148 tn?1296159773 Congratulations on the weight loss. I do not believe the strength of a beta blocker is based on weight/size. It is driven more by how one's heart "electrical system" works. The goal is to achieve blood pressure and heart rate without causing too many side effects, more does, more risk of side effects.
Avatar f tn I sympathize and am quite similar to you sincet I have had 2 CABGs, part of my aorta replaced but also a mechanical aortic valve. I still get angina but it is more of a chest discomfort. I do get a racing heart with high BP mostly at night so I am also scared to hit the bed early and often feel that I can sleep better in an upright position.
343006 tn?1314450071 I was on ccb cal channel blocker medication for about 6 months before that a beta blocker for 6.5 years. and diovan - I belive the diovan distroyed my vision with blurring effects or causing the cateracts to happen or form. as im reading alot of people go blind from this b.p medication for now im asking if perhapps, this could be a withdrawal symptom from the medications iv taken before... or is it a eye infection .. must I go to my eye doctor asap for review and help. ?
343006 tn?1314450071 anyone know if verapamil (ccb) and maxzide (diretic) can cause waight gain as side effect - bloating belly conditions - and excessive dryness to eyes and blurring vision. seems since I was on a beta blocker for long term (before) and divoan (same deal) before -then switched to these 2 drugs - the waight gain hasnt stopped - nor has the bloating belly, that got worse! and vision and eye dryness stayed the same as diovan caused me before. hmmm !
343006 tn?1314450071 typo on last part of question asked above.. im allergic to most Generic drugs.. due to the fillers used in them . I can take non Generic. my bad ! typoooooo!
343006 tn?1314450071 Toprol xl was the worst beta blocker long term it causes meny unwanted side effects and conditions! its also very hard to get off of .. the longer you take it !! well fingers crossed. this is now no#12 Doctor iv seen in 4years .. its always the sos. when I see them ...oh well !!
Avatar m tn Yes Atenolol is a beta blocker, funny thing I have a book and it lists Atenolol as a social phobia drug. Well tomorrow I am seeing the Cardiologist to put me off this drug or give me something else. Another side effect I am having is mild chest pain. Current BP: 120/78 - Pulse 57 I have a feeling its the Beta Blocker keeping my Diasolic rate high. Man in just 3 months I can't belive how my life has changed. I wish I can be normal and go back in time.
Avatar n tn He is to see a cardiologist the end of March (best appointment available). He is now on Diovan 160mg, a beta blocker 10mg, lipitor 80mg aspirin and a thyroid med. He has stopping drinking, is losing weight and we have changed diet to cut out red meats and reduce dietary cholesterol and salt. Our family doctor feels that the cardiologist will do an angiogram and stenting. I've read stenting isn't the best procedures for diabetics. My question is, it appears 50% EF is still normal.
Avatar f tn If I understand you correctly you are not experiencing any troublesome side effects from it. Atenolol is a beta-blocker used to treat chest pain (angina) and/or hypertension (high blood pressure) as well as irregualr heart beats. It is a fairly safe med. PLEASE do not stop taking this medication until you are able to discuss it with your physician. There are many benefits to this medication that will be removed without it. There can be some serious consequences to irregular heart rhythms.
Avatar m tn I feel your pain on the cost of Benicar, but it has worked so well for me and has no side effects to speak of so I have elected to pay more than I could with a beta blocker.
Avatar n tn most good Doctors will keep you on the beta blockers for 2 to 3 years then switch to another name brand of beta blocker med or another medication. or ween you off it slow if your b.p is down to normal or below. it depends. I know for a fact -being on beta blockers for long term isnt good ! there are all sorts of reasons why? and you can find it online by putting long term use on beta blockers. lots of information to read !