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627646 tn?1325174207 I would suggest discussing with your treating doctor if sustained release medication (Diltiazem-SR) would be suitable in your case. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar m tn If a prescription written for oral diltiazem extended release 240 mg TWICE daily (BID) is verified as what the physician wants, what difference will there be CLINICALLY if it is filled as cardizem LA or cardizem CD ? (brand or generic or price is not important here. cardizem SR brand or generic not in market-place). Monitoring of blood pressure is daily. Will there be a more concentrated blood level of drug using CD ?
Avatar m tn If a prescription is written for oral diltiazem extended release 240 mg TWICE DAILY (BID) is verified as what the physician wants, what difference will there be CLINICALLY if it is filled as Cardizem LA or Cardizem CD ? (Brand or Generic or Price is NOT important here. Cardizem SR brand or generic not in market-place). Monitoring of blood pressure is daily. Will there be a more concentrated blood level of drug using CD dosage form rather than LA df ?
Avatar f tn HI,I went back to my cardologist today because of my shortness of breath and chest pain and dizziness,,,he showed me the pictures of my stress test and he explained that the small portion that does not get adequate blood when stressed is not a serious thing,,,,but my heart rate problem,he gave me Verapamil sr to try this time 120 mg i have tried Bystolic and Atenol they made me feel very strange im so afraid this new med will drop my heart rate to much,,,,sometimes at night my heart rate is 86
Avatar m tn At noon After Lunch - IMDUR-30/ CLOPIVAS-75 ; At Night after Bed time- SIMVAS-20 and DILZEM-SR 90. During my next consultation Doctor reviwed the CD of my Angiography and suggested that since there are some small bye pass sub arteries supplying continuous blood circulation as such i should continue taking prescribed medicines. So far I have not developed any further problem and continuing above medicines. Would someone suggest me further course of action at this stage.
182884 tn?1259316506 took me off of Atentonol because of the blood pressure problems or the fact that it may make the spasms in my heart worse. Can somone explain this to me?He allso put me on a new med called Diltiazem CD. HCL SR capsule, 180 mg. What can you tell me about this med, and what side effects are most common with it's use? My dr. wouldn't tell me all of it's side effects, acutally none of them, because he said he did not want to scare me?????
Avatar m tn Now today I started on Verapamil 240mg SR once a day. I'm just curious as to what some people have to say about it? I know being the first day I can't expect a miracle and that I won't feel my beating heart and no more skipped beats or what have you. How long until you usually see some change/improvement?
Avatar n tn took me off of Atentonol and put me on a calcium channel blocker, DILTIAZEM CD HCL CAP SR 180. The reasoning my cardiologist gave me for changing meds was that the Atentonol was worse for my Migraines and Raynaulds Disease and the calcium Channel blocker would be more gentle for my heart, keeping it from going into spasms. As far as the Thyroid goes, I am not a dr.
Avatar f tn Plus it may take a month or two for the initial side effects to settle down. Try not to be discouraged. When I first started Diltiazem I had monster headaches for the first 2 weeks and felt like my brain was full of fuzz. Not a good time to make major decisions.
Avatar m tn I'm back on Diltiazem now and it's a pill that comes in a capsule. The capsule keeps it from dissolving immediately in the stomach. I think it's supposed to travel partway into the intestines and slowly go to work there since it's a SR variety. If I took it out of the cap and took it as a regular pill, I imagine the sudden hit I got from it would make me pretty sick. Before you go cutting any medication in half, ask the pharmacist if that will affect how the medicine works.
Avatar m tn Hello all, I am two months post second abalation and still seem to be having issues with my a fib.. I am tired all the time and I am taking coumadin 5mg a day and Cardizem SR 120mg a day. I still feel the fluttering and irregular heartrate. I was on the table six hour this time and My Doctor told me he thought it looked good. I will be wearing an event monitor for the next week and will see from there?? Some people I work with tell me that a third abalation is not uncommon??? Is this true??
Avatar f tn Checking my bottles of prescription medications I find the CCB I am taking is a generic of Diltiazem, or maybe that is the generic. I currently take the normal release at 120 mg twice a day. I started on SR 240 once a day, but the regular release is much less expensive. I've done the same with Metoprolol, I thak 25 mg twice a day rather than a 50 mg SR once a day. I have never noticed any reaction to changing the form of my medication beyond that when I tried to take 100 MG BB twice a day.
1375932 tn?1279304732 htm My cocktail is currently Coreg 3.125 - 2x am/pm, Nitro SR 2.5, .81 Aspirin, Pravastatin, Niacin, Fish Oil, Vit D, Nitro-Quick. Soon to try Diltiazem addition, but the caution against benzo use has held me back - as Xanax really helps - AT THE SOURCE. I use Xanax at will, thanks to my understanding internist, and this has increased over time to appx 1x per day - 0.25, which at present seems a little inadequate.
Avatar f tn I have tried a host of different combos for my Afib w/RVR. Diltiazem 360mgs as rate control and Flecainide 75mgs as Antiarrhythmic along with ASA 325mgs is what seems to work best in my case. I have been on Verapamil, Rhythmol, and Sotolol. The side effects from these, mainly the fatigue, were intollerable. I cannot take BB's because of my asthma. How often do you experience your Afib?
Avatar n tn A stress thalium was positive following which a coronory agiogram was negative. I was put on diltiazem tablets which I tolerated well and my symptoms reduced considerably. Few months back my BP dropped following which my diltazem dose was made half(90 SR mg once a day). I then developed chest pain & breathlessness on excersion which relieves on rest. My cardiaologist has now put me on an additional cardiac drug vastarel 35 mg twice a day.
1054923 tn?1258523671 I haven't taken Toprol but I do know that when I started my Diltiazem I had a good 2 weeks of unpleasant side effects similar to those you mentioned. Plus a 2 week headache. Mine is a CCB, yours is a BB. Either way it takes time for the med to get going in the body and for you to feel somewhat normal again. You said you started it last weekend. Unless you're having a horrible reaction that keeps you from functioning, the doctor will probably want you to hang in there for awhile longer.
Avatar f tn I've had 3 ablations and still have brief tachy times, PVC's and PAC's and occasional bits of chest pain. But I only have one pill (Diltiazem) that I take if my tachy gets stuck and won't stop. I'm not required to take it every day. Are all your pills related to heart arrhythmia?
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Avatar n tn My cardiologist took me off the Tambacor after about three months but I still am on the Cardizem (60mg SR 2X a day). Lately (past 6 months) I feel hardly any irregualar beats, just occassional flutters and PAC's, best in years. A couple of questions: In your opinion, Do I really need to stay on Cardizem since it's been so long since my AFIB, or is it really the medicine that has kept the AFIB and PAC's away?
Avatar m tn Acebutolol - Sectral Atenolol - Tenormin Betaxolol - Kerlone Bisoprolol - Zebeta, also sold as Ziac Carteolol - Cartrol Carvedilol - Coreg Labetalol - Normodyne, also sold as Trandate Metoprolol - Lopressor, also sold as Toprol Nadolol - Corgard Penbutolol - Levatol Propranolol - Inderal, Inderal LA Timolol - Blocadren Calcium Channel Blockers Calcium channel blockers can reduce blood pressure by dilating the arteries and, in some cases, reducin
Avatar f tn So right now I am on Pradaxa, Diltiazem and flecainide 100mg/twice daily. Heart is in SR. But I don't feel as good as when I was on rate control with only Diltiazem. When I use alcoholic mouthwash, I can feel the start of throbing. If long term rate control is OK, I'll ask the doc to let me go with rate control, since I don't have symptoms while on Diltiazem.
Avatar f tn Last month I had to be taken to the ER for what the EKG said was another SVT. With 3 doses of Adenosine and a Diltiazem push and drip the doctor could not get my heart to stay slowed down. The Adenosine slowed it for a matter of seconds and it shot right back up again. The ER doctor was ready to shock my heart to cardio-convert me but I was too scared to get that done by a non-cardiologist. I was transferred to another hospital and the cardiologist told me I was also going into atrial flutter.
612551 tn?1450025775 As read about it on the Web I understood Atenolol to be more equivalent to Metoprolol SR in terms of life, Atenolol is not metabolized by the liver as Metoprolol is. Can you share what does you take?
1397648 tn?1288146526 They have decided I should take Rhythmol SR 225 capsules 3 times a day. Hallaleujah! I have taken that med in the past with no problems so I'm kinda glad they didn't want me to re-start the Sotalol which I'd never taken before. I think I feel better already because a plan is in place.