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Avatar f tn I started taking Diltiazem 120mgs and Flecainide 100mgs twice a day for extremely symptomatic paroxsymal atrial fibrilllation. I began the medications approximately two weeks ago. This past week I had an exercise stress test and during that test I began to have PVC's. Then following the test in the waiting room, I began to have very frequent PVC's and runs of them. This has NEVER in my life happened before.
Avatar n tn I'm now 65 and one of the meds I take (likely the rythmol for afib), definitely limits my maximum HR (typically 130-140 is the highest it will go) and so does affect aerobic capacity. I still work out a few times a week at the gym using a treadmill to jog a couple of miles and to work out on Nautalus machines. One problem I experienced with the CCB is that my ankles began to swell. That necessitated my doc placing me on a diuretic (HCTZ) which seems to have resolved the problem.
Avatar m tn Atenolol can and often does have an additive affect when taken along with other beta blocking meds. In my case, even though the Atenolol was only 25 mg, it was enough to cause several heart pauses (flatlines) of 3 to 4 second durations detected via an event recorder. Regarding the interaction between Diltiazem and Tambocor, this is from drugs.com: "Using diltiazem together with flecainide can increase the effects of either medication.
Avatar m tn No one can find out why I am gasping for breath after walking 10 to 15 ft. I have AFIB and am Diltiazem and a diuretic . My blood pressure is lowered too much and my heart beat is slowed to normal. But I am incapacitated from shortness of breath and I am sure it is the Diltiazem but Dr. won't change meds. Did find Homeopathic Cactus from Germany that slows heartbeat without lowering blood pressure and I don't have shortness of breath with it. Of course Drs don.
Avatar f tn Can't help you with the sex life part, as I'm a female, but I can share my experience switching from a beta blocker to diltiazem. I have been taking beta blockers for 8 years for SVT and afib. I had an episode of afib and was in the hospital is Sept. They took me off the beta blocker and put me on diltiazem. It didn't control my heart rate like the beta blocker. My resting heart rate went from upper 60s to the low 80s.
Avatar m tn I was on tiazac 360mg for a couple of years for high blood pressure.I started having palpitations, skipped beats. The longer I was on it the worse it got. It finally got to where I was having some beats so strong and violent.I told my cardiologist and asked to change medication or a lower dose.He told me to go back to my family doctor who prescribed it originally. As it was 6 weeks to see him, I decided to stop the tiazac. After a few days the symptoms went away.
Avatar n tn Lastly, when I went into AFIB my heart was beating about 200bpm, is this normal when you have an AFIB attack? Thank you again for your time and answering my questions. This is a great forum for people, It's greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn My EP doctor is changing me from 100mg metoprolol xl to 120mg diltiazem for svt. I have been on metoprolol xl for at least 10 yrs and I am still having episodes of flip flops so we talked about changing medication to see if it helps. He said I could just stop taking the metoprolol and start on the new. Would I not have any withdrawl off the metoprolol xl? Does diltiazem help with anxiety also? Is diltiazem better for svt flip flops?
Avatar n tn Jan. 2000 a 2nd Afib. Went on Digoxin. Another Afib June 2000 and they added Cardizem. Another Afib Sept. 2000 and they took me off the Digoxin and Cardizem and put me on Atenelol 50mg. (During Jan. 2000 - August 2000 I was EXTREMELY stressed due to getting my mother's house ready for sale and finding a place for myself. House sold in June and I moved into new place in August) June 2001 Afib again and Atenelol increased to 100mg. Dec.
1612636 tn?1328820233 HI! Hope everyone is doing splendidly! I started taking 120mg of IC Diltiazem 24hr almost a month ago (had Afib and have PVCs and NSVT). After a couple days of taking it my PVCs completely went way. Like it was honestly a miracle and i was the most pumped i have been in a while. I even went through five days of shooting a film with a totally of 10 hours of sleep and nothing, not one PVC (stress was a big factor). In addition i just felt all around calmer and more at ease.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been taking tikosyn for the last 8 days and I've still been in afib 5 of those 8 days. I'm back in full blown afib again so I believe that my condition of persistant afib has progressed to permanent afib. Now I seem to be not tolerating heat very well and seem to be sweating a lot. My heartbeat pauses a lot causing a breathlessness sensation. My next appointment with my EP isn't for 2 weeks. I'm wondering if I should go to the ER or try to see my cardiologist.
Avatar n tn I am a 53 yo man diagnosed ~8 years ago with lone paroxysmal atrial flutter and afib. Long term history of endurance sports but nothing outrageous - running 20 miles a week since my teens. Episodes are generally less than an hour, but frequent - typically one every day or couple of days. Have been trying a "pill in a pocket" appproach - that is, I will take some metoprolol (50 mg tablet) if the tachycardia lasts more than 5 minutes.
1805442 tn?1316748541 I have all of the above...they come in short bursts....seconds actually for the AFib and PSVT and sometimes two or 3 PAC/PVS a minute on a bad day. PSVT maybe 4 or 5 times a day...lasting seconds and going up to 180 max. I have weeks of feeling good and then maybe three weeks of feeling crummy where nothing helps and I get so anxious. I have been on Inderal, Metapropanol, and Ditiliziam....cant tolerate.
Avatar n tn I am on atenolol, diltiazem and coumadin. As long as my rate is under 85 when I am in AFib, I really do not present any symtoms. But once the rate increases, the AFib kicks my fanny and I have to increase meds. Are you on any medication other than aspirin?
Avatar n tn I have never had ny type of heart problem and just before I had varicose veins removed from my lrgs thios year my EKG showed a normal heart rate and no abnormal tach or other signs of potential problem.
Avatar f tn In the last two weeks I have had four episodes of AFIB. The first in two years landed me in the Hospital. My meds were changed from Metoprolol to Diltiazem 360 mg per day and Fleconade 50 mg 2x per day plus Warfarin. The Metoprolol 25mcg 1 x daily has been making me wheeze for the past four years, but no one ever thought to change the meds. I have been on this new med protocol for 1.5 weeks. I just started the Fleconide and Warfarin three days ago.
Avatar n tn Do you have a list? Diltiazem is a calcium channel blocker drug and does not usually convert afib to sinus rhythm. It is used more to control the rate response of the ventricle. It should not increase the frequency of occurance or length of attacks.
Avatar m tn I was taken off diltiazem 2 weeks after that and went into afib. I have been back on both for 1 month with no problems. I think the withdrawal was too soon. Has anyone had a similar experience and when did you eventually get off of all meds? My goal is to be off all meds but I want to wait until the right time.
Avatar m tn Previous ECG have always shown abnormal ECG Latest ECG indicates Sinus Tachycardia Premature Atrial Contractions Borderline First Degree A-V Block Inferior and lateral ST-T changes Borderline Abnormal Changes possibly due to myocardial ischemia Vent rate - 116bpm RR - 513ms PR - 208ms QRS duration - 88ms QT interval - 330ms QTc interval - 428ms QT dispersion - 58ms PRT axis - 76* 59*-105* Both cardio and EP suggests a PVI to try to fix the afib.
Avatar m tn My husband went to the heart doctor and he told him that he has lefl anterior fassicular block and right bundle branck block to his heart. He is on flecinide and dilatilazin for afib. The doctor wants to lower the dose of the flecinide and retake the ekg in 1 week. What does this mean?
Avatar n tn 19:10: My 76 yr old mother had a successful cardioversion for a-fib a couple years ago and has maintained sinus rhythm up to this time. She is taking cardizem and coumadin (which I assume is to slow her heart to assure it stays in rhythm)and Tiazac for high blood pressure (140/90). She is really not feeling well with these medications is constantly tired (her pulse sometimes drops to 45 bpm; confused; bad memory and having alot of vein blowout in her legs.
Avatar n tn She started having fibrillation and high blood pressure about a year after my dad died (she cared for him for many years and even during that time, she was in good health). I've read that it is not unusual for people to develop A-fib after severe stress. My hope is that we could do some testing to see if there are any indicators that would suggest that she was still in danger of afib and if not, take her off the heart slowing meds and the blood thinners.
Avatar n tn 19:10: My 76 yr old mother had a successful cardioversion for a-fib a couple years ago and has maintained sinus rhythm up to this time. She is taking cardizem and coumadin (which I assume is to slow her heart to assure it stays in rhythm)and Tiazac for high blood pressure (140/90). She is really not feeling well with these medications is constantly tired (her pulse sometimes drops to 45 bpm; confused; bad memory and having alot of vein blowout in her legs.
Avatar f tn I take diltiazem, which is generic for cardizem, when I have AFib, which is a fast, irregular heart rate, and.......it works in about an hour........I really think the med is not working for you.........if you are having chest pains you should contact your doc......
1279654 tn?1271217857 Drugs worked for most of those years, then I had 2 catheter ablations which fixed the afib for about 4 years. Have had pacemaker for 1 year but still in afib. Now in afib again. Drugs (Warfarin, multaq, carvedilol, simvastatin) don't seem to work. Lately I have no stamina, which prevents me from exercise. Even walking a slight incline is difficult. I have gained weight. (6'1", 220) My electrophysiologist wants to do AV node ablation but I see conflicting stories about it.
Avatar n tn I too suffer from PVCs, PACs and AFIB. I was on Corgard for some time then I was switched to Sotalol which did not work that well. As a matter of fact I was in Buenos Aires 3 years ago and I had a horrible episode of nearly constant PVCs. When I returned home my doctor switched me to Flecainide and Atenolol and it has worked well. I wish you the best of luck.
2093880 tn?1334817368 I was on beta blockers for 7 years and was able to stay out of Afib that way. My PCP and I came up with this strategy to help with lowered bp: I took 25 mg. Atenolol in 1/4's, 1 to 1-1/2 tablets a day. Lose dose Xanax when needed for the panic than tachycardia seems to bring on for me. Keep a close watch on your blood pressure and delay the dose if it or your heart rate gets too low. I was able to exercise on this regimen, but not get my heart rate up very high.
Avatar n tn He also put me on Diltiazem ER, with instructions to take three 30mg diltiazem fast acting, 30 minutes apart for an episode (which I just had this evening).........I add a 7.5 mg Tranxene, and that seems to help end it.......I'm nort an anxious person, but it's my opinion that my brain just automatically goes into that state when my heart is beating that fast and erratic.........
1423357 tn?1511089042 Glad it worked out ok.. 2 hours is an absurd underestimate for afib ablation. 4 hours is the absolute best guess, with many procedures going as long as 12 hours. Good news is; 4 hours means the procedure probably went smoothly.