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Avatar m tn If a prescription written for oral diltiazem extended release 240 mg TWICE daily (BID) is verified as what the physician wants, what difference will there be CLINICALLY if it is filled as cardizem LA or cardizem CD ? (brand or generic or price is not important here. cardizem SR brand or generic not in market-place). Monitoring of blood pressure is daily. Will there be a more concentrated blood level of drug using CD ?
Avatar m tn If a prescription is written for oral diltiazem extended release 240 mg TWICE DAILY (BID) is verified as what the physician wants, what difference will there be CLINICALLY if it is filled as Cardizem LA or Cardizem CD ? (Brand or Generic or Price is NOT important here. Cardizem SR brand or generic not in market-place). Monitoring of blood pressure is daily. Will there be a more concentrated blood level of drug using CD dosage form rather than LA df ?
Avatar f tn I had about 10 episodes of 140 BPN over ten years with no more complications than emergency room trips for conversion or conversion at home with propafenone. My particular type was atrial flutter which appears to have been cured by ablation a little over a year ago. If your heart is otherwise healthy it is a condition that can be managed (but certainly no enjoyed!) https://en.wikipedia.
Avatar m tn The night nurse decided to take me off Diltiazem when my blood pressure was down to 80/40. Now I'm taking Diltiazem pills and worry about low blood pressure, although I am measuring it regularly and most of the readings aren't too worrisome. I want a catheter ablation to get rid of this problem altogether, but my son says to be cautious about getting into surgery. He doesn't know anything about heart problems. He does liver resections.
Avatar f tn old female, I am new to this forum and recently had an episode of A-Fib. I ended up in the ER, and after they unseccesfully tried chemical conversion was electroverted. Since than, I have had several Electrocardiograms, an Echo, 24 hr Holter and a lot of bloodwork. I still have to go for a stress test and am being referred to an Cardiologist. So far, the results show a Left Anterior Hemiblock, Supraventricular Tachicardia and of course the A-Fib which started the investigation.
Avatar f tn And see how long the wait times were. I have tried diltiazem, bisprolol, and atenol, none with any success. I have had sleeping pills, and Ativan and nothing gives relief to the monster in my chest. I feel like crap every single morning and have developed Anxiety and a huge fear of being alone. I am from such a small rural area that we don't have cbt offered anywhere near here. I have been to a talk therapist to try and relieve some anxiety over this, but talking is not helping!
1085442 tn?1257289779 Doctors blamed High Blood Pressure, Bad Eating habits. Just not a good lifestyle, and my body was warning me. After conversion back to normal rhythm, I was prescribed a Calcium Channel Beta Blocker called Diltiazem ER (generic for Cardizem) 120mg Extended Release Capsules. I can tell you that this instantly relieved many of my heart symptoms, and lowered my blood pressure from 140s/90s, to 110s/70s. I feel 100% better. I don't have adverse side effects from the beta blocker.
Avatar f tn R, i had to be converted a couple of times and thank gawd it was chemical conversion not electrical and that knocked it out. My doc set earmarks of progression for me to follow that set the standard to head to the E.R,.......and he did this immediately after the ablation as a safety net because he said that in most cases post ablation approx. 80% of patients and runs of prior incidents while the heart reaclimated to functioning in the way it was supposed to in the first place...
1056278 tn?1261729045 Now I'm back on Diltiazem to control my chest pains and it helps my arrhythmias to some extent as well. So ask about the treatment plan for the hole in your heart, ask about trying a different medication, ask if an ablation would work for you and do see someone about your anxiety. I don't know which came first, the arrhythmia or the anxiety but you'll have to deal with both to feel better again.
Avatar f tn I use Diltiazem for mine. My situation is a bit different because my heart is moderately under control now after my ablations. I only use the medication when I'm having chest pain due to erratic heart beats. My tachy is pretty much down to nothing now. There are options for you but the cardiologist will have to recommend what's best for your case. And an ablation is not technically a heart surgery. It's considered a procedure.
1397648 tn?1288146526 I told him they probably ablated all of them. Pete, are you going for a chemical conversion or electrical? I think you told me electrical and they put you completely out. Yay for that! I wonder how important it is to be on anti-arrhythmia medicine while we are recuperating? Is it so our hearts will get used to being in NSR? I have to say my 24 hr a-fib episodes do seem worse now (stronger) than before the ablation. Keep me posted on how yours goes.
Avatar f tn (I stopped the diltiazem, eliquis and methimazole, all under DR orders) it has increased and is now mid to low 50s and dips to mid 40s when resting...... guess part of the fear is embedded in my brain from the time I spent in hospital running 180-190...and that's the seed of fear....I don't want a rebound high heart rate as medical care here is few and far between...
909086 tn?1242664364 Her T4 was way too high and her freet3 was way too low (conversion issue). Her thyroid hormones were very imbalanced then and her TSH was always around 3.5. I switched doctors and changed her to desiccated thyroid to get the freet3 higher in the range and the freet4 down to mid range or slightly above. This of course lowered her TSH to under 1 (close to 0). She no longer has the PVC's which always happened when she would try to exert herself in even the smallest way.