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Avatar m tn You may prefer to use a product which contains just adapalene called Differin. Differin comes in a 0.1% gel and a 0.3% gel aswell as a 0.1% cream for sensitive skin. When using topical acne meds use a bland cleanser such as Cetaphil, La Roche-Posay or Vichy to minimise dryness and irritation. I notice you are 47, have you struggled with acne for a long time? Have you also tried oral antibiotics (doxycycline/minocycline etc?
Avatar m tn My skin was perfectly balanced before but after using differin it started geting oily and greasy. I am currently on epiduo and that has helped a little but i still get an oily face. I have been using epiduo for 2 months and follow the same routine every day of washing with cetaphil gentle cleanser morning and night and then put the epiduo on at night after i wash. I was wondering what i should do to make my skin go back to the balanced skin i had before using the differin?
Avatar f tn -An over the counter gel called Freederm (contains Nicotinamide). -A prescription-strength topical gel such as Duac, Epiduo or Differin. -A course of oral antibiotics such as Oxytetracycline or Minocycline. -An anti-androgen contraceptive pill such as Yaz, Yasmin or Diane35. (Avoid the progesterone only pill or Depo shot as these can make acne worse). -A non-hormonal anti-androgen medication called Spironolactone.
Avatar m tn Morning: Clindamycin, then Hydrocortisone Cream 2.5% Night: Differin, then Hydrocortisone Cream 2.5% Continue with Doxycycline 100mg 2x day I've read various reviews on using hydrocortisone cream for the face with people stating it thins out your skin and worsens acne symptoms. I feel the Clindamycin is acceptable, but I am wondering if it is safe to use the hydrocortisone cream or if I should substitute it with desonide OR just skip those two ointments altogether?
Avatar m tn Dandruff Shampoo on the face (zinc pyrithione and Nizoral) Clindamycin topical Sodium Sulfacetamide Differin Epiduo Nizoral Cream Plain water Desonide Zinc pyrithione worked OK for a few weeks, but it eventually became extremely irritating and seemed to make the redness and itchy pimples worse. Also, Desonide cleared the problem completely, but as soon as I tried tapering off, the problem rebounded like crazy.
Avatar m tn I read the manual on Differin and it said not to worry about your acne getting worse since Differin is working to get acne that is under the skin up and out of the skin, but I haven't had active acne for over a month now, could there still possibly be acne under my skin and the Tactuo was just stopping it from coming up? Is it a good thing that I'm breaking out now?
Avatar m tn For my cystic acne, I have tried every known to man remedy but nothing seems to work. From prescribed medication such as Accutane, antibiotics, epiduo gel, hydrocortisone cream, over the counter medication such as Proactive, Acne Free, Neutrogena, Clearasil, or even home remedies such as toothpaste, tea tree oil, extra virgin olive oil, and coconut oil, nothing works on me. This consumes my life, it keeps me from socializing, studying, or any activity whatsoever.
Avatar m tn The only thing that works is to visit my dermatologist each week to get each injected with 2-4mm of mixture (46mg xylocaine 2% without epinephrine + 4cc Kenalog 40mg) I am currently on Ziana, Altabax on cysts, Clindamycin pads, wash face with cetaphil. I have tried seb wash, differin, clindamycin 1%/benzoyl peroxide 5% gel, erythromycin, xolegel, epiduo, triaz. Cysts in the past have been biopsied (negative). My antibiotic use has been Keflex mostly with varied results.