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Avatar n tn It can be caused by coming off contraception, the menopause or using oily moisturisers and anti-aging products. Do not squeeze your spots this will lead to the bacteria spreading under the skin causing more spots, and even permanent scarring. Over the counter remedies are of limited benefit for anything other than occasional spots. See your doctor for treatment, possibly oral tetracyclines and topical Differin.
Avatar n tn Prior to this I was using the enviromental aging products-by Murad and seem to help keep my skin ok. However, I still get blackheads. I also use clinidamycin topically twice a day, which is helpful for the breakouts. Overall, my skin is not bad, but I sure wish I could really get that glow, and softness, without any breakouts. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I have extremely sensitive skin too, and over the counter remedies are made for strong oily skin. There are lots of things you can try. Dalacin and differin are two lotions available on prescription which don't irritate. There are many oral antibiotic treatments such as oxytretracycline. If you are on the progesterone only pill come off it as it makes acne worse, and switch to an anti-androgen pill like dianette.
2026160 tn?1328928087 This increased accessibility and affordability is a plus for acne sufferers and those interested in anti-aging alike. Vitamin A promotes the formation of new collagen deeper in the skin. Long term use repairs damaged skin. It can soften scars, reduce brown spots and makes the skin healthier and more attractive. For more technical information regarding retinoids and how they differ from Vitamin A Propionate, read below. There is no cosmeceutical ingredient more important than Vitamin A.
Avatar f tn Use a gentle scrub daily or every other day (I prefer Arbonne FC5 New Cell Scrub) I do this in the morning in the shower, very gently. 3. Use a anti-aging serum (Arbonne RE9 Advanced or Revelage Night Serum) 4. Apply day cream with sunscreen (Revelage Day Cream SPF 20 or FC5 Oil Absorbing Day Lotion SPF 20) I like the Revelage to help fade dark spots...and it feels super creamy, but I only use it when my skin feels dry. Not great for oily skin.
Avatar f tn What I do is use a tiny bit of lotion one that is oil based and at the moment I’m using an anti aging cream due to being middle age and wanting to hide that too. lol... Then I use a makeup brush and brush on some light coloured face powder that matching my skin. The lotion minimizes the flakes and the powder covers up the red. It does work well but it really depends on how bad it is. Some days it seems nothing works and this just leaves you feeling like hiding in the house the rest of the day.
948349 tn?1294383837 You can also go on Differin cream... I went on Differin cream... but it's just a pain in the butt to have to apply that cream on my back every night after my shower, and it just irritates my skin... so that's also not an option for me. In addition to that, when you stop applying the differin cream your acne just comes back anyways.
Avatar n tn I am 27 yrs old and finally decided to go see a dermatologist for my very mild adult acne. He prescribed me differin, clindoxyl (Clindamycin and benzyl peroxide) and neo medrol two weeks ago. Since then i use differin every day, clindoyxl every other day and neo medrol i have only used twice. Acne treatment is going fine. But 5 day into the treatment my eyelids became swollen and flaky. Furthermore, my eyes are red and extremely itchy. I have tried lubricating drops and gels.
Avatar n tn You need to visit an anti-aging clinic (TRT/HRT specialists) who will get you back on track. You never mentioned where about you stay? Alcohol has multiple negative effects on the endocrine system, such as: 1. Alcohol blocks the production of growth hormone and blocks the liver's production of IGF-1 in response to growth hormone. If a person is on growth hormone replacement therapy, a single glass of wine, can of beer, shot of liquor wastes that day's growth hormone dose.
Avatar n tn I have tried every cream available from anti fungal to vaseline and nothing seems to work.My eyes are wrinkled puffy and an unbearable burning sensation.It has seems to also have spread to my neck and different blotches are beginning to appear everywhere.I have had this happen to me every few years and normally last for months some longer than others. I have found through my own research that animal urine weather is a dog cat or ferret contain a hormone that could be the cause of all this.
Avatar n tn In November I had to start taking anti-depressants for the first time ever.....(thinking that my depression was related to the divorce of my parents) it never occured to me that it could be my BCP. Then, my husband got a vasectomy in Feb. and in June I was able to stop taking my BCP . Since then, my depression has gotten MUCH better. I am no longer on anti-depressants. However, my hair is falling out by the hand full.