Difference between mirapex and requip

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Avatar m tn I had tried all the usual medications for rls before taking the Ultram. I have tried requip, mirapex, sinamet, gabapentin, lyrica and a host of others. Ultram was the only one that worked well. For three and a half years I was free of the rls syptoms. Now though I am afraid I am going to experience not only increased rls symptoms but also the other withdrawl symptoms associated with quiting the Ultram. I am looking for responses from others that have been in this boat.
515698 tn?1211493123 Another Dr took me off because of side effects, then did requip . Very little help. Back to Mirapex. Problem is that if I waited to long to take it and fell asleep, then nothing would stop it . It became a monster of it's own. My DH thought I was going to die before I got some rest. It would go on for 72 hr with out stopping and no one else knew what to do. If I took it early enough it worked fairly well, but with narcolepsy who knew when I would drop off. This went on for two years.
1225331 tn?1333369369 I am grateful they put up with me, a noncompliant questioning patient. While there is a difference between the Elavil and the Benzo's, I am truly grateful that these two medications exist. Like you, I am scared out of my wits of becoming addicted.
Avatar n tn ) such as Requip, Mirapex, or Permax. These have been used in patients with early PD all by themselves, and they certainly have their utility in combination with levodopa in more advanced patients. In an 87 year old, however, levodopa may be more appropriate (all factors must be weighed). Treatment of PD is individualized. The choice of when to treat, which of many medications to use, the dosage and timing, all vary from person to person and change as the disease evolves with the person.