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Avatar n tn I'm 21 years old in college, and I have had type 1 diabetes for 12 years now, and i have always eaten good, and exercised regularly, but just recently, i wanted to lose some weight, around 10 pounds, but for some reason i am finding it really hard to lose weight. I work out about 3-4 times a week. Usually i do a lot of cardio to burn the calories, so about 2 miles on the treadmill. But i still cant lose any weight. I was just wondering if being diabetic had something to do with that.
Avatar n tn Actually the SVR rate for type 1's has been getting closer to 50% to 60% in the past two years or so. The 'relapse' rate for type 1's , which is unusually high as you note, is generally the relapses right after ending therapy, not the relapse rate for those clear at 6 months post therapy. The numbers coming out in large scale studies for relapse AFTER being undetectable at the 6 month point after ending therapy, seem to be in the 99%+ range.
Avatar n tn Since the beginning of my illness everything I read regarding the disease, when I stumbled across the stats of men getting it, I read through it. Dx is rare. specially on sub clinical Hypo or Hyper thyroidism in men. I believe this b/c men are less likely to see a doctor when they have symptoms. and if they do go and get Dx'd - most do not have the patience and stay on top of it.
Avatar m tn but the cheerfull things that i got negative results in the following tests 4th week elisa test in usa 52 days due test pcr dna +elisa in usa 5 months test elisa 1/2 in asia 8 months elisa 1/2 test asia 10 months elisa test in asia 1 year elisa 1/2 asia 13 months elisa 1/2 15 months elisa test but please i want to know what is happining to me and i'm concern about you if you get any result or an answer please reply me thanx
Avatar n tn //www.diabetes.org/type-1-diabetes/men-sexual-health.jsp Here are some of their options: -Taking pills to treat ED (erectile dysfunction) -Putting medicine called prostaglandins (prahs-ta-GLAND-ins) into the penis -Using a vacuum tube and pump that you put over the penis. The pump creates a vacuum in the tube. The vacuum draws blood into the penis.
Avatar n tn I know that Zelnorm has been prescribed for stomach problems, but I would also look into a doctor who specializes in type 1 diabetes and gastro problems. In my personal opinion, this is a very underdiagnosed problem. There are new drugs that help with nausea and other problems with the gut. I would like you to follow LRS's advice for a contact with JDRF's Online Diabetes Support Team. Please mention "gastroparesis". I am part of that team and would like to talk to you one on one.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone Do these symptoms sound like fibro? I had slight tingling in both feet for a couple of months along with some vibration. At the same time I had muscle twitches (like pop corn popping) with no pain. Before this I had chest pain and feeling like my heart was skipping beats. I went to the doctor and had an EKG. He said my heart looked fine from those results. He took blood and I have no thyriod issues or diabetes (although my mom has hypothryiod issues and a suspicion of fibro).
Avatar m tn I think you have some room in the dosing of the amaryl since I think 1 mg is just about the minimum dose. Although many people use insulin (Bill is one) I'm trying to avoid it. So, I walk and walk some more. Blood sugar is better (5.7), without affecting ast/alt but my feet, knees and back are screaming at me. If you're not taking metformin yet, you might talk with the doc. I haven't noticed sx from either.
Avatar n tn But would like to hear your thoughts on the diabetes thing. I will bring it up to my doc next time. My dad did have type II diabetes and I def have some components of the metabolic syndrome -- high cholesterol, high ldl, low hdl, high triglicerides, above normal bp. Oh, my doc will probably put me on Lipitor later this month. I could probably avoid it by going on a better diet and exercising more regularly but for whatever reason haven't had the discipline lately. Maybe that will come.
Avatar m tn My igg antibody tests results were as follows.. type 1 - 4.5 positive type 2 - 1.4 positive I was quite distraught by these findings, and within a few days of testing I had another OB... Both were mild, and in the same general area, an area about the size of a nickel on the shaft, near the head of my penis. At this point I have no question to wether or not I have herpes. Now it's about 3 weeks to a month after that healed and I'm having another OB... same general area.
171768 tn?1324233699 I'm sleeping with a body pillow, but my hips hurt so much, they wake me up and cause me to turn over. The pain starts in my hips and goes down to my upper thigh! I keep getting UTI symptoms during the evening, but as soon as I drink some extra fluids, it goes away. Surprisingly, my back isn't bothering me that bad right now (I probably just jinxed myself). Considering my back surgery and everything, I figured it would be hurting more than it is. I think that's about it right now.
Avatar f tn Dr told him to eat a lowfat diet and return in 2 months, neither of which happened. Here are his two symptoms that happened in 24 hours that have me concerned and I wonder if they are something to go to the doctor about and if they are possibly related. He is not concerned at all, but you know how men are. First on the way home from church yesterday morning he said that his left arm went tingly/numb like it had fallen asleep, but he was just sitting there (not propped on anything).
Avatar f tn You might want to look at (APS1) Autoimmune Polyendocrine Syndrome Type 1 and 2. Or (MEN 1 and 2) Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia.
Avatar n tn i am usually regular/on time. i had all the mentioned above symptoms and i questioned in my mind..am i pregnant? then i said, wait a minute, my husband and i didnt have sex for a whole month so it cant be that! you probably have period symptoms if HPT is negative.
Avatar n tn All symptoms of what I call the 'antibiotic syndrome' which have greatly increased in frequency in recent years. On further examination, more symptoms may be discovered. Most of the gastro-intestinal tract is tender when pressed, especially the small intestine, liver and gall bladder. There may even have been a gall bladder operation that failed to improve the condition, sometimes even worsening the symptoms. There could be a history of thrush or oral, anal or vaginal itching.
Avatar n tn Katzoomie has the best advice here. During a ct scan (2006), for abdominal problems, they discovered a tumor IN my left adrenal gland. There are two parts to the adrenal, the cortex (outer) and the medulla (inner). My tumor is in the medulla which controls your epinephrine and norepinephrine, stress hormones that affect the parts of the brain where attention and responding actions are controlled.
Avatar n tn I am a 45 year woman who has suffered these same type of symptoms for the last 10 years and I have the same story as these good folks have. It seems I have tried all Western and Alternative Med treatments you can think of. It makes me so sad that other folks are suffering as I with this. It is a slow torture and torment throughout one’s day, week, month and year. I would not wish this on anyone.
Avatar f tn ps excuse the length of this. I have also been experiencing in addition to the other symptoms, pain in my bones on my left side and back, especially when i retires to bed at night, to the point where we have had to obtain a loan to purchase, a £3000 hospital type adjustable bed, which has not really alleviated the pain. I have never ever regained the strength in my left leg or arm, this was only a small stroke, due to furred up carotid artery the consultants have informed me.
Avatar f tn I'm very slightly overweight, I smoke 20 a day and yes, there is a big history of diabetes in my family. I have had recurring NSU and thrush for a number of months. My sexual health clinic keep testing me for everything and it's never come back as Gonorrhrea or Chlamydia, just NSU. I get given azith or a dose of doxy and it seems to clear up - then returns again. My only sexual encounters in between these "flare ups" are unprotected receptive oral sex from different partners.
Avatar n tn This is the first Web site I've found where there are people with the same symptoms that I have. I am a 32 year old male who lives in Seattle, WA. I have Thalassemia minor and suffer mainly from ongoing fatigue. I am ALWAYS tired, no matter how well I eat or what vitamins I take. Doctors tell me that I'm fine and "just need to avoid Iron and do some aerobic exercise." I would exercise if I had the energy to. It's comforting to see postings from people all over the world.
Avatar n tn She made me wait 1 hour in the waiting room and another 1 hour in the office room. Finally she comes in and she has nothing to offer me or suggest, but that i'm alittle overweight and i should go to this Gast. Dr ... And i looked at her and told her she just sent me to him. I didn't want to go back to him he was very rude,, She was like Did I send you to him? .... At this point i felt hopeless, sad and depressed, confused...
Avatar m tn From what you have told me , you'll be fine. Don't he hydrocortisone 1% down there or you'll be in my situation. Some people have used it all over their Penistone and it's thinned the skin out all over. I used it on my glans. My best feature tbh with you lol. I lost my gf and got loads of psychological issues 2hn it first started. Wasn't nice. You were wise not to use too much of the steroid cream. If I were you I'd just throw it out. The anti fungal will help you out.
Avatar f tn I am in my early 40s and started with several symptoms over two years - metallic taste in my mouth, weight gain, and right before my monthly menstraul cycle -- extremely swollen sensitive breast with a viginia irritation (no itching). Also, joint pain in my fingers, and joint stiffness in my low back, ankles, and hips. In addition, I have a sinus/allergy problem which sometimes causes fluid to develop in my right ear.
Avatar n tn I have managed to have both, and am getting multiple infusions of IgG - it's often used for two of my conditions - type 1 Diabetes, and MS. Blessings - the ideas above are great.
1542723 tn?1294451038 5 mg ( first was 5 mg ) Ormocor and 80mg Lipitor. I get pains in my chest in the heart/sternum area esp., when I wake up in the morning or Ilean to one side or twist my upper body. The pain is sharp but appears and ends abruptly lasting a few seconds. Other then this I have done 10 mile treks, walk 3-4 miles most days, sometimes jog, walk up steephill at a brisk pace every other day. Sometimes walk up the stairs 30 times, which gets my sysyem going but don't suffer any pains.
Avatar n tn It is either a vibration or a sensation of filling up with liquid. No other symptoms are there. No pain in urination, no pain in sex, have been married for many years with one partner, and no urge to go to the bathroom. It happens randomly, and lasts for 3-6 seconds then goes away. It is irritating but not painful. Any thoughts on this issue would be helpful.
Avatar n tn I have type 1 diabetes. Iam currently in the military. I have had diabetes since the age of 9 and I am 23 years old. I am in the Ohio Military Reserves. It is a State level military that supports the national guard. It is a volinteer unit and we only get paid if we are activated. Mt life long drea mwas to serve in the United States Army. My father was active duty, and I was born on a military base. I can trace my family back in the military to the revolutionary war.
Avatar m tn Then you use saline spray as maintenance if you nose gets dry. Use 1/2 teaspoon plain salt in 8 oz. water to make saline solution yourself. You should have enough to use. Post your feed back so we can see how it works.
Avatar n tn Another thought is that if she is hypoglycemic, she may get a dry mouth (it is slightly different from the diabetes thirst, but this dry mouth almost feels like thirst... dry eyes and lips are also symptoms of low blood sugar). Usually, hypoglycemia is accompanied by other symptoms, and fatigue, depression or irritability, lack of ability to concentrate, headaches, sometimes nausea and lack of appetite are all symptoms.