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Avatar f tn Is there anyone that can suggest another treatment i have not heard or or maybe has some advice on long term uses of depo provera as endometriosis pain management. p.s anyone hear about endometriosis being classified recently as an autoimmune disease? That certainly sounds about right!!
Avatar n tn easy to do in a long term monogamous relationship....and this past year used the chart to assist with concieving. You 47 but until you go through menopause, it is responsible for you to use the ovulation chart in conjunction with condoms or spermacide cream to prevent pregnancy, once you are off the Depo. Thanks for being so responsible about reproduction!
Avatar n tn I would like to know if there are any studies about what happens when a woman hits menopause after long-term use of Depo-Provera? I am only 25, but have been on the Depo shot for 8 years now. My mother is starting menopause, and as I read about the mechanics of it, I began to wonder how I might experience menopause later on. Information on Depo explains that the egg is prevented from maturing and passing through the natural reproductive cycle.
Avatar m tn his sperm count was fine and there was no explanation other than other women with long term use of the depo shot..Not sure on the facts of it but just wanted to share a suggestion to switch it up after a yr or so...
Avatar f tn Hello, I was just wondering if anyone out there knows anything about the long term use of Depo-Provera Contraceptive. I have been using it for a few years now, and have no plans of stopping using it anytime soon, as I am in college and will be for quite some time to come. I know that I am putting myself at risk for Osteoporosis by using it for a long time. But what I don't know is considering the fact that since being on Depo, I have had pretty much no menstrual cycle for a very long time.
Avatar f tn The warning urged women not to use Depo-Provera on a long-term basis unless all other methods were inadequate. Most users of DMPA are teens at a crucial age for the building of bone density; about 10% of American females aged 15-19 years who use birth control use Depo-Provera, compared with 3% of women in the United States overall. Studies have contradicted the FDA warning. Women who stopped using DMPA experienced an average bone gain of 1.34% at the hip versus a loss of 0.
Avatar n tn My girlfriend started using the depo-provera shot about a month ago. We abstained from sex for a week after the injection just to be safe. Two weeks after the injection we had to make a visit to her family practice doctor because we had a hunch that she had a bladder infection. We were right. The doctor prescribed her to take 250 mg of Ciprofloxacin twice daily and of course Phenazopyridine for the pain.
Avatar n tn I was on the depo for about 12 yrs. And I had alot of side effects also, I had hair loss, weight gain(I welcomed that because I was too skinny), mood swings, depression, loss of sex drive. If it weren't for the mood swings and depression and loss of sex drive I would get back on it! The hair loss didn't bother me cause I wore my hair short anyway and I so welcomed the weight gain because I was 125 pnds. With these huge boobs and my body didn't look right it was out of proportion.
Avatar n tn i was on depo for 6 months. it doesn't seem as long as some of you women have. i stopped taking depo in aug of 07. i started having periods in feb of 08. my period was very irregular, they were only 2 weeks apart. in april i noticed i was having really bad cramps and was very tired all the time and my breasts were extremly sore so i took a pregnancy test. i've never been pregnant before so i just figured i was just about to start my period, but my test came back positive. in may i miscarried.
Avatar n tn I was on Depo provera for a few years, in 1999 I went off of it and I got pregnant,I was thrilled untill I started bleeding, I went to the hospital and found out I had miscarried, I had tried to get pregnant since then and I was prescribed Clomid last year. I got pregnant again, but lost that baby at 9 weeks. it has been heartbreaking. i cry everyday. I know now that it was because of the Depo. I have a hard time when all of my friends around me are getting pregnant with no problem.
Avatar f tn Ive had a ongoing problem with ovarian cysts,and during my first treatment a doctor as good as told me long term use of this contraceptive could have been to blame...since then another medical professional has hinted the same thing.I cant help but wonder if this could be the case,after all contraception of any invasive type interferes with normal bodily functions so cant do you any good really.
Avatar n tn because I knew it was NO coincidence that my health suddenly declined and my weight suddenly escalated. “According to Sathyamala, Depo-Provera is a long-term, systemic, invasive contraceptive, which acts at multiple levels. Its potency and the ease with which it can be used have been cited as reasons for its promotion in sections with high birth rates and low "motivation" levels.
Avatar n tn I have been on depo for 11 years. I would be due for my next shot on 9/27 but my Doctor has advised that I stop having it. She has been treating me for migraines and depression with Imitrex (when needed) and a daily dosage of Prozac of 10mg. The Imitrex thankfully, works, and the migraines have also been lessened by the Prozac.
Avatar f tn I wonder what the difference between the two depo shots are and I wonder why my gyno recommended the other depo shot if the depo-subq provera 104 shot is specific for endo ?
Avatar n tn It sounds as though the fundamental problem is that you have had an anovulatory cycle after the effect of the Depo-Provera has worn off. There are several hormonal regimens available to deal with this situation acutely. It sounds like at least one or two have been tried. Although these usually will abate the bleeding for most patients, occasionally a dilatation and curettage (D&C) will be required. My suggestion is that you have the D&C now.
Avatar f tn for the last year i would get spotting the week i needed my shot but this time nothing it isnt the best birth control for anyone even if its used for a short time you have sideeffects and long term use can reallhy alter your hormone levels and your body.
Avatar n tn It can take 12-18 months for Depo Provera to be completely out of your system. But probably much less since you only had once shot.
Avatar n tn I would say something truly is wrong and the body may need some assistance. Long term exposure to Depo does mess us up to some degree...I agree... but our bodies are devinely made and we should give it the benefit of the doubt before making things possibly worse assuming our bodies need help when it could be well on its way already. Three years max is the longest I would wait for a non-emergency.
Avatar n tn He came back saying that this doctor had been studying it, and found no proof that there is a correlation to calcium loss and depo provera use. I got back on depo in January. I've now had my period pretty bad for about 10 days. Two months ago, I had it for 29 days. This isn't normal for me either. I've never had this. I'm getting annoyed. Ruined underthings because I have no clue when it will happen. I wish there was something out there that you could take.
Avatar n tn technically 3 mos after the last injection is considered your first month off depo. it can take AS LONG as 12-18 mos to regain fertilty. some woman....including my PG the very next month. i have actually gotten PG twice ON depo...and never missed a shot. the 1 st PG m/c'ed twin girls at 13 mortum diagnosis depo induced abortion. 2nd PG was m/c'ed at 9 weeks PG...single male mortum diagnosis again (11 yrs later from 1st) depo induced abortion.
Avatar n tn No other studies have shown an increase in birth defects or long term health issues from use of Depo Provera during pregnancy. In addition, there is no indication that Depo Provera causes an increase in pregnancy loss or miscarriage. However, when you know you are pregnant you should not continue getting the Depo Provera injections.
Avatar n tn One side effect that is very real is osteoporosis (thinning of the bones). With long term use, you may be at risk for compression fractures of the vertebrae (which can cause a pinched nerve or 'radiculopathy'). But given your age and the fact that you have only used it for three years, this is less likely. I hope this has been helpful.
Avatar n tn My health insurance didn't cover Seasonale but it does cover Ortho - SO, i'm taking Ortho like Seasonale, and paying for the extra packs! Hopefully it will work out.. we'll see.. ANYWAY - long story - but I loved Seasonale for a long time, after taking it a while my periods were only about 3 days long which was great! Good luck with it!!
801413 tn?1333542876 (24 hours after the pill, 13 weeks after depo provera, immediately after IUD removal, immediately after stopping condom use) Long-term methods for this poll would include the hormonal IUD, Depo Provera (the shot), and Implanon or other birth control implants. I'm considering the copper IUD under daily and non-hormonal because it does not interrupt the ovulatory cycle.
Avatar n tn No other studies have shown an increase in birth defects or long term health issues from use of Depo Provera during pregnancy. In addition, there is no indication that Depo Provera causes an increase in pregnancy loss or miscarriage. However, when you know you are pregnant you should not continue getting the Depo Provera injections.
Avatar f tn yeah i heard the same thing but i was taking the depo shot for like 10months or more but missed about 3 injections than didnt take it since feb 23 2012 which was my last injection
162948 tn?1205256292 anyhow i decided to not fill it is my understanding that as long as it works, you CAN use BC Pills until you are ready to conceive.... babydust to all.....
9768879 tn?1412699665 It seems there is 3 different types a breastfeeding mother can use after birth. Depo provera (shot), the implant, or the pill. Which one did/are you ladies using and why did you choose this method? And how is it working?
Avatar n tn I am only just 18 and am in a long term relationship. About 8 months ago i thought i was pregnant due to missing a period whilst being on the pill. I took a test and it came out negative. I therefore went to see the doctor who advised me to go on the contraceptive injection. Ever since i have had this injection, i have been bleeding for long periods. I have just bled for 4weeks, stopped for 1 week, had sex with my boyfriend at the end of this week and after sex began to bleed again.
Avatar f tn Your spotting is likely due to the Depo-Provera, which may also be contributing to headaches/migraines, nervousness and is not recommended for long-term use because of bone loss issues, which may be permanent, even after discontinuation of Depo-Provera. It may also put females at higher risk of getting HIV and other issues as progestin significantly thins vaginal walls.