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202665 tn?1248810333 thanks. these are allpsychiatric...lithium, lamictal, seroquel, cymbalta.
Avatar n tn I'm having withdrawal symptoms I didn't expect. Light headedness, the runs, blood pressure going up, and general fatigue. Lots of fatigue. And some irritability. I am hoping that these symptoms begin to decrease soon. Well, they have gotten better than it was in the first 2 days. I am still wondering how long I can expect to have these side effects of withdrawal?
Avatar f tn If these new symptoms go away, then you know it's the cause, and taper off more slowly until you successfully quit the drug, which should be easy considering your short duration on it. As for Cymbalta, it is used for pain relief in people with chronic long-term pain that cannot be diagnosed or treated properly, as with fibromyalgia, but if you think Celexa is hard to quit, well, don't read about Cymbalta.
Avatar f tn It has been 2 days of horrible withdrawal just like with the Percocet. I am so scared because of what I went theu with stopping the Percocet CT!!!!! Is Tramadol addictive like the Percocerts etc are? WHY DIDN'T THE DR TELL ME THAT? Someone also said that Tramadol also is an anti depressant and works on yr serotonin levels so that comes in to play when you stop! I was taking 150 - 200 mg a day , everyday for about 4 weeks.
Avatar f tn Otherwise, you just have to tough it out and hope it goes away. You are suffering classic withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar n tn Continuing headaches, twitches, flu-like symptoms. I have read that this is all withdrawal symptoms. When I got aff Paxil there were no withdrawal symptoms once I was off. Now, with Zoloft and Xanax, I still am dealing with withdrawal symptoms. When I question the psychiatrist, who is not really tuned into me, I am told that Xanax is addicting and Zoloft is not. Zoloft was the worst drug I have ever been on.
Avatar m tn If you didn't taper off, and stopped abruptly, that would explain the severity and duration of your symptoms. What you describe doesn't sound like an allergic reaction, but rather more of a sensitivity and intolerance, with severe side effects. Did you have similar symptoms on the other meds that you state you're allergic to? I wish you the very best and hope you're feeling better very soon. I cannot stress enough to you the importance of working closely with your doctor...
Avatar f tn how long can this last, anybody have had long withdrawal from cymbalta or wellbutrin. it might be easier if i have an idea of how long i need to hang in.
544292 tn?1268886268 Various withdrawal effects may include shakes, shivers, diarrhea, nausea, and possible flu-like symptoms. Not all people experience will all withdrawal symptoms, and some people may experience others not listed here. The length of time withdrawal symptoms occur can range from a couple of days to weeks depending on how high your dose was and how long you were on the drug. Withdrawal symptoms can be reduced by discontinuing use of the drug slowly (i.e., gradually reducing the daily dose).
Avatar n tn No tear in the retina. Epilepsy hasnt ever come up. symptoms are always described as strange. Any thoughts would be much appreciated, or if anybody has similar symptoms. Additional information about me - my posture (neck) is a little hunched, could this be causing some sort of tension that causes the above? I use the computer a lot. never had a serious illness. have smoked marijuana before. not a lot though.
620048 tn?1358021835 • If Ambien is used daily for more than a few weeks, abrupt discontinuation is not recommended or you could have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Ask your doctor how to avoid withdrawal symptoms when you stop using the medicine. • Immediate-release Ambien is used to help you fall asleep. The extended-release form, Ambien CR, has a first layer that dissolves quickly to help you fall asleep, and a second layer that dissolves slowly to help you stay asleep.
Avatar n tn The flashes of light from posterior vitreous detachment and retinal detachment are generally high intensity but very short duration (flash of light and gone, like lightening). Migraines flashes are much longer in duration and often look like neon signs, looking through a waterfall, seeing a ceiling fan like light in peripheral vision, etc (many, many forms).
Avatar f tn I'll have them doing it slowly medically, and I'll make sure I do the Thomas recipe. Maybe that will minimize things. I never heard that Cymbalta had withdrawal symptoms. (Another reason I'm ticked off!!) I was given it for off-label use for nerve pain not depression. I think I'll ask her to wean me off that since I don't think it does much for the nerve pain anyway. Maybe that will help to come off that first.
Avatar f tn I have some of the rx left and have given serious thought to taking one and just asking my doc to start me on a small dose of something else that's not as hard to come off of. From what I've read on here a lot of people have had decreased to no withdrawal symptoms if they were able to take a second med at the same time they were coming off of Effexor. I need some sleep and to just feel like a human being again!
Avatar m tn And then we went through my symptoms and added the new fun thing going on with my back and leg tendon system lately. Then he wrote out a referral to a team of Physiatrists (whom I went to once - not much they could do). I'll probably be set up with a new set of PT stretches to do every day I guess. But today, most importantly, I've finally and officially cut myself off from opiates. I'm done waltzing around with what is, to an addict like me, a very dangerous addiction with a bad ending.
Avatar n tn Week three was a sort of plateau - most symptoms gone, except for sleep problems and debilitating fatigue. I thought surely week 4 would show some improvement, even if small. In fact, the opposite has been happening! The most prevalent issue is the fatigue, which worsens daily. It is almost at the point where I can' get out of bed for long. I had an important meeting the other day with a contractor at my house. I awoke that morning feeling worse than ever.
Avatar n tn I would NOT go straight from Vicodin to Ultram without giving your body a chance to totally detox from the Vicodin because it may cause some withdrawal symptoms. I think Ultram is definitely a lesser risk than Vicodin for a person who has chronic pain. Unfortunately, I think Ultram does cause drowsiness but I am not sure how that compares with the drowsiness caused by Vicodin. Melanie, R.N.
20003388 tn?1515169640 Provigil is the only stimulant type medication that keeps me awake and doesn't cause anxiety and or panic attacks. I do also take Prozac and Cymbalta but the Prozac and Cymbalta are blunting the effect of each other due to liver enzyme competition. I am tapering off the Cymbalta and will be asking for a dose increase of my Prozac tomorrow since I'm only on 20 mg.
Avatar m tn I've heard stories about people who taper down, but still have acute withdrawal symptoms when they make the last step and reduce their dosage to zero. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Hey, didya' hear that caffine withdrawal is now considered a psycological disorder? Now that's a strong drug!
Avatar m tn I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS AT ALL!!! No headache, no nausea, no body aches (except normal pains). It is NOTHING like heroin at ALL! In fact...Ultram has been FDA approved since 1995, don't you think it would be classified in the same area if it was "that" addictive and dangerous? Also...ask ANY can get ultram called into a pharmacy. ANY narcotic needs to have a hand written rx handed right to the pharmisist.