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917815 tn?1377501854 My right shoulder has been killing me the last 2-3 weeks, and this weekend, seems to have gotten worse; Doc said on Fri, most likely muscular...went through the weekend with Tylenol and today, pain is even worse. I asked him for something "non-narcotic" (he knows about my addiction) and he suggested Cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxer). I've taken this in the past and i remember no "high" feeling, just put me to sleep... Is it ok to take this?
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with seronegative spondyloarthropathy since 1995. I have it in my right knee, hip, a toe, thumb, shoulder, mid-low back. In 2005 it spread to my chest and my right side has been tight since. I am on Enbrel, sulfasalazine, protonix, tylenol(can't do NSAIDs anymore), cyclobenzaprine, tramadol, iron, folic acid, baby aspirin, fish oil and vitamins. Last winter I started getting sores on 2 fingers of my right hand. Then some bluenish and cold to the touch.
Avatar f tn Ive tried baths..tylenol...they even prescribed me cyclobenzaprine...but nothing does it..Im going on 4 days with major back pain..and hardly any sleep.feeling restless.
Avatar m tn I am not having chest pains, dizziness, numbness, or blurred vision. I've been taking 500mg of Naproxin twice a day and 100mg. of Cyclobenzaprine (a muscle relaxant) once a day. Neither have brought much relief. Tylenol and aspirin have no effect either. I've also put ice on the area with no change. I can't get in to see my doctor for at least a week because of his schedule. The only neck pain references I've found on the internet are those related to neck strain and whiplash.
Avatar f tn They diagnosed me with a cervical sprain and prescribed me Cyclobenzaprine and Tylenol-Codeine as well as applied a muscle relaxant shot and sent me on my way. I started the prescription regimen that day. Two days later, I began to lose hearing in my right ear. It felt as though it was "full" of water or wax or the like. I visited a different clinic (as I was in another city) and they prescribed me a steroid and informed me that my eardrum had filled with fluid.
Avatar n tn I have had three car accidents, none of them "my fault". I have been plagued by severe memory loss, word retrieval & flashing pain in the right side of my head above the ear to behind the eye. The Neuro-Psych testing showed my IQ as 127 but my ability to access is from below average to low average. Also, multi-tasking, that I used to do without thinking, is an impossibility for me now.
Avatar n tn Regardless, I wake up in pain, and I go to bed at night with severe pain. Up until recently, I was taking 1 Tylenol #3 at bedtime which helped to lessen the nighttime pain, and in another way, helped to ease the morning pain as well. My new doctor (I recently switched) doesn't believe in long term opiate painkillers, and took me off the Tylenol #3.
Avatar n tn I've had this constant migraine headache (in back of my head & neck, sometimes in temples) that started a week before last friday. I've had 5 primary physician visits & 3 neurological doctor visits, and neither can tell me anything. I've had MRI's run (everything was normal), there is no history of migraines in my family, my diet is actually VERY consistent and has not changed, and i don't typically get headaches or migraines.
Avatar m tn However, I have only been on Lyrica for 1 day so far. APO – Ibuprofen 600MG APO – Cyclobenzaprine 10MG Ratio-Lenoltec #3 Tylenol 3 Antrotec Flexeril *Lyrica (New prescription, on them for only 1 day so far.) My physios have observed that my T7 tends to twist and get stuck, it does release quickly with their help. Also, I have major knots in my muscles around T7 and T8. My skin is very reactive (easily turns red) around the T7 and T8 area.
Avatar f tn Hello, I was just diagnosed with HEP C. My doc put me on tramadol. It not even Touching my pain. And I don't like how it makes me feel. Can you please give me a List of meds I can bring up to my doc that is safe to take with my liver. PLEASE HELP I am in alot of pain. I have also been dealing with kidney stones for 2 months and The pain is unbareable! PLEASE HELP! Thank u!
Avatar f tn I also take meds for hypothyroid, depression (sertraline hcl), anxiety (PTSD), skelaxin, prn cyclobenzaprine (not with other meds), now tramadol hcl. Can someone validate my concern about waiting? Am I rightfully concerned or anxious?
Avatar f tn Hello and Welcome. I am glad you found our MedHelp Community and took the time to write a descriptive post. I'm sorry to hear about the painful, annoying and abundance of symptoms you are experiencing. We all know how crippling chronic pain, even at a lower level can be. First of all we do have a headache/migraine forum. Please don't leave us - but this my be of additional support to you. Here's the link: http://www.medhelp.
2207073 tn?1338935516 5 alone, and decreased the Tylenol (or acetaminophen) from 750 to 325. The cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxant. Essentially he has done nothing really for your pain. I had epidural injections in my back for a herniated disk years ago and don't remember them being painful. Maybe you should get a second opinion.
Avatar f tn Had a tetnus shot 2 months ago and about 2 weeks following had a problem with bats in the house resulting in rabies shots. The first regime/dose was distributed between both sides of the buttocks, left arm and right thigh but the other intervalled shots were all administered in my left arm. Between the 2nd and 3rd shots I started developing pain in my outer left forearm between the wrist and elbow (the muscles or tendons - not the joints or bones).
Avatar m tn I am way past the ibuprophen, naproxen, tylenol pain level. I have an appt. with spine clinic on th 17th...but dont have any pain meds till then...only the 4 vicadans left from going to the hospital...and by tomorrow those will be gone........
701713 tn?1228367098 i haven't slept with out sleep aids for years i have oa ddd djd along fibro after 7 years its so much worst what do you do for sleeping cathy
Avatar f tn By day 3 (Wednesday) at home I was fighting everything, sleep, headaches, constipation and my meds weren't working. They sent me home with Hyrdocondone for pain and Cyclobenzaprine for a muscle relaxer. By Friday I had a call into my Dr. for a medication change. I went on to Oxycodone which seem to help for pain and Methocarbamol for muscle relaxer. I was actually able to sleep last night in a elevated position. Sleeping seems to be very uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn my question is will Tramadol, Cyclobenzaprine, Carisoprodol, or Lorazopam (ativan) or a combo work to keep me from having the withdrawls as i have a good supply of those?
475300 tn?1312426726 You have the right idea about not killing your liver and kidneys. Like I said opiates are not really an option and anything with tylenol is definately out. I beat Hepatitis C with little liver damage and I am not going to kill it now. I need / want the impossible, pain killer that will let me function with no tylenol. My Doc isn't too concerned about the Soma affecting my liver so that is good.
Avatar n tn Tylenol#3 has no effect and it only makes me nauseous. I have also tried GEN-CYCLOBENZAPRINE 10MGGPM and a heating pad. I still wake up with the muscle spasm. During the day I'm OK once the pain goes away. I am 52 years old; I have been going steadly to the gym 3 times a week all of my life and I play badminton and tennis a couple of times a week. I've never had a back spasm in my life. Is there anything I can do to prevent the pain from returning when I lay down? Sincerely ...
Avatar f tn One 10mg tab, within half hour I could sleep for 24. I have already chekced with my pharmacy although they are safe to take with what I take for perscriptions. Anyone here that has experienced these? Also, will they AT ALL help with my w/d's??? Thanks all in advance!
Avatar n tn The constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain and bloating associated with IBS are common in people with fibromyalgia. *Headaches and facial pain. Many people who have fibromyalgia also have headaches and facial pain that may be related to tenderness or stiffness in their neck and shoulders. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, which affects the jaw joints and surrounding muscles, also is common in people with fibromyalgia. *Heightened sensitivity.
Avatar f tn I have had intense pain up my spine into the back of my head for a week now. I went to the emergency room 5 days ago, when I experienced uncontrollable body spasms and numbness in the left side of my face. My left eye had felt "odd" all day with severe pain over left eye. xray of sinuses showed nothing abnormal- Er Dr. put me on amox-clav and cyclobenzaprine. Saw my regular Dr.
666834 tn?1338564994 When I get these pains its painful to take deep breaths Its my last year in graduate school and i haven't been able to go to classes or work this past week and its very hard to concentrate on anything because of the pain. I've been on percocet, naproxen, tylenol-codeine, and cyclobenzaprine. THere are days when nothing seems to work. All my bloodwork has come back normal and I am currently waiting to try and get an MRI done.
Avatar n tn i cant get comfortable enough to sleep, if im not sweating, im freezing. needles to say its drivin me nuckin futs. I made an appt with my doc to tell him about my w/d but i couldn't get one until friday. right now friday seems a million miles away. is there anything i can take to get the edge off? Im about to hit my self over the head with a frying pan just to sleep for little while. Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn What's the big deal with this drug? Can someone answer me with specifics? Also, is there anyone out there that has just taken it for a short time and then stopped with no problems? I just got clean from harder prescribed opiates, but am now taking tramadol for my chronic pain - after tylenol and ibuprofen don't work. Also, my little innocent sister is having back problems and they mentioned tramadol/ultram to HER. So I really want to know the deal.
Avatar f tn I'm with you (day 5) it's been a living hell ( was taking 10-10/325 hydro and 3 Perc a day for a year). I went cold turkey. First three days was every bad, day 4 was a bit better. Day 5 I woke up feeling a little better. Drink fluids ( I drink 16 oz a hour) and crane berry juice at meals. Alternate Tylenol and Ibuprofen ever 4-6 hours. Exercise as much as you can even a walk around the block. I flushed my remaining scripts. Told pain management I refused opiate treatment.
Avatar m tn I hope you're back to sleep now Lol, just posting to warm you with some support encouragement. May the day of full sleep be back with you real're almost there OK.remember this and the route ahead shall be smoother, it getting nearer, so near that you would definitely know it's worth the torture this 4 -5 days and I think maybe you can stick back to that regime that could make you go bed for 5-6hours but do not do that once recovery regain Ya? Take real care and love yourself.
Avatar m tn I am not proud of this but this is my life so far. Now I have been given another drug divoprolex and it helps with the pain a great deal. I wanted to ask anyone if you have ever heard of leg pain associated with tablets of morphine, I woke up at night and my legs felt like they were on fire. I have decided to go off of the morphine and have 16 left and I did it before with less though it is hard.