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917815 tn?1377501854 I dont post much (read a lot though)...a little over 3 weeks clean (again, LOL)... My right shoulder has been killing me the last 2-3 weeks, and this weekend, seems to have gotten worse; Doc said on Fri, most likely muscular...went through the weekend with Tylenol and today, pain is even worse. I asked him for something "non-narcotic" (he knows about my addiction) and he suggested Cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxer).
Avatar m tn Today I woke up at 12pm and took my vyvanse at 4 pm. I know it's stupid but its 2 am now and I can't go to sleep. I do have cyclobenzaprine, skelaxin, benadryl, and even alcohol if any of these can help me fall asleep. What should I do?
Avatar m tn for 4 and a half years and it seems they are not working any more. My doc just raised the does but all it does is make me itch and bruse. Does any one know anything that will help!! Please. Thank you ...
Avatar f tn Just hang in there. I would be really careful with the Advil PM. It has benadryl in it, and that can make RLS a lot worse. At least it did for me! Keep posting here. You will get a lot of help! I have been clean over 3 months, and I owe a lot of that to people here! You can do this!
Avatar m tn I'm on day 4 coming off Vicoden, is there anything I can do at night to help sleep. I can't sit still and I just watch the hours pass by while flipping around. I have a family & business I'm trying to maintain but I'm falling apart. What can I take to help get some sleep? I was not planning on quitting but my source ran out temporarily, more will arrive as soon as tomorrow. Now I'm trying to convince my self to quit for good but also can't wait until they arrive.
Avatar f tn My stomach is better, my ovaries are normal, my female area is not so jumpy and weird. I took cyclobenzaprine flexiril (non narcotic and non benzo) for the twichy and it really worked. Anyway....honestly, I must be on day - hmmm 4? or so. I cut my intake drastically Monday, Tues my last fraction of oxy, wed I had a few T3 and had some sleep, now, I have some T3 in my pocket b/c I have to drive, go to work, set up a wedding, just in case I feel rotten again, but I actually feel fine.
1225178 tn?1318984204 My sister has this Diane and she was told by the doc years ago that ,iron deficiency can trigger it As it turned out she was somewhat low on iron and when that was brought into balance it subsided considerably. Just a thought...
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi and Welcome Tramadol Warriors, Please come on in and make yourself comfy. All are welcome.
Avatar m tn pmid=16343787 I saw a neurologist in August. The neurologist performed an EMG, EEG, and an MRI. The EMG measures the electronic signals that are traveling through the nerves after being stimulated by a small electric shock (it's pretty painless). when the muscle is shocked, it should send an electrical signal, then electrical activity should go silent. If the EMG equipment sees ongoing signals afterwards, then that can signify neurological issues.
1168718 tn?1464987135 But, question for you, I just got back froma Physio appt. (Dr.??) I believe, and he did a check up on me, and said that the Baclofen is NOT for spasms of the muscles, and that I should not be taking it, or the Flexeril either? Was wondering if any one out there has ever been told that. I was told that it is for the muscle spasms and shudders ( as I call them) , but he said NO, and that it could be making the spasms worse..
1168110 tn?1272685917 I have Multiple AutoImmune Diseases, including fibromyalgia, T2 diabetes, severe hypothyroidism, IBS, and rheumetoid arthritis....and asthma, allergies, xerostomia, (may be sjogren's syndrome) , and a heart condition..... Currently I have a deviated septum, and an enlarged turbinate, requiring surgery. But cannot get the surgery because my TSH level is at 16. I am taking Synthroid 0.075 mg along with Benadryl (due to allergic reactions to synthroid).
544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome Tramadol Warriors! We ... turned .... 40 ... LOL Welcome and I hope you will make yourself at home. Snuggle down, get comfy. There's a lot of information and experience here with getting off Tramadol. It's not impossible, lots of peeps here now living Tram Free Lives! Love & Healing!
403399 tn?1201836695 •Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRI antidepressants or anorectics), •Tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs), and other tricyclic compounds (e.g., cyclobenzaprine, promethazine, etc.), or •Other opioids. Administration of tramadol may enhance the seizure risk in patients taking: •MAO inhibitors (see also WARNINGS - Use with MAO Inhibitors), •Neuroleptics, or •Other drugs that reduce the seizure threshold.
Avatar n tn U have already had the worst of it and now, they will begin to taper off and get better and better. The irritability may last a little longer, but not much I imagine. Anyway, congrats. U took the meds like u should and didnt ever get into trouble w/ them. That says a lot to me. Anyway, that makes a difference during all of this, in my opinion. Stay positive and by the end of the weekend, I bet they are a memory, distand I hope. How is your pain now? Do u have another way to manage it?
Avatar n tn I couldn't sleep either but I found benadryl helpful, that and nyquil worked wonders. That and some advil to help with some of the aches and pains that always seem to crop up.