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Avatar n tn I have lost weight to fast before and it came right back! Are you taking a hole pill of 37.5? If so, you should cut them in half! Thats what im doing, and it still helps with my appetite, and im not all wired up! Hope that helps!
1090984 tn?1463773450 My doctor put me on phentermine, I would prefer to cut them in half so I know how I will react to them first. He said I shouldn't. Does anyone else here take these and have you cut them in half?
Avatar n tn Yeah, that's good advice. I've been taking it half and half, myself, with hypertension, and have had no problems. It really has been working for me - I'm just not interested very much in food. I'm satisfied with half of what I used to eat! Good luck!
Avatar n tn To summarize the little bit I can contribute to your question, cut your pill in half and if it still too strong, ask the Dr. for the milder pill. It will work fine for you. My friend is on the milder one and it si working for her jsut fine. Watch caffeine intake. NONE IS ALLOWED. Hope this helps. Let em know how you are doing. Hope you do well.
660151 tn?1224856335 I was scared to ever touch it again. I started taking half and half and worked my way up to a full. I gave myself about 2 weeks. I probably could've in a week, But I hated that feeling! If you are drinking any caffine or alcohol I would say minimize it. It might be raising your blood pressure to make you feel so bad. I have cut it out completely! I hope this helps you. Let me know how you are doing! Thank you!
597390 tn?1219428950 Has anyone used the Phentermine with the print that says K 25 and what were the results/side effects? I just started taking Phentermine 2 weeks ago. 1st week I got some pills that worked really good and lost 6.5 pounds (white w/blue specks) I believe they were A 159, I was extremely thirsty and w/lil appetite. 2nd week I got different pills (blue w/dk blue specks) didn't read the # just figured would work ok but they didn't help much.
579324 tn?1276057874 The Endo has cut that dose in half and wants to get me totally off of the beta blocker. I'm wondering if this goes away (goes into remission) or is this a disease I'll live with for the rest of my life. This is defintely a genetic disease in our family. Seems alot of people on this site have Hypothyroid issues. Good to talk with someone who has Hyperthyroid issues.
Avatar f tn And to be honest, I was looking for a quick fix because I'm in a wedding in now two weeks (shallow worries of a 22 year old girl I suppose). Due to school (I'm currently a nursing student and though I can't answer my own question in the direction this is heading, I can use my knowledge enough to know it's not good) and work I didn't feel like I had time to exercise to lose the weight the right way.
Avatar n tn I've been taking phentermine 37 mg and i cut them in half and every time i take this medicine my arms starts to hurt really bad in the evening, could it be that the medicine is wearing off and it makes me really tired, do i need to go ahead and take the other half later in the day. My husband worries saying it might be my heart. Or could it be that i need to drink more water, I've heard you can get cramps when you take diets pill and don't drink anuff water.
Avatar f tn I need to lose about 40 pounds in total. I have cut out all junk food and I could not do that on my own before the program, I constantly crave chocolate and chips and hard candy. Although I workout 3 to five days a week I was just maintaining my weight because I was consuming junk which was using up most of my calories. Now since I have been on the program I don't have a desire to eat any junk food at all I can look at it people can eat it around me and I still don't want eat.
Avatar n tn One more qustion. Can you cut the phentermine in half and take a half one a day instead of a hole one?
1401296 tn?1280803133 The phentermine worked great the first week...seriously cut my eating in half, but this week doesn't seem to be doing much...I figured I could make them last six weeks if I didn't take them on the weekends. Probably not such a great idea.
Avatar n tn My advice to you is to refill your prescription make sure its the type that is scored down the middle and cut in in half. Take one half in the morning and take the other half before 2pm. Some people on the phentermine forum use it this way and it works for them. Others just take the whole pill later in the morning like 10-11am if they want the pill to last longer in the evenings. I take my pill at 5am, and I have a small breakfast, and a small lunch...
Avatar n tn I have just started phentermine. I take half of one in the mornings(630am) and the other half around noon. I notice that I am getting really bad headaches over my eyes. It happens around the same time every day so far, usually by 2 or 3 pm. Today is my fourth day and I finally took an Aleve to try to ease the headach, Im drinking more water. Also, my eyes feel really tired, like they need to close, like i am tired, but i am not. Can anyone give me some advice?
Avatar f tn Back in June this year (2010), I started taking Phentermine for weight loss. About a week into the treatment I had an intensely itchy hive wheal on my right hand and also itchy skin on the backs of my legs just under my buttocks. I thought it could have been a dust allergy because I know I'm allergic to dust, among many other things. I went off the Phentermine, and the wheal never went away, but it didn't bother me too much either.
Avatar n tn I have NEVER seen the scale consistently move down like I have in this past week and a half. It is amazing. I have never been able to stick with anything but this is the one that works for me. I love it, love it love it.. I am so happy that something is working for me. FINALLY...
Avatar f tn I took Phentermine for 2 years in my They have not banned Phentermine, they banned Phen/Fen. They took the second part of the diet cocktail off the market because it was causing heart damage. I used to take it for energy, cuz I was a shallow work out freak. When I stopped taking it, the only withdrawal I had was zero energy. Because you are not taking speed anymore. You wont get sick. But it will take you time to get your real energy back. The big problem you have now is the xanax.
Avatar n tn I feel like I have the body of a 60 year old (no offense to anyone out there). Supposedly the nurse there lost 20lbs in a month in a half (without dieting). I am planning to watch what I eat and hopefully the pounds will roll off of me and make it to my goal weight of 130lbs I've been trying to reach (for 10 years!!!) If anyone wants to know where I am going in houston just email me and I'll give you the info. Anyways want to hear more success stories so write on girls.
Avatar f tn i have used both phentramine and phentermine. i lost 25lb with phentramine in a month and 10lb with phentermine. i like phentramine better because its works faster.
Avatar n tn I got phentermine pills that are 37.5 i am supposed to take one a day and a water pill. I cut the pill in half because i was unable to sleep the first night, should I have done that? I just want to weigh a little less what kind of diet are you guys on? I mean i am so not hungry but i know that i need to eat so what do ya do.
5957912 tn?1379940572 When I decided to go on a diet my regular doctor added phentermine. I worked with my losing 30 lbs. But you would think that it would make you happy, wrong. I tAdderall because I think it my because some of the anxiety. My problem is I can't stop them. I feel like I f'n addicted again. I use to be a major coke and Percocet taker. I stopped that but now look what I have done again. The thing is I'm not doing them to get high. Now I go through withdrawels when I try and stop.
Avatar f tn And even when I do eat, I can barely tolerate half of the servings of before. And I have energy! Especially in the evenings when I usually want to just lay around and watch TV, I'm up doing dishes now and balancing my checkbook. So, this is kind of a long journal entry for my first time...but I wanted to just let you all know exactly what's happening. I'm going to my mom's tomorrow so I'm gonna hop on her scales and hope for the best of 4 days. I hope you all stay in tune!!
Avatar n tn like 7 pounds???? I am not satisfied and it is getting expensive. I have cut my calorie intake in half...I do not feel hungry and I drinking a decent amount of water daily. I am feeling very discouraged and it stinks to have tried so many things and then to try something this drastic regarding money and it is not being as successful as I would like to see. Does anyone out there know if it is because I am not taking water pills?
Avatar n tn This is why it should not be taken longer than a few months at most and why you should be monitored while on the medication. Keep in mind that in the US phentermine is a controlled substance and CAN NOT be sold online. (from a facility based in US) Anything bought online is most likely a similar drug phen-phen, which was disbanded due to the high mortality rates it caused.
Avatar n tn I have about 20 lbs to lose, and was hesitant so I broke the pill in half. I am glad too because I can really feel the difference and I dont know if I could do the whole pill. Anyway, there is a clinic in Pontiac Michigan 673 MLK Blvd. Pontiac MI Dr. Swilley's office.
Avatar n tn If I had to take a guess Id say yours should be pretty minor , even less if yo0u can cut down to one a day for maybe a week or so then maybe a half for a few more days, I still can not understand why Im not in full blown wd's right now Im going on 60 hrs with nothing....
597390 tn?1219428950 Surgical Centers of America (4 DAYS AGO) and already saw progress. I will post my progress in my journal for every Dr visit. First time patient cost was $35.00 Got a B12 shot on my hip Got a Rx for Adipex (Phentermine) 37.5 mg diet pills which I purchased at the pharmacy (7 pills for $7.00). Will need to take 1 pill per day. {Took my pill the following day on Tuesday morning} NOTE: My normal weight has always been between 100-120 pounds even after having 4 children.
Avatar n tn phentermine is a stimulant. be very careful with that stuff . it is one half of the very controversial ingredients of fen-phen. (the drug that got pulled by the fda after causing so many problems) it seems kind of drastic to use a diet medication like that for 15 pounds. be safe please. :) phentermine is a schedule 4 controlled substance here in the US because it is addictive. Phentermine, like many other prescription drugs, works with neurotransmitters in the brain.
Avatar f tn i had a VERY stressful/anxiety period over the past 5 days which caused me to be an emotional wreck, not sleeping well, heart beating fast at times. i cut my phentermine dose in half and totally went off my diet. i was also taking bactrim DS (antibiotic for possible UTI) which had a negative culture (but my urine showed trace blood and leukocytes) and no burning while urinating. just frequent urination which seems better now. DR is not concerned.