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Avatar n tn Hello. Yes, a CPAP machine, if not cleaned regularly could harbor infective agents. You have to clean the machine regularly. How useful do you find the machine for your problem ?
Avatar f tn Changing the tubing, keeping it spotless, did not help prevent infection for me. Stopping the cpap treatment, is the only thing that prevented the chronic lung infections...and I always used the humitifer, which never helped prevent any infection... I regret ever having the sleep study and I regret what all the money and time it cost me, and the suffering of 3 years of lung infections...I am so done using the cpap treatment!
Avatar m tn You need to keep the CPAP apparatus clean. Quit smoking. I suggest you to consult physician. Take care and regards.
393514 tn?1203662640 You said she is having repeated chest infections. Repeated chest infections in pediatric age group the cause can be due to either a muscle paralysis (drug induced or muscular dystrophies) or due to congenital heart disease. Which doctor have you seen so far? Does that include a neurologist and cardiologist also? I would be interested to know. Keep me informed if you have any other queries. Bye.
Avatar m tn Please are recurring infections -not getting better by antibiotic is due to obs sleep apnea?
428506 tn?1296560999 I'm curious, based on some discussions in other threads, about what others have experienced in terms of Lyme/co-infections triggering other conditions, thus mandating treatment beyond just antibiotics. It is true that many Lyme doctors encourage lifestyle changes from which most of the general population could benefit, such as dietary changes, supplements, etc. Surely there are cases where people improve from adopting these generally wise practices alone and not from antibiotic therapy.
Avatar f tn In the past 2-3 years I have started getting different headaches that I assumed and was often told by physicians were from sinus infections. I assumed this since the headaches were centered near my sinus area of the forehead, they would go on for days and I would have to constantly blow my nose. Sometimes my nose would be bleeding lightly too, but no discharge. My neurologist said it's all migraine, which I'm not convinced of. ENT says it's sinus infection.
Avatar m tn I did smoke for 7 years and have quit for 8 years now. Over the last 6-8 years I have been prone to respiratory infections. I will have 3-5 severe episodes a year that last for better than a week. I have severe wheezing and chest congestion. There is also blood present in the mucus. I also will cough only blood sometimes in the AM. Nasal congestion may or may not occur. Last March I was hospitalized with pneumonia and a collapsed lung. I was in for a week.
Avatar m tn Now I am left with stuffiness and a sweet smell in my sinuses. I do use CPAP at nite with a humidifier. I keep it clean but am wondering if I could have Pseudomonas in my sinus. My drainage is clear.
Avatar n tn I also have allergies but lately they've been very light, not causing enough congestion to keep me from using my CPAP most nights. That's the other thing I use. Are these things: CPAPs and ear plugs not OK to use together? I've been using ear plugs every night for the last five years and the CPAP therapy just started this March. I can hear just fine, by the way. It's not like I have any hearing problems now since my ear's been making those sounds when moving the ear channal.
Avatar m tn Eliminated two very common foods, and both my nostrils are now wide open with no blockage. I kept getting periodic sinus infections from the CPAP. So I have found, if I sleep on my side, and eliminate the two foods which bother me, I sleep very well without CPAP. Getting your nostrils open to where you can breathe well is essential if you are going to use CPAP or not.
Avatar dr m tn Fortunately, not too many people have true bacterial infections—most never make it past the vacuum pressure or clear fluid stages. A Vicious Cycle If you don't have obstructive sleep apnea, the entire process can come and go within a few days to weeks.
Avatar f tn My c-pap machine is a REMstarAUTO with A-Flex. It's a very good machine. I took the model with the humidifier because they air in winter is to dry not to have it. My only problem is that I have a nasal mask only and I should have get two! One nasal and a full face for when I have sinus infections (which is often with me!). I tried both but I prefer the nasal one. If you have a the chance ask if you can try diferent kind of mask before you make your choice.
Avatar f tn There was some snoring noted but not enough for my insurance company to cover for a cpap. Doctor ordered oxygen at night. I was just diagnosed this year with Asthma. I have been sick a total of 5 times this year with lung infections. My question is, do I ask my doctor if there is something else other then the asthma that would cause this drop is o2? I have checked into getting oxygen and between the lines with this. With my insurance it would cost 186.00 a month.
1339997 tn?1276345377 My 10 year old son has undiagnosed genetic disease. He is scheduled for bi-lateral derotation surgeries of femur, tibia & calcaneal lengthening in both feet in July. My question is should I have both sides at once or seperate them? If he gets an infection would it spread from 1 side to the other if both sides are done? He also has Malignant Hyperthermia, osteopenia, gerd & central & obstructive sleep apnea (uses CPAP).
Avatar dr m tn In an interesting study that came out in the Journal of Pediatrics, researchers recruited 78 children who were about to undergo a tonsillectomy for various reasons including recurrent infections or sleep apnea and compared them against 22 other children undergoing other types of surgical procedures.
Avatar f tn Have you had a sleep study to determine exactly what it is that causes you to feel like you are suffocating? Could you possibly have obstructive sleep apnea? A cpap machine could help with that. Ask your neuro doc if the lesions are located in a place they could cause central sleep apnea. If so, there are specialized cpap machines that work like a ventilator to deal with it. Especially with other health issues to fight, sleep is so important to restoring your body for each day's stresses.
Avatar n tn (continued from above) CPAP: I have used CPAP for 2-3 months, there appears to be little benefit, I switched from APAP?, the automated pressure version, to a constant 12 with the machine releasing pressure when breathing out (C-flex), this was with a Respitronics machine. There was a few weeks of data, and we changed from Autopap to Cpap with c-flex and a ramp rate on the same machine, with a nasal mask only.
1513090 tn?1290310620 I also have a compromised immune system with a history of staph infections and MRSA. I went to a doctor for my abnormal, high-pitched, musical breathing sound and difficulty breathing and was diganosed as having stridor. I was given steroids but I'm not seeing any improvement. Will this ever go away? I wonder why it wasn't discovered while I was in the hospital.
Avatar f tn Also, my sleep apnea has worsened. I have used a cpap for 12 years. Within the last three months it has stopped helping me sleep. It feels like there is a lump in my throat all the time. My airway feels obstructed. I had unprotected oral sex(giving) with a person of questionable character about six months ago. I found out later she is somewhat of a prostitute. I have been tested for all the stds and all tests have been negative. I am very fearful for my health. I don't think it is cancer.
Avatar n tn While I was in the military I had a sleep study done which found that I have minor sleep apnea. I was also treated for several sinus infections during this same time. Along with the sinus infections, I began to experience blockage in the nasal cavity. It often switches from the left to the right side and so on, usually completely blocking that side of my nose. Also, when I was having my wisdom teeth removed, the oral surgeon said he thought I had a cyst(or something) in my sinus's.
Avatar m tn They have been treating her with an array of antibiotics including Ribavirin and IVIG for the RSV and they now believe they have taken care of the infections and are awaiting cultures to confirm. She has been receiving plasmapheresis daily for the TTP and her platelet count has gone from 59 to 130. She is also receiving intravenous Plaquenil, CellCept, and Prednisone for her lupus.
Avatar m tn I have been suffering from multiple sinus infections, congestion, tonsils infections and severe osa for over 2 years. Last year I developed biofilm sinusitis also. I am wondering if I am making the right decision to have surgery. The osa is really bad I stop breathing 62 times sleeping on my side and 54 times on my back. I am currently using steroid sprays twice daily, Zyrtec, and nasal irrigation's with baby shampoo and antibiotics.
Avatar m tn The best advice I can give is that you, 1) work with your doctor to make sure that you are receiving optimum therapy for the chronic sinusitis and, 2) Be meticulous in cleansing your CPAP tubing and adhere to recommendations regarding filter replacement, on a regular basis. Give special attention to the humidifier, as it can be any especially effective breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and other infectious agents. Finally, latex is a not uncommon allergen.
Avatar n tn The antibiotics will probably get rid of the ear infection, and maybe the sinus infection (sinus infections work differently than ear nfection), but if your Eustachian tubes are closed, which it sounds like they are, they may take longer to open up and recover.
Avatar f tn I finally was sent for sleep study and DX with severe sleep apnea and PLM. Cpap has helped this alot. Even with Cpap still fatigued at work where I was still falling asleep talking to people and still driving issues. Currently on large doses of Adderall and Pravogil to help me stay awake. The Pravogil has helped some but the rest of the stimulants seem to be just candy. No effect. ? narcolepsy/hypersomnia but still testing and trying meds.
Avatar f tn Yes, there can be a link. Every time you stop breathing, you create a vacuum effect that can suck up your stomach juices into your throat (causing your voice box inflammation which can lead to hoarseness, cough, lump sensation and post-nasal drip). It's been shown that stomach contents can then either go into your lungs or into your ears or sinuses. Consider that it's not just acid, but bile, digestive enzymes, and bacteria that's coming up.