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Avatar n tn I like to exercise but I am afraid to push myself although I have push pretty hard. I can sometimes get these feelings even when not working out but I can for sure trigger it with curls and up right rows. Running for 45 minutes is no issue, I can bench 200 lbs and no issue and do many other weights with no issues. Is it anxiety? My mother says that it slightly does run in the family? Is it a neurological issue?
Avatar n tn if lisinopril and cozaar aren't working to lower bp in combo with atenolol and hctz, in fact either causes higher bp and not feeling well, what is another possible choice
Avatar n tn Believe it or not after working at a hospital for over 18 years, I even hate going there even to get my medication now. I still tend to think this is referring to mitral malve prolapse with leakage and not to just a redundancy of the mitral leaflets without frank mitral valve prolapse.
Avatar m tn I ride my bike as part of working out. I use cb radio also. They put me on Effient, cozaar, lipitor, low dose aspirin and metoprolol for MVP. I had problem before the stent with Metoprolol making my bp too low 80/60. A night now I am having problems with my heart racing and slowing. It is scary and today (Sunday) I stopped the Effient, Cozaar and Metoprolol. I will tell my dr's office tomorow (Monday). Even today at work my heart started feeling weak as I stand all I day.
579123 tn?1217794674 Went to the Dr., scheduled another arteriogram, for last Monday. Finding was 3 of the 4 bypasses were working well. One of them had 'formed scar tissue' inside the artery itself. The Dr. tried 3 times to 'balloon' it which failed. He chose NOT to stent the bypass due to being a large area, he stated it would take AT least 4 stents. He has and ejection fraction of around 15-19. I guess my questions are if this closes off will it cause another heart attack? Would stents have helped?
Avatar n tn My urologist just prescribe me Levitra, it worked wonderful but my anger is that I WORKED VERY GOOD just to the minute i took the vasotec why do I have to fix what was working like a charm? now I am loosing length From 19cm to 17cm. What do you think about the tamoxifen? would you agree with me? I do not want to be an oldman with ***** **** and hanging skin where once was a delicious penis. Please help me!!!!! I am begging you.
Avatar m tn The rythm can last for minutes and hours I believe. I am on Nebilet and Cozaar for BP. I have just went trough eho, ekg and stress ekg. All went back fine but I did not have episodes of this rythm at that time. What might be the cause for this? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I was on 50mg of cozaar and I have been working out and loosing weight. I was never that overwieght but lost 40 pounds (around 200 pounds at 5'9"). My doctor has decided to reduce my dosage since he think some of the strange feelings I have could be due to the medication and I think it is true since I see a difference already with a reduce dose. My question is around blood pressure readings.
Avatar f tn When doing aerobic activity i do fatigue quickly, have trouble breathing etc and have a tough time 'keeping up' with the class. I do not consume a lot of caffine (1-2 cups a day of coffee), don't smoke, don't drink significantly (glass of wine from time to time). I have high blood pressure but it is well controlled by Cozaar. My dr now has me scheduled for a EKG stress test, but was wondring if anyone could offer any information about what I may be experiencing and what it might mean....
Avatar n tn I have been on this new med only 3 days. Is it okay to have the upper BP numbers up there (I take 100 mg of cozaar daily and 10 mg of zetia daily also) or should I try to get more medical help. This is being managed by an advanced practice nurse for a Cardiologist and I am not totally trusting when I cannot see the MD (he is not well) How long should I tolerate the evening fluctuations in BP?
1398923 tn?1283123908 Until late April, I was taking Lopressor (Metoprolol) 100 mg, Cozaar 100 mg and wearing a Catapres (Clonodine) 1mg patch. My blood pressure was well controlled and usually in the 120.70 range +/-. Suddenly it dropped very low. I am currently off all medications and am having trouble keeping it above 9040. During the past couple of weeks, my legs and ankles have begun swelling, especially in the evening. I have an appointment with a cardiologist, but it is not until Sept. 9.
Avatar f tn ECG’S DONE DID NOT DETECT ANYTHING UNTIL BLOOD WAS DRAWN AFTER ONE OF THE MAIN ARTERIES BLOCKED OFF AND LEFT ME WITH A DAMAGED LV. I “FULLY” recovered after 6 months of building up my fitness and working on my mindset. I QUITTED SMOKING THEN! I subsequently had a triple bypass in 1999, and after that 8 stents and 10 balloon therapies periodically done between 2005 and now. SEVEN OF THESE STENTS WERE PLACED IN AN OLD ARTERY WHICH WAS VERY IRREGULAR.
Avatar n tn Other factors that may help to some degree are a low fat and low salt diet, however a low fat diet may not necessarily be the best for treatment, given the fact that many of us lose weight, not to mention take ribavirin with fat. Exercise also can help but again not always possible during treatment. And keeping well hydrated -- important for treatment -- actually tends to increase blood pressure in many cases, not reduce it. So that leaves you with the high blood pressure meds again.
116881 tn?1189759423 Hello, I am a 39 yr old female with hypertension (controlled with Cozaar) and in good health other than PVC's and PAC's, My question is probably very similar to a lot that you are answering so hopefully it will help everyone. 1. In a structurally normal heart with PVC/PAC's how do we know that they will not become something more ominous like V-Fib, SVT and the like. 2. If they are painful, does this mean they are more serious in nature?
1274110 tn?1270792161 I came off of Imdur 60 mg twice a day and a nitro patch. It was working but now I get real bad heartburn and my GERD (acid reflux) is back. Has any one had a similar experience? Here is a listing of my meds. Any help appreciated.
Avatar n tn I got prescribed cozaar because I found out that diuretics also caused impotence in men. This still didnt change much. At this point viagra was not working fully, and even when I got erect it felt less full and smaller. I went to a urologist who took me off the testosterone for 2 months, and then ran some tests, and testosterone levels came back normal. He also tested for venemous leaks and said the blood flow was fine, just 1 point or so below normal.
Avatar n tn I guess that as long as one is diuretic dependent working is tough.I would like a part time job, but I do not think I would get enough money: better to have a full time job and take some days off once in a while (days off because of sickness are full paid in Italy). In Italy we have a SSD only for class IV patient, and it is just a little money. But we do not pay medications, that is great. I do not know, my job is a great concern... I am seeing how my disease evolves...
Avatar n tn Went through yearly physical last Friday. Got a card Friday saying WBC down. Come in for labwork 11/18/05. I know the nurse there & got the full report from her so I could see why labwork needed. But the "reference range" is 4.5-11.0. My count was 4.1.I am on Lamictal (700mg daily),Cozaar(50 mg daily),Cardura,(4 mg daily)Caudet (5/20 daily) Already take multivitaman/mineral one a day--one only 100% of daily neded no larger.
Avatar n tn I saw the Dr and he put me on Levaquin which didn't do anything. He said I must not have got over the flu/cold. On the last day of the Levaquin i came down with a horrendous cold.I went to the allergist and she put me on Zithro and said I had a sinus infection. I was still having the jitters etc and I was thinking it was from the Advair so I am now on Asmanex. Asmanex isn't working. As far as my Xopenex, I have used it in the past 2 months about 10 times and that was the first time ever.
Avatar n tn I am 60 years old. I had quad bypass in 1989 and due to not taking proper precausions, all four have closed, two to 100% and two to 90-95%. My heart has generated collateral arteries to take some of the load. The problem presented itself as mild angina over the last two months. No indications on stress tests within the last two years. My cardiologist has opened one of the the 90-95 % arteries through angioplasty and stent placement approximately 1.5 weeks ago.
Avatar f tn The bad news is that two weeks after starting treatment my cholesterol went back up, perhaps a little higher. Same with my triglicerides. Like yourself, blood pressure also rose a bit on treatment. Not sure if it was the treatment drugs or the helper drug Procrit.
Avatar f tn ECG’S DONE DID NOT DETECT ANYTHING UNTIL BLOOD WAS DRAWN AFTER ONE OF THE MAIN ARTERIES BLOCKED OFF AND LEFT ME WITH A DAMAGED LV. I “FULLY” recovered after 6 months of building up my fitness and working on my mindset. I QUITTED SMOKING THEN! I subsequently had a triple bypass in 1999, and after that 8 stents and 10 balloon therapies periodically done between 2005 and now. SEVEN OF THESE STENTS WERE PLACED IN AN OLD ARTERY WHICH WAS VERY IRREGULAR.
Avatar f tn However, during the second half of treatment, I did develop what I was told were benign premature beats that seemed to resolve when I started taking a angiotensin II receptor antagonist (Cozaar) to help control my blood pressure. Cozaar seems to have a protective effect on the heart and kidneys, so you might mention it to your medical team, especially if your blood pressure is an issue.
Avatar n tn Trouble getting blood pressure down to a decent level without taking 4 blood pressure medications (Toprol 200mg, Cozaar 100mg, Norvasc 5mg, and Triam/HCTZ 5.25mg. My blood pressure stood at 196/120, now 145/90. I am also on Potassium Chloride, Aspirin, Diazepam, Crestor and Nexeum.
Avatar n tn I awoke my wife just in case it was a heart attack but there was not chest pain and it went as fast as it started. Now I have been working out and that night did about 125 pushups (5 sets of 25) prior to going to bed just to show that I was in shape. My goal is 1000 on my 60th in 2.5 years. My blood pressure has been well undercontrol with cozaar and generally I'm in good shape but just don't know what to think about that night.
324691 tn?1302555442 My new doc gave me the option of 30mg or 60 of Armour because she trusts that I will not harm myself..... She believes in working with her patients, not against them. I absolutely love this doctor. And the Armour got rid of all the nasty side effects I was experiencing with Levothyroxine. I begged my last doc to switch me and he said no. Even the endo and surgeon who operated said no.I was so sick every day from that other drug. Now I am doing great!
Avatar m tn So I'm feeling pretty good the first 3 weeks, then it starts just a few seconds every other day, then every day, then longer, to last night doing it from 6pm to 9am this morning. I do not want to go back to this guy and tell him it isn't working again, he makes me feel like I'm crazy, but he is the top guy in this area. I don't want more pills on top of the 6 prescriptions I already take, along with vitamins, asprin, fish oil, etc.
1113605 tn?1258645558 So I went to my previous doctor the same day of leaving from my dentist appt. and was put on Cozaar and also along with some beta-blocker meds. Well my BP is in a good range now,117/78 from 170/110.
Avatar n tn I take Vytorin, Dilantin, Cozaar, and, although I drink almost every day, I do not normally imbibe in more than 2 glasses of wine per day. I do not drink hard booze. Because of my high cholesterol and anti-seizure medication (taken since 2005), I have to have lab tests run frequently on my liver. In September of last year, my results came back fine. My doctor then switched me from Lovastatin to Vytorin and has been bugging me to get lab work done since then.
Avatar n tn Today, I am at my wits end and I am really scared. I have not been able to sleep good at night. I spend my time watching tv all night long. I have had maybe 10 hours of sleep in the last 72-80 hours. I have been having a lot of pulsations feeling in my head and chest, shortness of breath at times. I can walk upstairs to my bedroom and be completely out of breath. I have been experiencing some numbness around my lips, no energy, no initiative to do anything.