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Avatar m tn A 24-hour Holter two months ago showed paroxistic supraventricular tachycardia. Rythmol has now been added to Coreg 6.25 daily. that's just my bad luck. It has nothing to do with the stent as far as I know. I do up to an hour aerobics - bike, run/walk six days a week.
Avatar m tn Lipitor 20mg, aspirin 81mg. Began Coreg 3.125mg and Enalapril 5mg 2 months ago after poor treadmill test. Follow-on Adenosine Nuclear Stress test results: Baseline EKG normal sinus rhythm with RBB block present. Resting BP 110/70 pulse 64bpm. Stress images showed decreased activity in inferior wall extending into the apical as well as septal wall with partial reversibility noted on rest images. This consistent with inferior apical ischemicdefect encompassing 17% of myocardial mass.
Avatar m tn Cardiologist discontinued toporol and placed me on coreg 3.125 mg twice daily. Since I felt great I thought reading on ejection fraction had to be wrong, went for second opinion at Mayo Clinic, did cardiac mri, showed major damage to heart muscle on left and bottom of heart that was through entire depth of muscle, right and top of heart seemed to be unaffected.Estimated ejection fraction was 25. Now am scheduled for ICD implant, and aggressive coreg/lisinopril combo with previous meds.
Avatar f tn I was considered negative, but I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and started on Lisinopril and Coreg. Two days later I had a cardiac MRI. It shows an EF of 51%, focal hypokinesis of the mid inferolateral wall, normal RV function and size, no evidence of scarring/infiltration/myocarditis, and a highly mobile interatrial septum. I have now been told I do not and never had cardiomyopathy and that I likely have POTS (I do have many POTS sx).
Avatar f tn If you do seek a second opinion, it is very important that you bring the reports from your previous tests, including lab tests and the images from any cardiac tests (such as echocardiograms) that you have received.
Avatar n tn However 5 years later and after my recent heart work I am being strongly advised (including CCF cardio) to start taking Coreg 3.125mg. Do you think I am a candidate for Coreg? Any comments would be highly appreciated. Thanks, ChrisR.
Avatar n tn 128/86 Arrhythmia: Frequent PVC diminished with exercise. Analysis: 1. resting images: Mildly enlarged left ventricle and there is moderate diffuse left ventricular hypokinesis. Ejection fraction estimated at about 40-45%. 2. Post Exercise Images: Augmentation of the left ventricular wall motion however, still remains slightly hypokinetic even though there is no exercise-induced hypokinesis or dyskinesia as compared to the resting images.
Avatar n tn I was given the following medications and have a follow up appointment on the 22 dec. Coreg 3.125mg, Zocor 20mg, Spironolactone 25mg, Altace 5 mg Please explain these as detailed as possible. PERFUSION: review of the nuclear myocardial perfusion images revealed a reversible perfusion deficit in the anteroseptal wall and inferior wall. there is a fixed deficit in the apex. FUNCTION: there is global hypokinesis, worse in the septum and inferior wall. TID ratio 1.
Avatar m tn Stress tmographic images of the left ventricle revealed inferior and lateral wall defects seen of moderate size. The resting tomographic images revealed normal perfusion. Gated images revealed abnormal systolic thickening in the inferior and lateral walls. The ejection fraction is calculated to be 36%. CONCLUSIONS: A) No anginal symptoms in response to exercise and with evidence of ischemia. B) The isotope study revealed evidence of ischemia in the inferior and lateral wall of large size.
Avatar m tn What they found is a Bicuspid heart valve and a dilated Aorta (5.5). My Cardiologist put me on a BB (Coreg CR), 20mg a day. He also said that due to the dilation of my Aorta being 5.5cm, that I'm close to needing open heart surgery to repair/replace. He will monitor now every 4-6 months to check the status of the Aorta. My question is: should I seek a second opinion or another CT to verify the measurement? I realize that all medical things considered, it could have been much worse, but yikes!!!
Avatar m tn If your father's heart attack was due to ischemia (lack of blood flow), and if medication successfully treats the ischemia (dilate vessels with an ACE inhibitor and Coreg, etc) medication can return the heart to normal functionality. The hypokinesis can be corrected with a good supply of blood (stent or medication) to the heart cells in question, and as a result there can be revitalized heart cells, stronger contractions, and the EF will increase. QUOTE: "Is he in any imminent danger?
Avatar m tn From my understanding (coreg) the medication provides better heart pumping contractility and helps lower high blood pressure (that would be the reason for continuation). I don't see how medication or stent that increases blood flow eliminates the usefulness of coreg (beta blocker) medication? Are you a student?
907968 tn?1292625804 I consider Coreg/Carvedilol a wonder drug, since I started it my aggressive CAD stopped.
Avatar n tn It was necessary to inject an agent to lower heart rate (below 60) for good clear images, Images were very good and an evaluation was made with some confidence for accuracy.
Avatar m tn I have several rhythm issues and now I had an echo in March and had an ejection fraction of 40%. I was put on coreg and lisiprol in March to hopefully strengthen my heart and taken off my sotalol . I recently in the last month have had some chest pressure while exercising( riding bike up hills), and feeling sob. The doctor I have now since I have moved away from old cardiologist ordered and lexiscan mycocardial stress test.
Avatar m tn There is no real way to tell how long a blockage has existed, unless there is a history of images (as correctly stated again by flycaster). One other way you can sometimes tell is by when you start to get symptoms. I do believe a blockage of less than 70% will likely not cause symptoms, but at least you can tell when it has gone beyond that size. I felt symptoms in December, and my MI was in March but the symptoms accelerated in severity each week.
Avatar n tn I know that two people can interpret the same images differently. He said that EF was 50% to 55% and that LV End Diastole arounfd 5.5cm ( normal is 4cm to 5.5cm) Won't have the full results until he has written up his report, and my followup appointment with the cardiologist is quite some time away. However, It seems encouraging.
Avatar n tn Also, should I press for a larger dose of the Accupril or a RX for Coreg? My blood pressure is typically on the low side with the drugs that I now take I have been going to rehab for almost a year now and walk about 2 miles a day at 3.0 miles per hour.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was dx with heart failure due to cardiomyopathy 10 yrs ago, (age 48). My doctor put me on Coreg,(was a new med at that time) and it saved my life. Coreg also lowers the heart rate and helps the heart to pump more blood with each beat, basically it helps the heart from wearing out so quickly. It took a few years but now my ejection factor is up to 55. The only issue I have now is the top left part of my heart remains slightly enlarged and my valve is leaking.
Avatar m tn // Journal of Nuclear Medicine Vol. 49 No. 3 399-413 A further understanding of CAD pathophysiology at the molecular and cellular levels will allow radionuclide imaging to evolve into a primary prevention tool by earlier detection of atherosclerosis as well as identification of vulnerable plaques and adaptations in myocardial metabolism. Radionuclide tracers by their nature reflect physiologic processes at the cellular level.
Avatar n tn I recently had a Nuclear Stress Test which revealed severe abnormalities with a large septal apical inferior defect with mild reversibility on perfusion images. (What does mild reversiblity mean in the context used here?) The left ventricle was severely globally hypokinetic with more prominent septal wall hypokinesis with EF of only 24%. (What does this mean in layman's terms?) Echocardiogram matched the nuclear strudy, and the EF was only 15-20%.
Avatar m tn Well, in lots of cases, patients obtain a great flow through re-opened vessels using stents or bypass, yet feel the same angina, or even worse. Looking at the angiogram images it isn't clear why either. A classic example would be a patient who goes to hospital with heart attack. They are rushed into the angio-suite and the blockage is seen and stented. Other blockages are seen which are 70% or more, and these are stented too.
Avatar m tn I switched blood pressure medication and started taking coreg cr and noticed them shortly thereafter, doc switched me to metoprolol xl and seemed better...they seem to be reduced after increasing metoprolol to 200 mg/day...also on CCB.... doc is now exploring non-reflux GERD and possible esophagitis as an irritant of my vagus...taking prilosec and prevacid with some relief. willing to try anything that is non-invasive.
Avatar n tn I had a CT scan and on a beta blocker (coreg slows heart rate), however, there was an injection in addition to my daily medication to slow my heart to below 60 bpm. A heart rate below 60 is required otherwise the image is not very clear. I'm not clear regarding injection to overcome beta blocker effects. The way the BB med works for me is to prevent a high heart rate with exertion?