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Avatar f tn This is my first concussion since my last serious injury which cause amnesia, mild hearing loss, etc. I don't have a family doctor, so I'm wondering if these symptoms should be seen by a doctor. I'd rather not go to a walk in clinic for possibly hours if it seems to not be serious. Also, are there any suggestions to help with pain, aside from avoiding thinking such as doing my Uni. asssignments. With my other injuries I don't recall anything aside from Tylenol & the usual.
Avatar f tn This is my first concussion since my last serious injury which cause amnesia, mild hearing loss, etc. I don't have a family doctor, so I'm wondering if these symptoms should be seen by a doctor. I'd rather not go to a walk in clinic for possibly hours if it seems to not be serious. Also, are there any suggestions to help with pain, aside from avoiding thinking such as doing my Uni. asssignments. With my other injuries I don't recall anything aside from Tylenol & the usual.
Avatar f tn Getting older does = comprehension loss. It also causes hearing loss in the higher frequencies, which is needed for good language comprehension. Age, well I don't know your age, so I can't really tell you if that is a determining factor. Head trauma.... depending on your age, that may be it. In other words if you are 28 and have a hearing loss, I'd say that is head trauma related.... If you are over 60 it could be age and a history of head trauma.
Avatar m tn On Saturday (Today is Monday), I was playing basketball and as I went in to go for a layup I was elbowed on the left side of my head. I finished the play and did not have any loss of conciousness, did not fall down, and just had some pain in the head from the blow. Following that I noticed ringing in one of my ears, that lasted a few seconds, and a slight headache began to develop that was no generalized to a specific area, but rather kept feeling pain in different areas of my head.
Avatar f tn One is, I have directional hearing loss. I hear things outside and inside my house, for example, and I have no idea from what direction they are coming and sometimes no idea how close the sound is to me.
Avatar f tn All the problems that go with a concussion. Anyways I have been to 3 neurologists and the last one finally said post concussion, I finally had my 3 year headache diagnosed as a chronic paroxysmal hemicrania and am on meds for it. Now I have sleep problems, I sleep to much. At least 4 naps a day, uncontrollable need for sleep. I went to a sleep study and have not heard the results yet. My question is, could this really be post concussion syndrome? does it last 3 years?
Avatar f tn but not necessarily Meniere’s. My question is do you think it is Meniere's since I have no hearing loss? I also have pulsating tinnitus (not ringing) with a very distinct heart beat which I have read is not related to Meniere's. I really do not want it to be Meniere’s and he knows that. Now I am having some dizziness still. Yesterday my head was killing me when I woke up from laying on it exactly where I had hit it when I fell and the pulse was extra loud in that ear.
Avatar m tn Like something in the top centre of my head trying to burst out which is tender to touch, some ear discomfort, ringing and slight loss of hearing at times, Back of neck is sore and glands are swollen and sore (Do have a viral sore throat at the moment) Also some lower back pain and the numb tingling sensation is down my left arm and leg, feels heavy & weak but I have no trouble walking, no stumbling or dropping things.
Avatar f tn I saw an ENT yesterday that also performed a hearing test and determined that I had some hearing loss more on the higher frequency sounds. Everything sounds musled and the ringing is so loud it is very hard for me to consentrate. I am even scared to drive or leave the house because It's hard for me to determine where sound is coming from. I was told that I have tinnitus and they were not sure if it would get better or not.
Avatar n tn In addition, he has permanent hearing loss in both ears. The question is whether the headaches are causing the hearing loss or not? So far after this last episode there is no further hearing loss. It's currently moderate/severe but he can hear at nearly 100% WITH hearing aids. Also, he said he did not have any pain with the symptoms, just dizziness and vomiting. If this story sounds familiar to anyone PLEASE let me know. We are still looking for answers and treatment.
Avatar f tn I feel like a blog hog today but was really interested in knowing if anyone had symptoms related to their hearing or ears? Pain? Tinnitus? Hearing loss? Unilateral or bilateral? Thanks again.
587778 tn?1261400718 I find myself leaving notes for myself to help me stay on track. Yesterday, I experienced a severe headache, nausea, hearing loss, and difficulty hearing that I described to my family as being the same as how I felt when I was hospitalized. I am very scared because most of the details that I have written were obtained from my families input. And it is taking me quite some time to post this.
8327816 tn?1397690221 You should be seen by an ENT (Ear Nose Throat specialist) right away to diagnose the cause. Prompt medical attention is critical with sudden hearing loss.
Avatar m tn Hi, I wonder if anyone has heard of or had experience of using epilepsy drugs in connection with post concussion syndrome? I had a bad fall on the head 5 months ago and am still suffering from persistant skull pains at the back of the head and neck area. My neurologist prescribed me with a drug used in connection wioth psychosis/depression (unfortunately I can't remember what they are called) at 10mg.
Avatar f tn Still, I feel I should name anything that might be related. The other thing, and this comes and goes... is hearing things. Sometimes I would hear a radio or tv on in another room, but when I told the kids to turn off the tv and go to bed, they'd tell me there wasn't anything on. This happened so often, they're convinced I'm completely nuts now.
8327816 tn?1397690221 You should be examined by an ENT specialist to see if there is perforation of the ear drum. Usually this is the cause of hearing loss following a slap. Your specialist may prescribe medications to help heal the eardrum. If this does not help then you may need an audiometry test. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar f tn The injury can be in form of contusion or hemorrhage or damage to the nerves. Please discuss this with a neurologist. If the loss is due to concussion, there is a chance that the sense of smell will come back. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn I too have suffered a concussion to back of head and 0% smell taste. I miss smell the most, everything seems so flat. It's been only a month for me, I have hope for all of us..
Avatar n tn Wow.. I'm sure nothing I could offer here would be something that you and your colleagues haven't thought of, but I'll throw out my thoughts even though they were most likely the first thoughts of everyone else. You describe the symptoms of syncope - loss of sufficient blood flow to the brain with dimming, graying and distorted vision. Clearly the drop attacks did not have such a warning. I also gather there was no ensuing headache.
604197 tn?1292308636 My brother is suffering from a TBI as we speak he to has a problem with taste and smell. I have read that some meds can cause this. Is anybody with these problems still on meds of any kind???? I hope and pray that all of you will recover to the fullest extent. It is a very tough and trying time.
Avatar f tn Hi All 8 weeks ago I had an accident, and fell down my stairs at home backwards - had a nasty bump to the head - suffered with headaches for days and still suffering dizzy spells even now and tingling in my left hand - had a head scan - normal , but complete loss of smell and taste which bothers me the most - only able to sense sweet/sour/bitter on my tongue, but no flavours.
451975 tn?1372332199 anything to get the blood flowing that won't start the cycle of balance loss, nausea, visual interferences/loss, super sensitivity to light/noise, etc. Yes, lets keep in touch. I wonder how many people have lost such huge chunks of their lives to this phantom illness that doctors really want to call, 'depression', 'trauma repression', anything other than, 'brain disorder'.
Avatar n tn I slammed my whole right side off the door and ever since I've been experiencing the same deal. Loss of strength throughout my entire right side, ear aches and hearing difficulties in my right ear, and all the muscles on the right side of my face seem to not work as well as before. When I lift my head up and down my back right neck muscle shakes and feels as though my left neck muscle is doing all the work.
Avatar n tn Hi, okay I'm wondering what you think about this: In 2002, I had a head injury that resulted in a concussion. It happened because I was out in the wind, standing in my car door, and my car door slammed shut into the left side of my head at the temple, and then my head "bounced" from the door's impact and hit the frame of my car right at the right temple. For three months, I could hardly stay awake, had memory problems, vision problems, depression, coordination issues, etc.
Avatar n tn Hence, it is important to get a MRI done or a repeat CT as the neurologist advises. The progressive loss of hearing and vision can also be due to benign intracranial hypertension (raised CSF pressure). Please consult your neurologist regarding this possibility. Take care!
Avatar n tn By his actions that night i think he got hit so hard he had a concussion. The next couple days he conplained of pain and slight loss of hearing. Things sounded muffled in the ear he got hit. That healed in a few days. Now 2 weeks later he has a marble sized lump that he says is very painful and to me feels hard. Any ideas of what is going on? he doesnt want to go to the drs.
582396 tn?1259867089 Hopefully they will be removing it on Nov 19. 2) Neck - neuro and Dr. Paul are examining post-concussion issues related to the loss of the curve and muscle/tissue damage. Focus here will be physical rehab and/or injections and/or surgery. (Nate's curve is not only gone, his neck actually curves the wrong way when he bends his neck forward or backward.) 3) Lower back - pinched disc b/t C4 and C5; could be causing leg weakness and pains in left abdomen area.
Avatar f tn i need to get some help i have been to so many doctors and no one could help me but tell me time and i am just tired of hearing it i want to be able to get some kind of therapy- i just want my taste and smell back i dont even want to live anymore it is bad- i fell on my head last december will be a year- could anyone recommend any special clinics i could go to????
Avatar n tn Hi there, I have recently been diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome, and many symptoms mimic MS. I also have hearing loss in both ears, since my early 20's. Hmmm??? I hope he feels better soon. Make sure you have a good neurologist examine him and look at all of his tests. My neurologist says that some people suffer from concussions for over a year. We have a doctor here in the forum named Quix, she may be able to help you with your questions.