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9776112 tn?1406080261 Any Virginia moms to be?? I'm In Virginia Beach... girl how about u??
Avatar f tn I'm in Virginia Beach, due August 29 with a boy! Can't believe there's only 8 more weeks to go!
Avatar f tn From Virginia Beach Virginia moved to Atlanta Georgia had my first son . now I'm back I. Virginia. Don't like it here plan on going back when I have my second son .
Avatar f tn 35 weeks +3 an i really wanna go on vacation with my kids an family to Virginia Beach we live in Ohio but it's a 6 hour drive I wanna go so bad I've never been anywhere what should I do
Avatar m tn Hi. I grew up near D.C, but currently live in Virginia Beach. When I was given my diagnosis I researched near by specialist. What I decided was to go to Johns Hopkins. I see Dr. Judy Huang (pronounced Wong). Of course she's part of a large group, but she is who I go to. I trust & feel very comfortable with her (I work in the Operating room, I'm very picky with my selection). She did my decompression last year.
Avatar f tn He is very gentle and I had a quick recovery. I was at Virginia Beach about 5 days after surgery and touring Plantations. Just google his name and you will find his site. I know his price went up but not by much. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Me and my boyfriend are planing on having sex but when I look down their I see my Virginia is saggy and one of my fanny flaps is bigger then the other one. Ive asked my friends and their not the same . Is that normal? So here are my two questions; 1) during sex will he feel my bigger flap? 2) is it normal to have a saggy fanny that's quite big?
Avatar f tn i live in virginia beach, virginia and we have tons of vets but no-one has an mri machine to diagnose a pets problem, unless its a secret. i've lost my 2 beloved companions due to this problem.the vets make gigantic amounts of money, but instead of buying equipment that we the owners would give anything to have, they'd rather re-model their offices with expensive things that ,we don't give a hoot about.