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Avatar f tn Have 3 large polyps on right side of colon got to have surgery is there any concerns?
577395 tn?1277401364 He had his 1st colonoscopy yesterday. The doctor removed multiple polyps and didn't remove, biopsied 2 polyps. Biopsy results will be ready Aug. 14. Looking at the report makes me realy scared, that he might have colon cancer. Can you please look at it and give me some insight. Really appreciate your help! Any additional information will help. What scares me the most in the reort is Hepatic Flexure.
Avatar f tn I am scheduled for surgery to remove two pre-cancerous polyps that could not be removed during colonoscopy as one is too large and flat and one is ulcerated. They are close to each other allowing one resection. HOWEVER, the two surgeons I have consulted with both say the same thing: that they will remove the appendix, cecum, ileum cecal valve, some lymph nodes in that area and, I believe, some blood vessels (a curtain).
974371 tn?1424653129 Have a friend that is about 82. He had surgery fop or colon cancer about two years ago. He has been on some type of Chemo and oral meds since. Was told on one CAT scan, it was stable. Last CAT scan showed rumors had gotten bigger. I don't have many details. The doctor has stopped the Chemo and Cancer meds. Said he discussed it with some board and no other treatment suggested. I find this hard to believe! Can't they do surgery again to remove the rumors?
Avatar m tn Hi. We have FAP in our family so I can relate to all of this. You don't need to have your rectum removed and it's good that you have gotten more than one opinion on this. AFAP rarely involves the rectum. You have the attenuated form which is better than FAP, it allows you more time before needing the inevitable surgery. My sons had their colons removed at 12, and 16, and my grandson at 10. Are you working with a geneticist?
Avatar n tn I started in 1992 when I discovered the polyps and removed the colon, had 1997 perforations and fistulas and more, almost died that time during operation just like him with respiratory failure and all for 5 days and not able to come back, 9 weeks no food other than IV, had a miracle on the 7 day and had been fine since then with no more complications, had gastric polyps that they used to call just gastric polyps until just now, this last month my polyps have gone crazy, my stomach is now innum
1703392 tn?1307450500 How frequent will be determined on the size of polyps and their growth rate that they find. Generally, polyps less than 1.5cm in size are easy to resect endoscopically. Anything larger than that will be at higher bleeding risk - which happened to me before and I had to be admitted to hospital thru ER for bleeding control & monitoring. In fact, even if my polyps were benign, I'd still end up in OR b/c of the hemarrhage.
Avatar m tn There are studies to show that there is a slight chance of increased risk of colon cancer after gall bladder removal. However, the risk of colon cancer can be prevented by avoiding processed red meat, limiting red meat to no more than 12-18 ounces per week, eating plenty of fiber-rich foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Hello, Some of the polyps are cancerous. These include adenomatous polyps and familial adenomatous polyposis. In these, after removal, it is recomenneded to get check colonoscopy done after 1-3 years. So you can get it done after 1 year. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar m tn Polyps in the GB, just like polyps found in the colon or almost anywhere in the body, are now considered to be a problem that can lead to development of cancer. In the past docs used to 'watch them' and if they were seen to grow then the GB was removed. But the most recent recommendation is now 'if a polyp is present, remove the GB.' Removing the GB can cause some issues due to an inability to digest fats in the manner one did prior to the surgery.
3171100 tn?1344114475 Desmoids are very rare with this disease but anyone who has FAP or AFAP should be checked after removal of the colon for the growth of one because trauma such as surgery to remove the colon is what triggers them. There is an FAP Group on Facebook that offers a wealth of knowledge on FAP, and you will meet the nicest people who all share their stories and it's very comforting, educational and supportive....I think you would really benefit from it.
Avatar f tn What are my options other than full surgery? Should I be concerned about the Small Intestine, too? If I do have the surgery, what are the chances that I'll get UC in the next section? Thank you for your help.
Avatar f tn We have FAP in our family and from what I know adenoma polyps and the sessile serrated are only different in shape, both are pre-malignant and need to be removed. In our family thousands of polyps carpet the colon and removal of the colon is their only hope. I lost a husband, brother-in-law, son and grandson to FAP, I would much rather have been dealing with a sessile. So long as you remain vigilant with your scopes, you will be fine. Take care.
Avatar n tn 7 years ago my husband was diagnoised with colon cancer, because of complications he has undergone 6 different surgeries and now has only his small intestine left. On June 9th he had an endoscope and which showed that his stomach from top to bottom is full of polyps. There were sever biopsies performed and they came back non cancerous but the Dr. said that he would not attempt to do surgery on my husband because he would have to remove the whole stomach.
Avatar n tn I had a first colonoscopy and a routine endoscopy last week where they removed 2 small polyps from my colon. For 4 days after I had unbelievable pains like labor and could not expell gas. I went to the doctor who did the proceedure the 5th day . He felt my stomach and said I probably had an infection! He prescribed 2 antibiotics. Cipro and Flaygl. I had Cipro before so ok but after reading the potental side effects of the other I decided not to take it.
Avatar n tn Cowgirl, it may depend on the size and positioning of the polyps. As you know, polyps are viewed as precursors of cancerous states when they're found within many organs. In the past, gallbladder polyps were considered to be problematic when they grew to a 'certain' size. I believe the newest recommendations are now suggesting that no matter what size the GB polyps are that the GB be removed. But removal may depend on what your doc's experience is with those form of polyps.
Avatar m tn My doctor could not complete the colonscopy due to my long colon. (I have a tortuous colon.) Here is my problem - he saw 3 polyps, but could only reach 1 of them to remove. He wants me to return for another optical colonoscopy, where he will "put me all the way under" (anesthesia), then attempt to remove the other 2 polyps he saw, then attempt to look at the rest of the colon and remove any more polyps. I am scared.
Avatar n tn I am 29 and have asthma. I had surgery six weeks ago for the removal of my polyps. I was told they are already growing back. I have taken every medication possible (steroids, antibot's and sprays). Is there anything else I can possibly try? I am so upset about this. I have lost two jobs and have no hope of ever feeling better. Nothing seems to work. I have chronic sinus infections constantly and horrible headaches that never go away. Please help!
Avatar n tn I had my colonoscopy today and he said he found 2 polyps in the sigmoid colon and biopsy a thickened fold in the sigmoid colon. Also said I have Diverticulosis of the sigmoid colon. Does anyone know what this means?
Avatar f tn for the last 10 yrs my doctors have kept me cancer free, recently i saw a genetic doctor and she says i have been very lucky so far, i have attenuated fap and it is recommended that i have surgery to remove my entire colon.
Avatar f tn I'm 32 years old and I was diagnosis with familial adenomatous polyposis and I have many polyps in my colon I'm suppose to have surgery and I was wondering how long do it take it to turn into cancer.
Avatar n tn Lately i battle bouts of severe diarrhea at times and then a couple days later i will battle with severe constipation. No early signs of early colon cancer in family just some polyps in uncles and father who are in their 50's. Alcohol really tends to make my problem alot worse along with my horrible diet and heavy chain smoking probably are not helping the problem either. Thanx.
Avatar n tn My aunt undergone with gall bladder surgery after identification of polyps in her recent ultrasound reports.. After surgery the gall bladder has been removed and surgeon told us that he couldn't seen any polyps in gall bladder during surgery and sent it to lab for more clarification. Lab reports also narrates no polyps found in gall bladder. Please advise on the above matter.
Avatar n tn The other possible causes are rectal polyps, colon polyps, diverticulosis (outpouchings from the bowel wall), inflammatory bowel disease (IBS, Crohn's, Celiac, ulceative colitis), or dysentery. Since I cannot examine you and know other related conditions you may be having, nor is a detailed history possible on net, I have listed the various possibilities that should be looked into. Please consult your treating doctor. Take care!
Avatar n tn ) in the gall bladder as per ultrasound report. doctor suggested removal of gall bladder.please guide me about whether i have to go for surgery or any other treatment is available. will there be problems after removal ob gall bladder. please advice me. thanking you.
Avatar n tn He feels that because of the 6 surgeries that my husband has already had for colon cancer, colon perforation and colon obstructions that his intestine is not functioning properly and it could be caused from nerve damage due to the numerous surgeries. The dr. is now trying him on a regement of Florastor and Aligin to replace the good antibotics in his intestine. I ask the dr. also about Familial Polyposis and he said he did not think that was what my husband had.
Avatar m tn rick there is no easy way of answering this question for i had colon polyps also my was full of ""CANCER"" if the dr. (ob-gyn) had not told me to get a test done i would not be here with my family i was 32 yrs.. at the time,,the gastro.dr. said i was the youngest that he has ever had that had polyps and full of cancer..
Avatar m tn I was really hoping to wake up to good news and a clean bill of health. Instead, he found 20 small polyps. My heart sank. 16 of these were in the ascending colon. I was still groggy, and I need to have a follow up visit after the biopsies come back, but he said it’s possible I may have to have that part of the colon removed somewhere down the line. Has anyone else had a problem with polyps like this? I am at the very beginning of researching this.