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Avatar m tn I think it depends on the type of enema. Using enemas frequently for constipation can cause your rectum to "forget" how to have a bowel movement naturally. Using enemas for "colon cleansing", I believe is not good, because your colon doesn't need any cleansing, it does this itself.
Avatar m tn just a question, I was at GNC today and saw a product for colon or gastro cleansing. Has anyone used these, does it work and is it healty?
Avatar n tn If colon cleansing was beneficial, why wouldn’t our doctors order them?
1387175 tn?1326400997 We have an hereditary colon cancer in our family, and my children from puberty, had to have them yearly, and they had no issues with it except for the prep. Different doctors use different things for cleansing the colon for the procedure. This ends up causing you to go to the bathroom many times the night prior to your procedure, but it's just to make sure your colon is clean so they can get a good view of it.
Avatar n tn My adult daughter has spina bifida and apperars to have a blocked lower colon. She excavates herself and can feel stool that she can not reach. She is having leaking around it. We are on vacation and wonder what we can do to help her. It is ruining her vacation. Thanks for your help This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/362158'>Chronic diahrrea + blocked transverse colon</a>.
Avatar m tn The DR finally called and scheduled an appointment in 8 days and said to use Miralax only. So now I have another 8 days to go to see what's next.
Avatar f tn he told me that I could use miralax and gatorade and it would be fine..I mean really I got the bathroom anywhere from 2 to 7 times a day, the prep is all I need to push me over the I am hoping that I will be able to tolerate the prep and the colonoscopy will go fine. A couple of other things, I do take things over the counter to attempt to slow down this condition..
Avatar n tn I have been doing the Fiber thing (which too much makes the gas get trapped in the colon even worse and the pain is god aweful)..
Avatar m tn Well the gallon of apple juice seems to be a bit much! If you are taking the Miralax and Benefiber, things should get back to normal real soon. It does take a few days for your colon to get back to normal after all that stimulation to get it cleaned out, but it will get better. Just stay the course and if you begin to have a issues contact your doctor to ask if you need the Benefiber. You do need the Miralax and it's not habit forming.
Avatar m tn I just was diagnosed with a tortuous colon after months of agony from constipation and a lifetime of general gastrointestinal issues. I'm only 31 and would prefer not to have surgery...I heard it is very risky and last resort only. I've been told to take Colace and Miralax. I'm still having issues, although not nearly as bad as before I started the Colace. Some days or half days I'm fine and then back to the pain again. What are some other remedies people have tried?
Avatar f tn ve been worrying about colon cancer, so is this because of the miralax or something worse like cancer? It started becoming really pencil thin and short, and has been for the last 3-4 days (while taking the 2 capfuls of miralax). I know it's not an obstruction since I had an x Ray at the ER today and he said he didn't feel anything hard or mass like when feeling my stomach. I said my stools were thin, and he didn't really say anything about it.
Avatar f tn This is going to be late for you, but you should never take liver cleansers while taking medication. What you're describing is a combination colon/liver cleanse. Milk thistle and yellowdock, for example, are liver cleansers, and could theoretically wash some of the medication out of our system, as the body sees virtually all medication as toxic.
Avatar m tn t work with miralax and that what people use with megacolon cats, miralax needs water and plenty of for it it to work, miralax increases the water content in the stool getting it from other parts of the body and it is not increasing the stool size which is the problem with megacolon cats. Therefore in my opinion and experience dry food it's not going to work with megacolon.
1378071 tn?1313420821 Has anyone tried the ACIA / COLON cleansing pills, drink whatever.... they say the fat just comes right off?!?! Comeon now... Does that really work, im trying to get opinons before i try it!!!
Avatar f tn Get your husband some Miralax to soften his stools so they are easier to pass. You may have to play around with the dosage a bit but that's okay. You can also go to your pharmacy and ask them what they would recommend. Miralax works very well and I feel it will give him some relief and he may want to keep using it to maintain easy bowel movements. I'm so sorry for the bad news you received, my thoughts and prayers are with both of you.
433485 tn?1321813390 Hi. I was in the er 2 days ago due to bad pain in my llq. I had a colon resection 4 years ago and was told the last time this happened to not monkey around with the pain and go to the er. Well it turned out that I was backed up with stool all the way to my stomach! I am in Pain management and take 15 mg of percocet a day. I have bowel movement, 2 or 3 every day, but sometimes I will miss a day. When that happens I take miralax.
Avatar f tn If by chance you ever need to have your colon removed, you will not have to have a bag, you can have a J-Pouch which means they remove your colon, attach your small intestine to it and your small intestine acts as your colon. My son has this. You are wise to keep getting others opinions on this. MD Anderson in Texas is world renowned for their works with this, so if the Mayo can't help, try them. However, the Mayo Clinic is excellent and I'm happy to see you going there.
Avatar f tn However, I talked to an herbal doctor and he suggest an all natural digestive assistant called ACOG Colon Cleanse. It is also called ACOG Herbal Master Body and Colon Cleanse. He recommends it to all of his IBS and constipation patiens. I'll tell you, this stuff really works and I found that it not only helped my digestion, but it also keeps me at a good weight.
Avatar n tn I take Miralax and have Gastroparesis. I can't have a BM without the Miralax!!!! It has truly been a God sent to me! I have a spastic colon and, well needless to say the Miralax is the best tasting, no side effect product out there!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!! My daughter who is 12 (almost 13) takes it occasionally (only a half cap full) when she's stopped up. I've tried just about every other "helper" out there on the market and Miralax is by far the best!
Avatar f tn A cleansing diet would be rearranging your entire diet, for a short time or forever, to emphasize cleansing toxins out of your colon, liver, and other organs. The reason you read about fasting a lot is that it's the best cleansing diet there is -- you take in no toxins while your body has the opportunity to clean itself out in the meantime. How long to fast is controversial, but when first starting out it's usually recommended to do one day, then move on later to two, etc.
451343 tn?1256250831 t take over night to get myself in this position, all though it sometimes feels like it happened over night. just want to feel normal what ever that is. wondering about colon cleansing. i have some colon cleansing formula. wondering if i should wait to take them or what. i just feel like invasion of the body snatchers. i want my body back. i let those damn pills rob my body of sooooooooooo much. feeling a bit like a failure. im sure that will pass.
Avatar n tn Miralax is perfectly safe. It just draws water into the colon making it easier for you to go...I have taken it daily for several years now without any problems. You might use prune juice if you'd prefer, but this will cause more gas then the miralax. My uro/gyn said either one is ok...but I find the miralax agrees with my system better then the prune juice and I know for me that backed up stool is much more toxic then miralax!
433485 tn?1321813390 Hi. I had a colon resection on Jan of 2008. Long recovery, not as short as I thought it would be. Here is my question/problem: I had a colonoscopy in Dec. of 2008 and was told that I have a hypertrophic colon ( thickening of walls) due to all of the episodes of diverticulitis that led up to the surgery. Now I am experiencing what my doc calls spasms. Horrible pain and bloating. He prescribed Bentyl, which works sometimes, but other times I have to rely on pain meds ( at night).