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Avatar m tn anyone have any info on using Clonidine .1 mg for opiate withdrawal systems? Suppose to be a high blood pressure medication, but says it can be used for withdrawal systems too? wondering if it really works?
656243 tn?1231291652 Its essential to know what you are taking something for, the side effects and the beneficial effects and what it should be working on. That's what being an informed consumer is about and how you make the most out of treatment.
214255 tn?1205639236 Signs of depression or fast/slow/irregular heartbeat are rare, but as serious side effects should be reported immediately. [edit] Pharmacodynamics Clonidine is a centrally-acting alpha-2 agonist. It selectively stimulates receptors in the brain that monitor catecholamine levels in the blood.
Avatar f tn I am reluctant to dd in any other pills, but I need some relief. Any experience with this drug? Side effects? Does it actually do anything? Thanks.
Avatar f tn com, Here you will be able to look up any medication and their side effects. It also has a medication interaction checker, Which is very cool as you can enter other medications you may be on or thinking about going on to see if there are any precautions that you may or may not be aware of. You are not required to register to use this web site. Guest users are welcome. Hope this helps with your concerns, sorry for the confussion.
Avatar f tn How long do you normally take clonidine for withdrawal symptoms from Oxycontin and Percocet?
Avatar f tn I had heard it takes 2-3 days for it to start working, and those are the first few days of withdrawal that I can't handle, which is why I started taking it earlier. But the side effects are horrible. STILL not as bad as w/d side effects tho.
Avatar n tn Clonidine may be a blood pressure medication but withdrawal from opiates is more than elevated BP.When someone takes opiates for an extended period of time then stops,the bodys adrenaline/adrenal gland kicks in hard.I have been through this before and the Clonidine did actually help. I am not sure of the doseage given. I do know that Xanax was prescibed along with it and BP was monitored regularly. The best thing for opiate withdrawal is not to lay around and struggle through it.Find a good Dr.
Avatar f tn Hi Your withdrawals will be worse because your brain is trying to deal with coming off two medications, it does not like sudden changes and withdrawal though horrible your brain is trying to heal itself. The brain has been switched off for how many years you have been on them in my case it was eight years. I went cold turkey off effexor due to a stupid Dr changing the type of anti-depressant I was on. I've been off them seven months and counting it has not been an easy ride.
Avatar n tn How does it help, what w/d symptoms does it alleviate, and are there bad side effects or withdrawal symptoms from the clonidine itself if taken for 5 days or so? Has anyone tried it?
Avatar m tn i havent taken it in about 36 hours and im still having these side effects. how long will it take for these side effects to wear off?
Avatar n tn increase in blood pressure, headaches,nervousness and possibly death. will cause drymouth,drowsiness,dizziness,constipation,and sedation. i used this when i went cold turkey( 37 day clean) it really helped alot with the anxietyand nervousness. just dont drink any alcohol with it it takes away the strenght of the clonidine no more than 900 mcg daily for detox of opiates and methadome and for the alcohol and the benzos. hope this helps feel free to ask! if you dont ask you dont find out right!
Avatar f tn I have a medical backround and I'm fully aware of the negative and life threatening side effects of taking this medication, and I'm aware of how much to take and when and ect, but I just wondering if anyone had success with this - Clonidine in pill form. (I really don't think it makes much difference what the form is?) Also I've heard of people taking phenergan for w/d's?? Just want some feedback. I just want to be prepared when I jump into the pit of fire again.
Avatar f tn All of the symptoms you describe are consistent with the use of Tegretol especially in the early stages. As your body becomes acustomed to it, these side effects should dissipate.
228686 tn?1211558307 Everything's tailored to start working after a few weeks, with tons of side effects. So I'd rather not try chantix. I think the patch will do it, but if it doesn't, I'll try it next. I suppose I'm just stubborn. But I used the patch once before and it worked, so... The annoying thing is I never go to doctors. Can't stand them. I think I saw one a year ago, so I don't have one I know that I can go to who knows me. I can't figure it out. Maybe he thinks I want to sell it??? I just don't know.
Avatar n tn Deb- Narcotics (painkillers) effect many people many different ways. One of the side effects, which is odd really, is while the person is relieved of his pain and may even be experiencing a euphoria of sorts, he/she also can become VERY irritable. Not only under the influence of the substance but also when there isn't enough, they've run out etc. I'm an addict and I know this well. Not saying that your husband is an addict.
1762497 tn?1313275819 Then once you get through the worst of it you probably wont want to take the clonidine anymore as it ha its on side effects that make you heavy/lazy/lethargic as hell. I have been kicking methadone/dope for the last two months and it helped me tremendously, but now I'm feeling almost 'right' I don't want that ish.
Avatar n tn If therapy is to be discontinued in patients receiving beta-blockers and clonidine concurrently, beta-blockers should be discontinued several days before the gradual withdrawal of clonidine hydrochloride. Perioperative Use: Administration of clonidine hydrochloride should be continued to within four hours of surgery and resumed as soon as possible thereafter. The blood pressure should be carefully monitored and appropriate measures instituted to control it as necessary.
Avatar n tn I was taking them for about a week. I'm off them now. The only side effects I had from the clonidine was dry mouth, got very drousy (but that helped me sleep, which you cant do during withdrawls) and they can make you dizzy if you stand up too fast. Along with clonidine, I was given Immodium for upset stomach (NEED THAT), Ibruprofen for aches, and a multivitamin. Good luck. Go for it. Let me know if you have any questions!!
Avatar f tn So sorry to hear about your suffering Faye & so frustrated that yet another doctor has apparently just relied on the pharma company info about tramadol. Many of us never took more than the prescribed dose yet suffered significant side effects while on tramadol & withdrawing. You sound as though you are doing well with your taper.
Avatar n tn Opioid withdrawal has many side effects -- insomnia, nausea and diarrhea, dysforia, muscle twitching, and anxiety are the main ones. A low dose benzo, like clonazepam or alprazolam may help with the anxiety, dysphoria.and insomnia during the first few weeks. Clonazepam may also help with the muscle twitching or myoclonus. Nausea and diarrhea can be treated with OTC medication. Sometimes, a small dose of clonidine helps with withdrawal.
Avatar m tn There are tables on the web that you can follow on your own that will help you taper it off with minimal side effects. You must follow those tables faithfully in order to be successful. Another trick you can do is, once you get below 1mg of Suboxone, you can dilute it and then titrate it by half and then by quarter mg. This is the only real way to avoid withdrawal symptoms on your own. I suggest that you look at my blog by clicking on my name, and clicking on “blogs”.
1335947 tn?1275689047 clonadine is a B/P med it is used for its side effects during withdrawals it will give you some relief form the creepy crawly feeling it will also help control the blood presure spikes common with detoxing...also for some it makes you tired this would have been a lot more helpful 5 days ago for you but if your symptoms are lingering it could help ...good luck and God bless....
Avatar f tn i really have only heard of this with people who take methadone because methadone has such a long and strong half life - meaning it attatches to your pain receptors in your brain like super glue, but mine was short lived and i swear it was because of the clonidine helping the withdrawal symptoms, it was severe and intense for about 5-6 hours, by that time i had already taken my full 32 mgs of suboxone and she called in a prescription for the clonidine that i took 3 times a day.
Avatar m tn I am now very concerened by the mental side effects that are to come. When can i expect those to end? 3. How will i feel during the PAWS stage? 4. Is there anything that i can do or take to help with the symptoms in the weeks coming up? 5. Given my addiction level, can you predict how long the PAWS will last? Thanks for all the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Check out this link: Click on "The Recipe." This is an aid for withdrawl symptoms. You can also go to the Family Forum for support and dialogue and answers to your questions. No medical advice just experience. Good luck and hang in there.
Avatar f tn and that is why W/Ds are very tough but then when the W/Ds are gone termendous psychological side effects will be extremely difficult to deal with and will take some professional help to over come.......... His thinking will be heavily distorted, his emotions will be distorted, rational thinking will be very much impared........ Without support from loved ones and a professional addiction counselor is the only way to any type of successful recovery he will desperately need you love and support..
Avatar f tn i have cut all contact with the person i get zydol from, and i have enough left to last me 2 days, i have an appointment with th doctor tomorrow to get help on quitting, i dont know if it would be dangerous for me to just stop completley? if it would have any side effects? i am also on anti-depressants (SSRIS) and am worried that i will get increased blood pressure etc as a result of extreme withdrawal.