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Avatar f tn Hi just wondering if anybody is/has been prescribed citalopram for anxiety and how they got on with it?
Avatar n tn hi, I've been on citalopram for 5 weeks now for my anxiety. I upped the dosage from 20mg to 40mg a week ago but have just been feeling mind numb since. is it possible for the meds to take longer to start working?
4762310 tn?1362169535 Ok , because i was put on seroquel 50 mg and 10 citalopram and where on them for 6 weeks and they did nothing at all, so he upped the seroquel to 100mg and citalopram to 20mg and its been 2 weeks and still nothing , :S
Avatar n tn I started Citalopram 12 days ago. First week I took 10mg, then last Saturday started 15mg. I wondered if people have increased anxiety? I am having just bad restless legs, thoughts racing, but very spacy and forgetful, even though I'm super anxious. I have to take a xanax in the morning and at night to cope. The nausea SE went away, but wondered if this other is normal?
Avatar f tn I was prescribed Citalopram HBR 20 mg and lorazepam 0.5mg for two weeks.. I have never taken any drugs before, and yesterday for the first time I took these medicines. Today when I woke up, I was restless, dizzy and felt like vomiting.. I was so irritable and did not know what to do. I guess I was having anxiety.. The doctor had told me that the meds might show some side effects for a couple of days.. I was ok once I stood under shower, and let myself cool down.
Avatar m tn And how would you know the proper dosage? And how do you know it's really citalopram? Is it stuff you had lying around? Has it expired? This really isn't stuff you can do yourself unless you're a doctor or a pharmacist.
Avatar f tn i just want to know would i stop taking citalopram and start taking wellburtrin, or would i cut the dosage of citalopram down and take the new wellbutrin with it. i really need to change as the weight gain can not go on, i have even considered stopping my medication which would mean having my anxiety and panic disorder back in full force....
1131131 tn?1275112088 I had the same problem with Citalopram (Celaxa). The same symptoms after 2 doses of 10mg. The shaking was so bad I had trouble talking (stuttering), and suicidal thoughts. My doctor took me off them immediatley. I am not talking any meds and it took 5 days for the symptoms to go down to being manageable. I am on Prilosec which I believe interacted with this drug. The doc said no but I found on wikipedia it states ....
4762310 tn?1362169535 I'm a 20 Year old mom , to a 5 year old boy, 3 Months ago I started having bad anxiety attacks, and then for the last 2 months I feel weird all day I dont feel like My self anymore anything I do seems weird when I bring my son to school Outside seems weird Even just being In my house seems weird, Ive Been put on 50 mg of seroquel at night and 20 mg of Citalopram and Its been 4 weeks and a half and I still have not noticed a differents , dose anyone have any suggestions to help I cant keep feelin
Avatar f tn i just feel like im always worried or constantly thinking about something and when i get the one thing solved to where i dont have to think about it i need something else to think taking citalopram dont remember the mg but its a whole and a half a tab at bedtime and i also take what my doctor calls a mood stabilizer trileptal not sure what the mg is on it either but i take it 4 times daily usually two in the am and two before bed..
Avatar m tn I've been taking Citalopram, but my anxiety only seem to worsen. I have a long story of health phobias. I've been referred to a psychiatrist due to my history. Anybody has some helpful tips on how I can cope better? Should I continue with Citalopram?
Avatar m tn Hi people. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with anxiety disorder so was prescribed 10mg of citalopram, took it every morning and it did seem to make a difference but maybe was just a placebo affect. Was on it for 3 weeks the doctors upped it too 20mg. Bern on 20mg for 3 days and dont feel well at all. Got headaches, feel sick, tired. Was wondering could 10mg have been enough to help with anxiety? Also how long will these side effects last?
Avatar m tn of effexor and still have tremendous anxiety. I no longer have the morning sweats but still have anxiety for the better part of the day. Is it common to have that euphoria into the first week while you are weaning yourself off of another drug. does anybody know. I am like you Keith - when does this stuff really kick in?
Avatar f tn Also, since taking the upped dosage, I find that I've been having stronger anxiety attacks and at night, insomnia to the point that I have had ~3hrs or so of sleep/night. Is this common with the upped dosage? Or should I be concerned and contact my GP? Thanks for your time!
Avatar f tn I take the citalopram in the morning. My mornings usually start around 4 am with anxiety and rapid heart beats that make it hard if not impossible to get back or stay asleep. For the next few hours I am jittery and shakey, nauseous, vomiting, and anxious. I have noticed that I seem to feel the best in the evening. I have been wondering if taking the citalopram at night may help. Maybe it would give me a better effect for the chunk of my day, rather then just in the evening.
1228108 tn?1270615559 I've been taking it for about 4 months now, and to be honest I'm not entirely sure that it's doing much for my depression, and i get these random bouts of agitation and anxiety. (I should probably mention that my anxiety issues are pretty much all stemming from an original encounter with Akathisia some 3 years ago brought on by a dose of maxalon). Anyway i think i was feeling more calm and normal on 10mg of citalopram.
Avatar f tn I have been on Levothyroxine for the past 5 years or so, and recently my new doctor increased my dosage from 88mcg to 100mcg, due to my blood work results. I also take Citalopram 30mg for anxiety, and Xanax as needed (rarely). I have been taking the new dosage (100mcg) for about 3- 4 weeks now. I am experiencing a huge flux in anxiety (it was always pretty stable before since I have been on the Citalopram; I haven't had to take Xaxax in over 6 months).
Avatar n tn Does it just make you drowsy and mellow, or does it really reduce your feelings of intense anxiety? I have an anxiety-inducing situtation coming up and don't want to feel sleepy but still freaked out.
Avatar n tn It seems that if one has anxiety without depression then an increase of anxiety is common with these types of meds. If your anxiety is chronic, you might want to check into a med like Klonopin or Valium. Take good care.........
Avatar m tn About 6 months ago I was very constipated so I went to the ER and they did xrays on me and told me I was just constipated from anxiety. I saw my regular doctor and got put on citalopram 10mg. It did nothing for me so I went back recently to up the dosage and also to see why I was getting constipated again. My doctor told me to take 20mg and to add fiber into my diet. I think I went a little overboard will the fiber which made me very gassy and hurt my stomach.
Avatar f tn Dear doctor, I am on citalopram 10mg since 2 weeks. Would like to take something to stop panic and anxiety before flying. Can I take xanax 0.5 mg every four hours for the whole day of travel? I have tried 0.25mg it doesn't do anything for me. Or is Clonazepam better? What dosage would be appropriate for flying? I can ask my doc to prescribe. Thanks.
Avatar m tn And was the Citalopram helping? Me: It’s difficult to say because just at the time they would have been hopefully kicking in I also had to stop taking them because of the pain killers. Dr: Ok well it could be worth trying the Citalaopram again now and see how you get on. Me: Ok. I want to explain a bit more too about the effect it’s having on me. Dr: (waiting) Me: I can’t sleep. I toss and turn at night. Sometimes all night. Other times I over sleep.
Avatar n tn Hi there i hope you can help, im a 39 year old male, have been diagnosed with mild depression and anxiety and have been put on a course of Citalopram Hydrabromide, Ive been on them about a week and the symptoms appear to have gotten worse, i keep thinking my partner is possibly having an affair and am keen to know where she has been all day when i get home, its not fair on her as she has done nothing to cause me any concern, I feel most secure when i am at home with her, i cant sleep or eat prop
Avatar f tn I have health anxiety. My doctor has me on Citalopram and Buspirone to limit panic attacks or anxiety physical symptoms (to try to break the vicious cycle of worrying about those symptoms). I don't have panic attacks and I do have anxiety symptoms but they don't really bother me. I get obsessed with whatever symptom(s) that points to a serious disease. I've been like this since I was 14, almost 17 now.
Avatar m tn I like your phrase ' slowly peeled back the anxiety'. I'm still getting the anxiety but I keep telling myself it will 'slowly peel back' ! I had hoped it would start to kick in but I now know it may take a while. The mornings are worse for me. I do have diazepam to take but try not to too often. I feel rather weak and shattered but I'm sure I will start to feel better soon. Right, I'm off to keep busy and think positive thoughts.
5561272 tn?1370001280 i didnt know this was a side effect of anxiety meds ! :S sorry im no help. ive had citalopram and now sertaline and no side effects thankfully! maybe ur Dr can change the meds?
Avatar m tn No doubt your doctor will have told you to see him again after so many weeks to see how you are getting on with the dosage and whether the dosage needs to be adjusted to suit you. Sometimes one group of antidepressants does not suit and/or does not help sufficiently, the doctor would then consider whether a different type should be prescribed. Only you can that stop yourself from being dehydrated. If you are severely dehydrated, then the doctor would have sent you to the hospital.
Avatar n tn My mother is 77 years old and has been going through depression and has been having anxiety attacks over simple things like leaving the house. She is very tired all the time has lost intrest in many things including eating. She has lost 25lbs in the past year. My mom has been very resistaint to seeing a phycologist. She finally went to her general doctor. He put her on Celexa 20mg a day and told her to take it for 3 weeks and see if it works for her.