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Avatar f tn I'm 33 have had chronic sinusitis since teens. I was referred to an ENT surgeon 4 years ago who has since done a septo and Fess. I've since had 5 further Fess procedures to remove polyps and diseased mucosa from the maxillary sinuses, spenoid sinuses and Ethmoid sinuses. During the treatment i picked up a fungal infection in my sinuese which required surgery to clear and 6 months on medication to clear. I also picked up pnemonia which led them to ask the question re my immune system.
242516 tn?1368227505 org/cgi/content/abstract/134/6/479 When do I need antibiotics for sinusitis, as an adult? Doc! My face hurts on one side and colored mucous is coming out! These are common complaints from adult patients who think they have acute bacterial sinusitis. What people don't know is that it's not common before 7 days of illness, and it's usually best to hold off on antibiotics until symptoms have stuck around for more than a week.
464237 tn?1315674393 It can actually be quite common for a doctor to prescribe Flonase or Nasacort or something of the like for someone with chronic sinusitis, or sinusitis that hasn't gotten better with other methods of treatment. Although, if you're worried about it, feel free to call your pharmacy and ask them. I've called the pharmacist and asked questions about my daughter's medications, and they've always been very helpful and courteous. They are there to help you just as your doctors are.
4243478 tn?1351609842 Hello and hope you are doing well. The painful swallowing and discoloration could be due to candidiasis. It is usually caused by candida albicans, which is a fungal infection. It has a cottage cheese appearance. They can occur as a consequence to throat infection or sometimes steroid inhalers are known to promote their growth. You will needs to consult your doctor for proper assessment. In the meantime you can try warm salt water gargles and betadine mouthwashes.
Avatar n tn I tested negative for VDRL but think i was infected with UTI and a course of Ciprofloxacin treated me well. But after 6 weeks i contracted an allergy like sinusitis were it feels i want to cough all the time but no cough is there. it is relieved by cetrizine. but i am dying of stigma and all if i have the disease. I never had sex before this and I am uncircumsized. I have not developed any fever, neither did i feel my lymph nods swell during first 2 weeksor any other symptoms.
Avatar m tn acupuncture is the BEST way to tackle the pain and pressure in your head from sinusitis; nasal irrigation (twice a day with a salty solution specifically for this purpose using filtered, previously boiled, luke warm water in a special nasal irrigation bottle available from the chemist); and taking Chinese herb combination pills called Clear Sinus available from
Avatar n tn I was wondering where the best place for me would be to find a complete list of medicines I should stay away from with Long QT syndrome. I have a list but it is over 5 years old, and I am in need of a new one! Thank You!
Avatar n tn Also, I've read that oral antibiotics are not always effective for sinusitis. What is your opinion? Also, what is your opinion on 'sinusitis vaporizer treatment' (see link below). I'm wondering if it's worth trying this. thanks a lot!
Avatar m tn Hello . I will be short. I am suffering from post nasal drip for some time now. CT scan says clear sinuse and left lacrimal passage blocked, so no sinusitis. But I got nasal secretion tested and here is the ABG . What course of action is there now. PREZENT stafilococ coagulazo pozitiv - Staphylococcus aureus ANTIBIOGRAMA Benzylpenicillin........................R Oxacilina...............................S Imipenem................................S Gentamicina.............................
Avatar m tn THE USUAL TREATMENTS FOR CHRONIC SINUSITIS The treatment for chronic sinusitis is similar to that for acute sinusitis, at first. Doctors may prescribe antibiotics for 10 to 12 days, and if that doesn’t work, as it rarely does, they may prescribe a different antibiotic for anywhere to 4 to 6 weeks, which is often effective. Sometimes it takes months and even a year of antibiotics to effect a cure.
Avatar m tn i have this problem too. i have searched a solution to this problem for 2 yrs. so far I found the name of the illness. it is called ozena (aka chronic atrophic rhinitis). And it is very difficult to cure. what caused this to happen is unknown but there some theories. first treatment is narrowing down the nostrils and there are other procedures. so these can be done by a surgery. second successful treatment is using ciprofloxacin and nasal washing at least 2 months.
Avatar f tn Allergies, deviated septum, polyp, and problems with the cilia located in the sinuses are commonly responsible for this condition. In chronic or recurrent sinusitis, additional tests such as allergy testing, nasal cytology, sweat chloride (cystic fibrosis) and blood tests for poor immune function are done. Chronic sinusitis should be treated for 3 - 4 weeks including special medicines to treat fungal infections.
Avatar m tn All were in normal range but there were increased pus cells (10-15 / HPF) in urine sample. So we went for culture test and gave 'Ciprofloxacin' for 10 days as suggested by the paediatrist. Again got tested urine sample after 10 days which revealed normal range of pus cells. But now my daughter has a warm forehead and mild fever (99.5 Deg F) almost everyday in the evenings for last so many days. Although she has constant weight (32 Kgs) but getting fatigue with low energy levels.
Avatar n tn The Otitis returned in September, and I had to undergo a second round of antibiotics (Ciprofloxacin) , before it was finally brought under control. However, ever since then I have been left with persistent Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, daily headaches (pressure band across forehead and temples), dizziness, and general malaise and fatigue, with no sign of arriving at a definitive diagnosis. An ENT I visited initially suspected Sinusitis, and I accordingly had a CT scan done.
Avatar m tn random women. I used the same condom for Oral,followed by vaginal sex. I checked the condoms after, with water & squeeze & they were all intact.I dont do drugs or alcohol. I used Durex Ultrathin/trojan, within expiry & well stored. I do have chronic allergic rhinitis/sinusitis since year. Was doing well, when I had a bout of severe sinusitis Dec 4, which resolved on its own, following sex with escort, mid Nov. I started feeling weak, sleepy after that episode.
Avatar m tn I have some of your symptoms and more may be sinusitis and ear infection get your blood tested for white blood cells or antibodies and get allergy test to see if its a allergic reaction
Avatar n tn The Otitis returned in September, and I had to undergo a second round of antibiotics (Ciprofloxacin) , before it was finally brought under control. However, ever since then I have been left with persistent Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, daily headaches (pressure band across forehead and temples), dizziness, and general malaise and fatigue, with no sign of arriving at a definitive diagnosis. An ENT I visited initially suspected Sinusitis, and I accordingly had a CT scan done.
Avatar m tn The Ciprofloxacin was prescribed by my doctor for suspected chronic bacterial prostatitis, he also prescribed me the Metronidazole after I told him I was paranoid that I had Trichmoniasis, though he thought it was unlikely - I think he did it to ease my state of mind. Since being unfaithful my mental state has been poor (v anxious worried I will lose my family if found out) & I did have a week of taking Diazepam to calm me down.
Avatar n tn Now however, he can eat pineapple, eat salty foods and drink orange juice, for the first time in his life. He has had a healthy clear tongue for a year and counting. I would like to see the medical profession research further into the connections with gluten and geographic tongue, as it may well be an early indication of gluten intolerance, a disease that almost killed my son.
Avatar n tn Yes Ciprofloxacin is known for causing tendonitis and even ruptured tendons. I refused to take it because I already have tendonitis. So they didn't give it to me. It should go away since they took you off of it. You need to get lots of rest if you can. They really need to test that Klebsiella to see what it is resistant to. I hope they do. Sorry you still have it. I would get to the doctor now that you can and get them to test you. Sorry you are going through all this.
Avatar n tn He has ulcers in his esophagus and has for about 5 years, no food allergies, no celiac, and all kinds of medication non seem to work ulcers are still there everytime he has a endoscopy. He get sores on his toug so I know he is having problems. He has anxieties problems and I'm starting to wonder if there could be any relation. The Docter says it is acid reflux a special diet and medication have not taken care of these ulcers.
443434 tn?1255894833 I was given Cipro for a simple UTI, I was 36 years old. I was dizzy for three and half weeks, vertigo, nausea, then the ear pressure, spots in left eye, flashes in left eye, short term memory loss, horrible dreams, weak wrists and knees, massive floaters headaches, ears ringing, dry eyes, itching all over, rashes, insomnia, dark spots in left eye, eye pain, blurred vision, sensitive to sound, vitreous detachment happened in left eye and now happening with the right eye.
Avatar n tn I had tonsillitis so my Dr. proscribed the antibiotic Cipro (Ciprofloxacin HCL 500mg). I took it for 7 days around day 5 or 6 I noticed I was getting small red pimply bumps on my chest and neck. I waited hoping they would go away but they just got worse so I called my the Dr. He prescribed Methylprednisolone 4 mg, a low dose steroid that I had to take for 7 days. This caused my rash or hive or whatever to go way. Although 2 days after my 7 day dose was up they came back again.
Avatar n tn In February of this year I got a CT scan and the ENT doctor said I have a severe deviated septum with chronic sinusitis. I was treated for a sinus infection and that was it. I still felt bad so I went to a neurologist. He wrote it off as a vestibular problem. I did vestibular therapy for 2 months with almost no relief. In May when allergy season started, everything got worse. I have had nonstop sinus pressure/pain, headache, dizziness, major eye strain, my face is sore, my teeth are sore.
Avatar n tn I have been smelling exhaust fumes where none exist for about 2 weeks now. I can be in the shower or laying in bed and the smell won't go away, it smells like i'm in an enclosed garage with a gas powered vehicle running. Is this common?, I have never had any allergies.
Avatar m tn In the new test Candida was in normal amount (10^3), only lactobacilli were much lower than normal, and were found ESCHERICHIA COLI HEMOLYTIC (10^7) (it lysed with coli-proteaceae bacteriofag and pyobacteriofag and sensitive to NALIDIXIC ACID, NORFLOXACIN, CIPROFLOXACIN and CO-TRIMOXAZOL) and CLOSTRIDIUM in significant amount (10^6). My Doctor wrote me a prescription for ALFA NORMIX (containing RIFAXIMIN) or CIPROFLOXACIN. I chose ALFA NORMIX. I hope it will work for me and cured my PATM.
Avatar n tn Mometasone Furoate 50 mcg 120d nasal Loratadine 10mg Rifampin 300 mg cap my Gatofloxacin was discontinued by the VA replaced with ciprofloxacin 500 mg twice a day.