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Avatar n tn Do cipro cause vaginal discharge and oder and disconfort in my stomach and back and sluggishness? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Discomfort after taking Cipro</a>.
Avatar m tn Im traveling in mexico and got pretty sick (my best guess is it was 'Travelers Diarrhea' or maybe food poisioning) I went to the pharmacy and got 500mg Cipro pills. I took one and got a horrible headache and vomitted alot. My symptoms seem to be gone however would it be a bad idea to stop taking the Cipro? I know people say you should always finish a course of antibiotics but in this case I dont know if I need them.
Avatar f tn Is that possible if it just smolters, in a manner of speaking. I know I have complained for a very long time about having a constant headache, and is so painful when lying down, I would sleep, if I could, sitting up in a recliner for days at a time. Sinus dripping all the time, and also becoming more intense while sleeping, waking to clear my throat. Also, I am being treated with Cipro, which I just took a round of that for a UT about 2.5 months ago.
Avatar f tn Monday morning the gyn nurse called to say due to culture results, med was being changed to Cipro. 250 mg 2X daily/ 3 days. I am also a brain tumor patient, having had a meningioma successfully resected via craniotomy 5/12/05. Had one "sensory partial seizure" before surgery, one shortly after, none since. No seizure meds since 30 days post-op nearly 2 yrs ago. Also diagnosed Hashimotos hypothyroid 10/05.
Avatar n tn Iam treating a uti with this antibiotic called cipro. I been experiencing odor, vaginal discharge, pain in my back, head, sluggishness lack of energy loss of apitite. Is this normal. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Discomfort after taking Cipro</a>.
867582 tn?1311630997 In 2008, the FDA ordered the black box warning for all fluoroquinolones (which include Cipro). I started taking Cipro before I knew how dangerous it was (I'm over 60 and on aspirin). I had to stop it after the 3rd day because of really bad side effects. I was having to jump out of bed a dozen times at night with industrial-strength Charlie-horse cramps affecting my thighs, my calves.
Avatar m tn It sure seems like it is an infection of some type when I wake up in the middle of the night. He gave me the option of Cipro 500mg twice daily for 2 weeks and I have it now. Haven’t started it yet. I’m thinking since I’m still relatively early in the prostatitis disease process this might help? The Cipro stories scare the crap out of me, but so do the prostatitis stories. Any input is appreciated. I will be sure to update my story as it progresses. Thanks!
Avatar n tn At Easter I had a UTI and went to a ready care to get treated. I was given Cipro. I took it for about 4 or 5 days and had bad hives. I am also allergic to a bunch of other antibiotics. About two weeks ago, i got the UTI back, got pyridium, ibuprophen and macrobid. Got hives from the macrobid and had to stop. Developed horrid migraine with lots of dizziness. I went to the family doc who ordered a urine test, blood work, and gave us zophran. (also had gotton that from ready care.
Avatar f tn Hi Diane, Just finished reading your comments. Product names : Cipro, Ciloxan. Ciprofloxacin, a quinolone antibacterial, is used to treat several types of bacteria resistant to other commonly used antibiotics. It is especially useful for some types of chest infections, and skin, intestinal , and urinary tract infections. Possible Adverse Effects Ciprofloxacin commonly causes nausea and vomiting; other side effects are less common, except when high doses are given.
Avatar f tn It started out being dizzy at night and then progressed to afternoon and now it's all the time. This is accompanied with a headache on the base and top of my head and feels like a ton of pressure in on my head. Then there's the diarrea. That happens about 3-4 times per day. I find that drinking Gatorade helps some but not much. I ate mussels 6 days ago and two of them weren't open. I didn't know you weren't supposed to eat those. I've been to 3 ER's and no one knows what it is.
Avatar n tn The best chance of you becoming headache free is to tackle your headache in several different ways at once - a multidisciplinary approach. THis includes evaluating for neck problems which contirbute to headache and dizziness, headache psychologist, physical therapy to the neck, biofeedback, and medications.
Avatar f tn Had effects during this treatment (worsening of neuropathy, insomnia, headache, terrible muscle pain, several migraines)I am also a brain tumor patient(craniotomy benign meningioma '05).I have Hashimotos hypothyroid diagnosed 10/05. Take synthroid .125. Before Cipro had been on macrobid for 3 days, culture required change of med. I finished the 3 days of Cipro. 3 nights later 2/11/05 out of nowhere, sharp abdominal pains, burping, cramping, bloating,gas,loose stools 3 times this night.
Avatar m tn Our son had what seem like a normal virus with fever, vomiting and headache. All symptoms went away except the headache, which has persisted for a month to the point of excruciating pain 3-4 times a day. He had MRI, CT, lumbar puncture, blood work, etc. All came back normal except positive test for mycoplasma. The first hospital did his lumbar puncture incorrectly causing severe vomiting and spinal headache. That plus all the pain meds (toradol, morphine, atovan, etc.
Avatar n tn The MRI has come out normal, and we will seeing a neurologist soon, but I am wondering if these antibiotics could be supressing anything. He sleeps with a headache and wakes up with a headache. Intensity of headache and stomachache has been increasing over the last few days. Yesterday, we took him to the ER with intense headache and they dismissed it as a cluster headache. I have also noted that sometimes the tummyache subsides after food is taken.
Avatar n tn I'm having an EEG tomorrow and wondering, will the EEG show migraine pattern even if I don't have a headache? I had an accident just before Christmas and totalled my jeep. I had a really bad headache that morning and had taken an Imitrix about 10 minutes before I got into the car, and was searching for the Aleve in my purse with one hand, but watching the road. The next thing I was aware of was that there was something white in front of me.
1328595 tn?1283022049 My symptoms include ear fullness, ear pain, jaw pain, sinus headache, tinnitus, itchy ears, etc. I've seen one ENT and a GP. I was given Naprosyn for my jaw pain. Today I read that NSAIDs (such as Naprosyn) can cause tinnitus. I certainly didn't have the tinnitus in the beginning; it has developed since I've been on the Naprosyn. Now my GP wants to put me on antibiotics for a possible sinus infection that may be causing the symptoms. Well, cipro can also make tinnitus worse.
Avatar n tn I recently switched from Lexapro to Citrolopram. Came down with headache. severe diarehea that lasted for a week. Quit Citrolopram. Doc did several tests for ongoing diarehea--all negative so far. Doc put me on antibiotic Cipro. Severe dizziness but diareaha has stopped. Confused, very Also in the past 18 months had a double masectomy for stage 2b breast cancer, chemo, radiation and reconstruction.
Avatar n tn The doctor treated me for NSU with 7 days of doxycycline. The burning persisted and the doctor treated me with 30 days of cipro. The burning finally stopped 10 days after I finished the cipro. It's been 3 months since the exposure and I've since gone back to my doctor to get tested for HIV and syphilis. Just prior to being re-tested I started to experience nausea, abdominal pain, headache and ear pain. I've been experiencing these symptoms for two weeks now.
Avatar n tn My husband had an absolutely horrible night from these two drugs (Flagyl and Cipro) He had terrible stomach pain and a slight fever and headache and lightheadedness and swelling/rash on his face. Is there anything else he can take that will work without the bad effects? I haven't gave him his dose this morning till I can call the Dr.
Avatar f tn If you require a similar medication ask for Cipro, which has far fewer side effects. You can switch from one to the other. Both are fluoroquinalones. A headache is not a normal presentation with pneumonia.
Avatar m tn The side effects from the CIPRO are giving me a thunderous headache. I was wondering if this has any connection to prostate problems?
Avatar m tn Left eyelid started twitching few days after Cipro treatment. Gradually, I started having tingling in my legs. Also had three panic attacks. diagnosed with borderline hyperthyroidism (TSH 0.32 and FT4 24) and all symptoms were attributed to thyroid problem. The thyroid is back to normal now without any thyroid meds. In the past 8 months, I have been on Wellbutrin (300 mg per day for 3 weeks), Lorazepam (3 mg per day for 3 months) and propranolol (40 mg per day irregularly for 1 month).
Avatar m tn Slight indication of infection/soreness at incisor site prior to cipro. Docs not back till tomorrow, do I not ingest todays dosage?
Avatar n tn In March I was DX'd with prostatitis due to urinary symptoms and pain sitting. Concurrent with 8 weeks of Cipro treatment, the numbnesses began. With Cipro I developed more fasciculations, headache with eye pains and an electric zing feeling LIMITED to my right abdomen when I would bend my neck forward.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have been taking cipro for 10 days due to an urinary track infection. It is 2 days i have finished the medication but the last days of using the medicine and contining today as well i am having blcak stool. I am very concerned as this has never happened before. Can this be a side effect of the antibiotic i was taking? I am experiecing very bad abdominal pains which get worse when i have the bowel movement. Can all these be a side effect of the antibiotic?
Avatar m tn About 7 days ago she gave me oral and swallowed for the first time. Last night her throat became extremely sore and is swollen and was a bad headache and chills. Was my 11 week blood test not conclusive? The girl I was at risk with too tested negative for everything. I've had 2 separate chlamydia tests too urine/swab both negative. No bacteria or white blood cells in urine culture. Can you transmit HIV from swallowing? Is it high risk? Is this all just a big coincidence? Please help.
Avatar f tn Am a boy of 19years old i had am unprotected sex 6 weeks & 3 days ago then after that 6 weeks & 3 days i started seeing symptoms of hiv which include, constant 4 days headache, loss of appitite, fatigue, dry couph, waist pain & some small pinky rashes on my hands, my parents wanted to take me to the hospital but i refused because i know that am hiv positive & they will get to knw of it everyday my headache was geeting stronger until a frnd recommended a tablet 4 me the name of th
Avatar n tn Been to doctor and told about the possibility of STD or infection,Had urine test,said no problem,pus 2-3,1-2 rbc,but recommended cipro which he said to take for a week but I decide to have it for 2wks. After 2wks on cipro,had irritation on tip penis and knees/legs felt weak.Had retest for urine,pus 2-3 and rbc increase 8-10.Doc advice to drink plenty H2O.Thinking of side effects,I stop cipro but took another dose azithro this time 1000mg and amoxicillin for 5 days.
Avatar n tn My wife went to her Gynecologist and all her tests were negative (swab and urine). My doctor prescribed Cipro 2x daily for 1 week which I completed a few days ago. I am considering getting an STD panel from an anonymous testing place to make sure I am cured - what do you think? Would further testing be accurate after my taking Cipro?