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443434 tn?1255894833 I have been to my eye doctors 7 times, and yes, they agree that Cipro can cause floaters and eye problems. It is one of the side effects.
867582 tn?1311630997 In 2008, the FDA ordered the black box warning for all fluoroquinolones (which include Cipro). I started taking Cipro before I knew how dangerous it was (I'm over 60 and on aspirin). I had to stop it after the 3rd day because of really bad side effects. I was having to jump out of bed a dozen times at night with industrial-strength Charlie-horse cramps affecting my thighs, my calves.
Avatar n tn Has anyone used Cipro and found that it stopped constant diahrea that followed a colectomy? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Constant diarrhea after colectomy</a>.
Avatar n tn In the past five years, I've experienced many ups and downs with heart problems, leg cramps and now kidney stones. I just posted a question about my left arm burning with swelling from the wrist and thumb. I placed a couple of ice cubes in a bag within a napkin to alleviate the swelling and burning; it just turned red and the tightness seem to be worse. I am also experiencing severe leg pains especially when I walk down the stairs or getting out of a car.
Avatar n tn I think the combination of Cipro and tapazole might be synergizing the muscle cramps. Can tapazole cause muscle cramps? If it does, I want to stop taking tapazole because I need to finish the Cipro course for the pneumonia. If I do stop, can I stop all at once or by some sort of taper? My FT4 is now 1.01, but my TSH is still only 0.01.
1393505 tn?1280167894 Has anyone else heard anything where labs are typically not showing an abnormality other then diverticulitis and perhaps a polyp removed post colonoscopy where suddenly horrid leg cramps or urinary burning is the result. If anyone has suggestions I'm open to whatever advise one might offer, these cramps are so bad my legs feel bruised for days after when an episode occurs.
Avatar n tn I feel quite sure this is a symptom of it, but with the pain I am having in that leg at the hip and the vibrations down the leg, I need relief, not diagnosis. I am already taking arthritis medication, though it appears that may need to try another type to address this issue. I am also taking over the counter Glucosamine and chronditin, which are combined supplements that are suppose to help regenerate the cartilage around the joints that causes osteo-arthritis.
Avatar n tn It appeared at first to be some other infection and I was given Cipro, then later Acyclovir and it cleared up. 2 mos.later I had urinary trouble, retaining urine, and have had ever since to varying degree. Had a cystoscopy showing probable prostatitis. I started two months of Cipro. I got numb in left leg lasting a day, limbs falling asleep, electrical sensations (including shocks when I bent my neck), spots in my vision. These would come and go.
Avatar n tn Have you checked what drugs did you take the months before the onset of your pain? Many medicines (some antibiotics like cipro and levaquin, statins, inmunodepressive agents and others are known to cause the disorders that you show). Also, check what other chemicals you are exposed to during your leisure time and at work. Just to rule out an intoxication.
1475492 tn?1332887767 Insomnia, vision changes and eye problems, headaches, shakes, chills, fevers, numbness, burning, tingling, electric shock feelings, neck pain, muscle and joint pain, jerking and twitching of limbs and muscles, restless leg syndrome, spasms, cramps, fatigue, muscle weakness, balance problems, abnormal anxiety, depression, acid reflux, etc. Any one person will not have every single symptom. Everyone's symptoms differ in severity, the number of symptoms and what body systems are affected.
Avatar n tn Leg, arm, hand and face spasms... mainly wrist. calf muscle cramps... but I am VERY inactive. pain in wrists and forearms and the twitches are not constant and usually not in the same place. I am VERY scared it is ALS or another terminal illness. Can a pinched back nerve cause all this? Could a sinus infection cause the facial spasms? Thank you for your time...
Avatar n tn I was convinced that I would be in a wheelchair or something by the following week, but no, it just waxed and waned and was better by the following week, then it would be my wrists or upper arms twitching, again followed shortly by muscle pain and I'll say 'perceived' weakness in my right arm, as when I had my right arm and left leg checked out by EMG and nerve conduction studies about 8 weeks later (about july) everything was normal as per usual.
Avatar f tn I have constant grinding, popping, and cracking sounds in my joints all over my body, especially in my neck, very badly in my shoulders, my back, jaw, elbows, wrists, knees and hips. It does not usually hurt but my muscles and joints hurt and seem to be tense, weak and stiff. Can anxiety cause all of these CONSTANT symptoms? This problem is effecting my life and my relationships and I just want to feel normal and like my old self again.
Avatar n tn At first I spotted for two weeks the first two months I took Yaz then I had no period at all. Yes it helped my cramps and back aches. But I'll gladly take some advil instead, and I'd rather have a period instead of not fitting into my clothes, I go to the gym 3 times a week, so after reading your info I understand the weighted gain. I also have noticed the anxiety more and more with each month.Good luck girls. Not the pill for everyone!
Avatar n tn I also had a viral infection and rash in the fall of 2001 and shortly after experienced internal vibrations, pins and needles pain, cramping, footdrop and intense pain in my left leg and foot. Sorry, to say these symptoms have worsened and my quality of life is impaired since I have problems, walking and with balance and coordination, besides weakness. Like most people experiencing neuro symptoms, mine are also worse in the evening and night.
Avatar m tn - I have tried hosiery and didnt help E) How long did you try acupuncture for? I know I had a tingling place in my leg when the needle was put in to a certain acupuncture point in my left leg. It took a really long time of treatments for that tingling to go away (while treatments continued, I think it's back now). - I tried this 3 different times with multiple visits. I did try to intense version where they make the muscle fire and the times just normal thanks a lot for the questions!
Avatar m tn Not happy with the diagnosis I went to my primary care, which diagnosed me with Chronic Prostatitis. Put me on Cipro for 2 months and didn't set me free from antibiotics until I had no appetite anymore, to realize the diagnose was probably wrong. Then I noticed my stool started to come out flat. Not ribbon like, but no round as before. No blood, no pain during the bowel movement. I sometimes feel some pain on the left side of my buttock, and the pain tends to go down to my leg.
Avatar n tn Mine started end of August with a weird feeling in my left arm and leg. Not weak but it felt kind of heavy. I had this years ago and it ended up being nothing. I had an MRI of the brain and cspine and it showed nothing at that time. Sometimes I, too, get a single pin ***** feeling in various parts of my body and i get this buzzing feeling in the bottom of my left foot. My left leg seems to be most affected with a varying amount of sensations.
Avatar n tn The whole area from my upper right hip down to mid right leg and across to my start of my left was numb and tingled. I soon noticed that the clench i do to end peeing seemed weak, and then noticed my erections too were weak, at first it was ED now its a stamina problem. Within a month most of that incident was gone except most of the symptoms described above. I've seen a doc twice but they all say it must be a muscle problem because they can't find a hernia.
Avatar n tn This pain would intensify which would cause me to wince in pain and then release and then repeat all over again every 5-10 seconds for about a minute. This pain did not radiate anywhere but only within a specific point. Then this same stabbing sensation occurred half way up to the first knuckle of my right middle finger about 30 minutes later. Then immediately following this finger pain I felt pain in my right foot at the joint of my middle toe.
Avatar n tn I too had some stomach virus as was described above about 4 years prior to onset of the leg cramps. I am sitting at the computer now and my legs are absolutely killing me. Help!
Avatar n tn Ughhh dont get me started on Levoquin or Avelox and Cipro. Dreadful Antibiotics and they should be taken off the market.. I only took one Avelox and experienced some alarming side effects.levoquin was a littel easier but after 5 days i could hardly get out of bed because i hurt so much and the nightmares where just alarming.Ok nothing to do with Menopause i know..sorry..I,m also going through Meno and my skin has gotten very dry and kinda saggy... Miserable isnt it.
Avatar n tn but no stone in ureter so they said that probably i had a pubalgy, I went home and took anti inflamation piils that were nice for pain.
Avatar n tn It swells on a daily basis and feels as though there is a 20lb weight wrapped around my leg. At night it is very difficult to fall asleep because the pain is more pronounced trying to relax. My doctor has yet to come up with a cause/treatment. Now, I'm experiencing this same burning & tearing in the outside of my left foot, real close to the ankle bone. This is always in pain since I bend my foot to move and walk. The pain has begun moving into my calf. I found this forum quite by chance.
Avatar n tn However, there is validity to the premise that pain will actually keep you alive longer, and it's always an ongoing challenge to find the balance of pain and/or anxiety control. Remember, too, that acute co-morbid events, ie: coronary, pulmonary or spontaneous bleeding and clotting can occur at any time and hasten death Additionally, it is not uncommon for liver failure patients to wax and wane in terms of their mentation, confusion and overall state.
211940 tn?1267884866 However, he said it could NOT be causing me so much pain. He checked out my arm and noticed a hard soft tissue knot, and suggested removing it through surgery and it "might" relieve my pain. So, 3 weeks ago I had the said surgery and it was removed (a hard soft tissue mass about the size of a marble). No, this was not the cyst inside my humerus bone. Anyways, I still have the pain, and it is extremely terrible at night (on a scale of 1 to 10, a 20 at night).
Avatar n tn I get stomach cramps too and i'm underweight by a lot but i can eat almost 2500 calories a day and a healthy diet and not gain weight. i have gone to 2 doctors but none of them seem to know whats wrong. Any help is appreciated..
Avatar f tn I was stressing so bad that I had bilateral cramps in my hamstings which is where I carry all of my stress and knots. After reading about HSV2 and leg cramps that made me stress more. Straining - sometimes I have to strain but it seems like the stream is about half what it should be. This appears some of the times. Other times it seems normal. It is not red or discolored in any way.
Avatar n tn At any exertion, sweat would pour from his head and the rest of his body and he would continue sweating for a long time afterwards. Heartburn and acid reflux, especially at night. Flushing in the face, without apparent reason. His doctor diagnosed him with depression. Against his grain, he agreed to try different anti-depressants but things kept getting worse. Apart from all of the other symptoms, he started having some episodes that his doctor described as panic attacks.
Avatar n tn I have been to about 30 doctors- including ENT's allergists, neurologists, chiropracters, opthamologists. psychologists, dentists and everything else u can think of. All CT scans, MRI of brain and blood work keep coming back clean and ok. Nothing I try seems to work. There was a period of time about 3 and a half years ago that the symptoms lifted for about 4 months and then it returned full force.