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446049 tn?1523991684 I had a lower GI test done in '04 and was told that my pain was divertuculitis. In early '05 I had a flex-sigmoidoscopy and later a colonoscopy. I was given Flagyl and Cipro and it took away the pain. I also changed my diet (eliminating seeds, high fats, etc) and increasing fiber along with Metamucil. It was explained to me that the diverticulitis was widely spread, but could be controlled through diet and awareness. My doctor retired and I changed to a new primary care provider in '05.
Avatar f tn The meds I must regularly take for these other things have contraindications for both Cipro and Flagyl. After weighing the benefits and risks, I accepted all of the meds. The severe pain is gone (x3 days now) but I'm still battling diarrhea. I have horrible veins and no longer had venous access. We had gone through 4 patent lines and more than 30 other attempts to start an i.v. These meds especially the Cipro are very hard on veins. The next option was to do a surgically placed central line..
Avatar n tn I have had back pain that feels like a kidney infection for a year. I had been tested for it and even kidney stones and was neg. I am so relieved that this may be the answer that I have been searching for, for 2 yrs. I am also frustrated that it wasn't found sooner. I am 42, good weight and eat healthy so I guess that I dont fit the profile. I dont know. I eat healthy and watch everything that I eat because of the issues I have. I already eat a high fiber diet.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with diverticulitis in early June, took the prescribed Cipro and Flagyl, and felt better after a few weeks. This morning (Oct. 11) I woke up with the telltale lower-abdominal pain and it is increasing fairly quickly. I do not eat junk food or sweets. A couple of cups of coffee in the a.m., vegetables for lunch, white meat and vegetables for dinner. I do drink red wine occasionally, but of course not while taking Flagyl.
Avatar n tn I have been off and on flagyl, levaquin, bactrim, and cipro for the last 14 weeks and am having bowel resection surgery for diverticulitis tomorrow. The Keffir really helped me - tastes kind of weird but it works . You can also eat any kind of yogourt that contains live culture - DanActive or Activia.
Avatar n tn Hi guys Just wanted to give an update... Called the Dr. and was put back on Cipro and Flagyl for 14 days. The pain continued to increase in the LLQ like a sharp knife. Dr. said that is exactly where the inflammation is. Now have to do a colonoscopy. But the side affects (severe D) from the Flagyl are so bad that I cannot go to work. Its actually worse than the sharp pain from the inflammation.
Avatar m tn Hello, I recently developed diverticulitis again. My doctor prescribed Cipro and Flagyl as he had in the past. 5 days into the treatment, I started to get hives on my hands and feet a swollen lower lip. Called the on call doc and he said it was probably a reaction to the Cipro. Ordered both it and Flagyl be stopped and called a script for Bactrim instead as well as Benadryl. The Benadryl helped with the hives (and a good night's sleep LOL) but in the morning they returned.
Avatar n tn I have had agonizing pain for one week on the lower right hand of the abdomen and am constipated. Had blood tests which showed no infection. The doctor is treating me with penicillin as she thinks it is diverticulitis. Grateful for a reply from anyone who has had this problem before.
Avatar n tn They ran labs,urine, chest xrays, and ct without contrast. The dx was diverticulitis I was put on flagyl and cipro for the next 7 days and told to follow up with my GP. How assured can I be that this is truly diverticulitis and not colon cancer? I am 44 without a history of significant GI issues. I have been on a liquid diet for two days now and am still having very soft stools. I normally alternate from non-formed stools to formed depending on my diet.
Avatar f tn On Nov 21, 2009 I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis and drs. gave me antibiotics, I took all of those faithfully. Then I asked my doctor if I could try another doses of antibiotics well he gave me Cipro & Flagyl. I finished the second dose of antibiotics on Dec 24 and still continued to have severe pain in my lower left stomach. On Dec 29 I was in so much pain that I went back to the hospital and they took a contrast cat scan.
Avatar f tn I was suffering arthrtic like pain in my back and knees and hips, that cleared with 3 courses of cipro and two courses of flagyl. The arthritis cleared with the diverticulitis, so if anyone is suffering like this your bowel is throwing stuff into your system that is attacking your joints. I haven't had another attack, but I have seen a surgeon and I can sign on the dotted line for my surgery anytime I am ready. I take miralax every day to keep from straining and watch what I eat.
Avatar n tn I have had perhaps 6 or so bouts of diverticulitis over the past 10 years and am undergoing one now after 5 years of none. My internist sent me to a surgeon who told me I was having a mild attack but he recommended surgery to remove the diseased colon (12" of lower sigmoid). None of my diverticulitis attacks have been severe to the point of hospitalization and the current CT scan doesn't show anything extraordinary. I am 64.
187666 tn?1331176945 Only when I was in the hospital and put on IV meds did the inflamation go down enough for the surgery. I had a PICC line for awhile and would infuse Flagyl and Levaquin. Oh and the bitter taste in the mouth, definately Flagyl...makes drinking water hard as it tastes weird....Take care and God Bless.
Avatar n tn cipro, flagyl , levaquin to name the ones I was on the most. Nothing seemed to help as it keep coming back. I ended up in the hospital over the holidays and was advised to have an elective colon resection due to all of the scar tissue that had formed and the fact that my colon, in the sigmoid area, was starting to stricture( close up). I had it over 3 months ago and am recovering, although slower than I am a very impatient patient.
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago , I had this lower left quadrant pain and I went to a doctor at Urgent Care and said if I dont get better after 10 days of flagyl and cipro, I should go back to my gastroenterologist. The pain on the left side went away like the doctor promised in just 48 hours. But my abdomen is feeling pains every now and then left and right and all around. I changed my diet from 30 mg of fiber down to 10... I do not have the insurance and I would not be able to pay any surgery.
Avatar n tn I was sent home with a prescription for Flagyl and Cipro. I followed up with my primary doctor who basically just told me what the disease was, that I need to eat more fiber, stay away from seeds and to come back if I have another flair-up. I'm 41, male, 5'10" 159lbs and in good shape. I've had a ton of fiber in my diet the last 5 years or so, high fiber cereal every morning, whole wheat breads, and I have a healthy dose of Metamucil each night at bedtime (3-4 heaping tablespoons).
Avatar n tn Subject: Diverticulitis Forum: The Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases Forum I was recently hospitalized for suspected diverticulitis (WBC 15,000, temp 39.3, left abdominal cramping & pain). I'm aged 36. I received IV Flagyl & Cipro and started to feel somewhat better after 4-5 days. An ultrasound and cat scan did not show much except hydrosalpinx. My doctor says this is not all that uncommon for the ultrasound to show nothing (unless there is an abscess).
Avatar n tn I was recently hospitalized for suspected diverticulitis (WBC 15,000, temp 39.3, left abdominal cramping & pain). I'm aged 36. I received IV Flagyl & Cipro and started to feel somewhat better after 4-5 days. An ultrasound and cat scan did not show much except hydrosalpinx. My doctor says this is not all that uncommon for the ultrasound to show nothing (unless there is an abscess).
Avatar f tn I had been treated previously on and off for suspected diverticulitis and after a course of Cipro, I would be back to normal. This night in the ER they ran kabs and did an abd ct scan. The scan showed gall stones and also a thickening of the colon "suggestive" of diverticulitis. I was placed on cipro and the pain and fever subsided. After going off the medication, the oain and fever returned. This has been the case for over a month!
Avatar m tn I have had lower left stomach pain for over 3 weeks..I took augmentin for 8 days it seemed to do the trick. But it came right back..went to ER and had a CT scan with contrast and white blood count was normal..doc said CT looked OK..I'm confused and still very sick even have pain in my groin and down my's never bee. This bad. Cipro and flagyl do not work well for me. So they are trying augmentin again for 2 weeks. Been taking it for 3 days not much difference.
Avatar n tn I've had diverticulitis twice, and an inflammed colon once, and all three times it was flagyl and cipro, but those make me feel worse. I just worry this is a lifelong thing. I was scoped after the first episode and had the diverticulitis confirmed. I wish I knew how to prevent this, as it is so depressing to feel so bad. I do not eat any nuts, seeds, corn, popcorn, etc. I am VERY stressful and work 12 our days, so could just the stress cause all this? I've read and read.
Avatar f tn My bowel was so swollen that the tech wasn't able to see one of my ovaries and the other one was believed to have a 3cm cyst. I was given Cipro and Flagyl and discharged home. Here are my vitals and abnormal labs from that night: BP - 118/72 upon arrival and 127/75 at discharge (baseline for me is usually 106/61 Pule - 93 upon arrival and 75 at discharge (I've always had a pulse in the 90's) Temp - 98.8 upon arrival and discharge US Pelvis - uterus normal size, 13.
Avatar m tn I was told I had diver and given cipro and flagyl and told to go home. About a month later I went for another CT scan and I was feeling better. The doc called me and said there were no changes on scan and gave me same meds again. That night I thought I was having a stroke or heart attack. Went to ER and was told I was allergic to Flagyl and to stop taking it. Was sent to Gastro Dr and she said there may be a tumor on my CT.
Avatar n tn He now just got a diverticulitis attack 3 weeks ago and was put on Cipro/Flagyl. Now today woke up and had some tenderness. He has been on a vegan diet without the nuts, seeds, etc and eating all good things. Taking fiber and probiotics. So his gastro told him to wait a couple of days as it may go away. My son made an appt with his surgeon for next week, just in case. My question is, if sigmoid gone, can they just cut out small areas only? Not sure where the infection was on the CT.
Avatar f tn Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. I recently had an episode resulting in going to the ER by ambulance. I am 41 yrs old & I experienced rapid onset of very painful abdominal cramps. The cramps came in waves, and I began to have chills & light-headedness. I felt like I was going to pass out & told the friend who was with me. I don't remember the next few minutes.
Avatar n tn Was discharged from the hospital and given Rx for Flagyl 500mg 3x a day as well as Avelox 400mg 1x a day, and instructed to F.U. with my drs in NY.Even though this bout of diverticulitis is clearing on the antibiotics, I think recurrence will be likely, much as it did prior to surgery. What surgical options am I looking at at this point? If the diverticulitis clears and I can receive elective surgery, what is likely to be removed?
Avatar m tn I have had about 8-10 episodes, treated successfully with cipro and flagyl. In July 2014, I got hives on day 6 of treatment. Medication was stopped but dvt continued to improve. I am also allergic to penicillin (erythema nodosum) and clindomyecin (rash). I was advised to have a sigmoid colectomy to reduce episodes of dvt. I had the surgery in February 2015. I am currently on a river cruise in Europe. I had a flare of dvt which presented as it always does four days ago. I went to a doctor at St.
Avatar n tn I found out 5 weeks ago have diverticulitis, been treated with cipro flagyl, and other antibiotics, but they ignor me when I say I still have a fever after 5 weeks and am now having collar bone pain in the left side and headaches. I am still so tired. The pain in my left side is not there now but the other stuff is really bad. The fevers are still 100, every day. I feel so cold, even after 5 weeks of antibiotics. They are all taken up and still no relief.
Avatar n tn I took 500 mgs of Cipro and 1500 mgs of Flagyl for 8 1/2 days and had to stop because of side effects. I felt pretty good for several days but now diarrhea seems to be getting worse. Is this because my body is still fighting the infection or could the infection be getting worse?