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Avatar m tn My ear keep on clogging and feeling dizzy is there anyways possible to get cipro out my system or is there any test that can be done to treat this side effect because it is realy affecting me and how long does antibiotics take to come out the body
Avatar n tn I have multiple arrhythmias and when I used Cipro (for campylobacter) I had no trouble with it at all. With any med you haven't used before, if you develop side effects, stop the medicine and check with your doctor or pharmacist (geez, that sounds like a commercial).
443434 tn?1255894833 I have been to my eye doctors 7 times, and yes, they agree that Cipro can cause floaters and eye problems. It is one of the side effects.
Avatar n tn I went thru a few days of nausea and dizziness after trying probiotics and have been taking peppermint oils pills for 2 weeks which seem to help. I still have daily bloating from 2pm-6pm almost like clockwork. And just started having shooting pains in my anus and vagina but wonder if these are due to the gas or hemmeriods I have?! I am SO confused and wonder if this is IBS or if the Cipro screwed up the bacteria in my gut.
Avatar f tn placed me on a fluid regimin and antibiotics.first put me on cipro but of course my body experienced the listed rare side affects of burning sensation of a part of the body which was my head of all things. now they have me on amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium tablets usp 875mg /125mg was fine for a couple days. now have pressure again but this time some slight dizziness some nausea and just feeling like hell. been on this stuff for a week.
Avatar f tn I have been having these dizzy spells, with sweaty palms and ears poping and ringing and on the verge of fainting until I get a cold towel and place on my had. I have been to the er twice for this. The first time they thought it was the antibiotic cipro for sinus infection. But it wasn't that because this time I wasn't taking anything. I feel dizzy and nausea all of the time. Dr did ct scan on my head, stomach and chest xray. Only said I had kidney stones. Please help.
Avatar n tn They cannot find the cause of the symptoms and she went home again, this time without any drugs. She still feel weakness and dizziness when standup and walking..She eat very healthy, there is no history of medical in her before...I don't know what to do now..please advises.
Avatar f tn Yesterday my urine culture came back with a small amount of Klebsiella and doctor ordered Cipro. I'm allergic to Sulfa drugs. Less than one hour later I had an itch spot (small hive) on either side of my face/ jawline. Yes, I was touching my face. I used the powder and went to bed. Should I be concerned that this might have been hives from the Cipro? If so, are minor hives from Cipro serious?
Avatar m tn Hello all, I was given cipro 250G twice a day for epididymitis and have never felt the same. After three days of taking it I went to A and E due to extreme dizziness and a fear of having testicular cancer. While i was there I had an ECG with was deemed unusual and was made to stay the night. They did blood tests, X-ray's and other countless things and by the morning i was discharged.
Avatar n tn Hi, my father was at work, and as he was leaving he felt dizzy and had shortness of breath. He is 59 and I believe that maybe he just over did it. The next morning his right ankle to mid-calf was swollen and looked like a sunburn. It is not numb, it does not tingle, and it does not burn. He has a lung infection and has been taking medicine for that for about a week. He has recently changed his diet for his cholesteral.
Avatar n tn They cannot find the cause of the symptoms and she went home again, this time without any drugs. She still feel weakness and dizziness when standup and walking..She eat very healthy, there is no history of medical in her before...I don't know what to do now..please advises.
Avatar f tn still dryness but upon look up felt dizziness and saw slight doubles. I am using eye drop and taking cipro in case there is damage done to my cornea. This is the third day. I am somewhat better, still can't look up without the doubles.
Avatar m tn also groin pressure still present but off and on , mostly everything seems off and on. been on cipro for 2 weeks now, recomended a 28 day regime...i feel like cipro is taking too long to work.. anyone have been through bacterial protasis please advise with your experiences..
Avatar n tn The dizziness and blurred bison r horrible! I can't even function and I'm a wife and mother to two girls 4 moths and 3! I have been through sooooo many tests mris w and w out contrast,cat scans w w out contrast o head and chest,bloodwork out the wazoo and I had a positive Ana and my CPR was elevated doxtors were saying lupus sent me to rhemotologist and did more bloodwork and lupus panels which I don't have!
655045 tn?1225477524 I took flagyl and cipro for an intestinal infection two weeks ago. I had a horrible reaction to both meds that made me VERY dizzy and weak to the point all I could do was lay flat on my back and try not to move. After I stopped taking the antibiotics, the dizziness got steadily better however I am still having relapses of the dizziness every few days. What caused the initial dizziness and why is it still happening? How long will it take to go away completely?
Avatar n tn I am a 34 year old male and for about 2 years have had chronic dizziness and a feeling of foggy brain along with a lot of pressure in the front part of my head. It is there 24/7 and is always worse when I either sleep on my right side and/or when I'm tired- or when Im driving, walking, or moving my head around. I have been to several Dr's including an EMT, neurologist, Family Dr. and ear specialist. Nobody has found a thing. I have also had an EKG, MRI, and bloodwork many times.
Avatar n tn Been on Paxil since January and still have the dizziness. Like I need to close my eyes and push on my eyeballs and continue with a little bit of head pressure. I think I'm going to go get Lyme test. Seems to me if it were anxiety, the Paxil would have worked by now.
Avatar m tn I started 14 days more of cipro and Flomax and finally began to have normal voiding. but I had a fungal infection and my urological system is already damaged, permanently numb, pain.
Avatar n tn I have seen my primary care doc, 3 times, they gave me IV fluids on 3 occassions, cipro for the diarhhea and still nothing. I had been in the ER twice and could not function. I was finally admitted one week ago to the hospital and they have since done, MRI, MRA, CT SCAN of head and stomach, ru every single blood test possible. They brought in an infectious disease doc, a GI doc, a nuerologist and all og them have been baffled.
Avatar n tn I found out that I have Migraine and Vertigo. I rarely have headaches, mainly dizziness and foggy feeling. I ended up going to a doctor that my ENT sent me to. It was a clinic for hearing & balance. They did an "audio VNG". It is about a 2 hour long series of tests that can narrow down the reasons for the dizziness. It will check for inner ear problems, etc. The tests are pretty intense and make you dizzy on purpose while they put goggles on your eyes that have cameras inside.
Avatar n tn about a month ago i went to the doctor with a bad stomach infection my stomach was cramping and hurting/burning she had a look at me and gave a prescription for cipro(a two week prescription) i was taking the cipro a during the second week a noticed my ears feel like they had to be popped, like ear pressure my stomach pains went away but my ears still botherd me then i noticed i started to feel kind of sluggished/tired and dizzy through the day.
Avatar n tn One week later she was driving and passed out at the wheel. She since has had dizziness and head fog. The General doctor ran the usaual test and said they could find nothing abnormal offered her xanax . This was a year ago. She is very frustrated because she was a very happy and out going young lady. She has never went back to a doctor since then. She never took the medication and feels the doctor just dont know what is wrong.
Avatar n tn Hi, My wife and I began experiencing occasional diarrhea about 4 or 5 years ago. The diarrhea was accompanied by nausea, dizziness, stomach cramps and fatigue. We assumed it was just a passing bug. However, the incidences became more frequent. When we started having bouts of diarrhea every 2 or 3 weeks, we started going to an MD who practiced holistic medicine. We did stool tests, which turned up the parasite- blastocystis hominis. The doctor prescribed Gentian, Pro Biotics and Wild Oregano.
Avatar m tn As prevention the Dr prescribed 2 x 500mg Cipro tablets and a week of Doxycycline. All tests negative. 3/07 – Routine physical/blood work. All fine with exception of WBC which was 3.5 with REF Range 4-11. I list this only because after reading HIV tests are not conclusive until 3 months. 9/07 – # 2 protected intercourse, fingering, unprotected cunnilingus (a few minutes) with a UK CSW (unknown HIV status).
Avatar f tn I never had this before (I'm 18) and it makes me uneasy. I am just hoping dizziness and palps are anxiety. I also don't have any other symptoms. Further experiences are still appreciated. And thank you again!
Avatar n tn effexor was the last one i was on, the symptoms of most of the ADs i took were nervousness, dizziness, foggy, dry mouth, memory loss and believe it or not Depression. I was initially put on them because I had a bad time in a work related situation, i couldnt cope and i ended up having a break-down, i really was a mess and the ADs brought me a lot of relief, slowed me down so i could think rationally.
Avatar n tn I would estimate that I usually feel it in the Corpus Callosum or the Thalamus (deep in my head), as well as this very strange feeling in my forehead of eyebrow heaviness, and sometimes double vision and eye pain as I move my eyes left or right. Also severe dizziness has been suddenly activated just by eye movements. I also experience bouts of positional vertigo that lasts several days at a time and then goes into remission for a spell. Here is the strange ears feel full.
Avatar f tn I am 26 years old and have had a headach non stop with episodes of vertigo for 6 weeks.I went to the doctor and he thought sinius infection so he put me on cipro for 10 day.The headach and vertigo was still there, He then did x rays of my sinius wich was clear. Then we done an MRI of my head.Everything was clear there.He put me on pain killers and said i do not know what is causing the problem.He still has not done any blood work! The headaches have gotten worst and i do not know what to do.
Avatar m tn Also had a UTI(blood in the urine) in late June (11 weeks after) and my doctor prescribed CIPRO and it was cleared in a week. Other than these, I did not have any fever,sore throat, penile sore and penile discharge but always feel lightheaded, fatigue, and weakness in the arms and legs. I have not done any testing so far. My questions: 1)What is my chance of catching anything including STDs and HIV during this few seconds of oral sex? I have read that it is no risk.