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Avatar n tn My behaviour did not improve so I went to Dr. and was recommended I cut down Cipralex to 10 mg and start Wellbutrin 15 mg. I'm not feeling normal today and realize with decreased Cipralex and the Wellbutrin not kicking in right away, I can expect to not be that way. However, I'm supposed to be looking for work and I wonder how long I may be functioning this way. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Kind regards.
Avatar f tn So I talked to my doctor and he said that I can't take Wellbutrin because I have a history with non-epileptic seizures. Think I'm going to try to stick it out with just Lex for a while and HOPE that the tiredness eventually goes away after a few months at a lower dose like it did for you. I'm at 7.5 right now but it hasn't fully kicked in again (only been 2.5 weeks) so I think I'll wait a bit before going down to 5mg.
Avatar n tn I talked to my doctor I got switched to Wellbutrin. It's not and SSRI but it is an appetite suppressant and seemed to have helped me more than the SSRIs I've taken.
Avatar n tn When I stopped, I was fine for six months but my depression suddenly started again. I restarted taking cipralex 10 mg one each night and I improved quickly. Now it is four years that I am taking it. I now want to stop it because I am having very decreased sixual drive. So my question is that, Will my sexual drive improve when I stop taking cipralex?
Avatar n tn Remember, I did a kind of taper up in that I was already on 150 mg of Wellbutrin and went straight to 300. The anxiety was helped a bit in that I did not feel that out of control anxiety as much but that damn edginess was the hardest part along with the intense thirst. I tried to just keep myself busy. When I just didn't feel like dealing with it, I took some klonopin. I think that each week will be better and better for you. Maybe try to journal your edginess to keep track.
Avatar f tn You've been on some tough drugs for anxiety -- clomipramine has one of the worst side effects profile, and wellbutrin and Effexor are stimulating antidepressants not usually used for primary anxiety.
Avatar f tn Is it safe to use Cipralex (10mg tabs), or Wellbutrin XL (150mg tabs) while on the Methadone program? Been on Methadone for approx.
Avatar f tn My spouse was prescribed Cipralex 10mg for 7 days and then 20mg after that. Within 30 hours of starting the 10mg dosage he was unable to achieve an erection. He was then put on Remeron to counteract, which it did nothing. He was taken off of that and put onto Wellbutrin 150mg. He can now have an erection, and can sustain it, but... is now unable to orgasm/ejaculate. He's only been on the Wellbutrin for 2 weeks... Should we be expecting full functionality with more time?
Avatar n tn Was on cipralex for 2 months and gained 10-15lbs I was devastated, I went off the meds and lost 5 lbs but the depression and anxiety is just too much and its so unfortunate bc that drug helped me so much. Just started wellbutrin today 300mg hope this helps loose the extra weight I gained and with the depression.
Avatar f tn I just started wellbutrin for my depression and it made my anxiety sky rocket. Cant sleep and shaky hands. Im in a training program for a job and I was doing well, I have completed 4 weeks, i think clonazapem was keeping me going. I started wellbutrin and all of a sudden i got thoughts about being a failure, I will fail the training, I will get fired, I will be homeless. Then I started feeling suicidal.
Avatar n tn the anxiousness while i get therapy for the source of my anxiety from my psychologist (psychologists in Canada are not allowed to prescribe meds). I tried Cipralex (5 mg for first two days and then 10 MG on the third day) for 3 days and did not react well to it at all - bad side effects, increased anxiety.. GP prescribed me low dose of Clonazapam to take the edge off during what I was told could be a week to two week "adjustment" phase.
Avatar n tn The 2nd time I was home and after hospitalization and exhaustive tests there was no doubt it was the Wellbutrin. In their TV ads for Wellbutrin the manufacture now mentions seisures as one of the main side effects. I did lose some weight and at 55 my libido went through the roof. Thoses side effects were great :-) But the seisures caused me untold grief with the Motor Vehicle Department.
Avatar n tn Have tried Cipralex and Cymbalta both gave me terrible side effects. Took Cipralex for 2 weeks (figured if it wasn't better by then, then it wasn't going to be). Took Cymbalta for 3 days and decided enough was enough (yes that bad). Have been on Wellbutrin for 7 days and am getting more and more depressed. What next... where do I look and what do I do!
Avatar m tn He recently saw a new psychiatrist and after a 10 minute appointment was given a prescription for Wellbutrin XL 150mg, Cipralex 10mg and Trazodone 50mg x2. Does anyone have any information about the combination of these drugs? He is reluctant to fill the prescription.
Avatar m tn I have tried Cipralex, Efexor, Fluanxol, Xanor (Xanax), Rivotril, Seroquel, Ritalin, Wellbutrin, Esperide. All had horrible side effects and and had to stop and try something else. I am currently taking Valdoxane and Molipaxin, but feel completely detached and unemotional, which is a problem as I have been married 9 months and my wife is 7 months pregnant. My doctor hads taken my off Molipaxin and prescribed me Lyrica to take in conjunction with Voldoxane.
1319653 tn?1274330292 Often my headaches can be so bad I want to scream, and I just want the pain to stop. I've been given medication for Major Depression Disorder. Wellbutrin XL(150mg), Pristiq(50mg), and Ralavia. I've been taking these for a month. I took Cipralex(10mg) for 2 weeks with vomiting side effects, before being switched to this new stuff. About two months ago I went to McMaster Hospital in Hamilton,ON and had a basic CT scan done.
1319653 tn?1274330292 But I just have a meter, and can regulate that myself and am not insulin. I have short term memory loss, and often can't focus on a particular thing someone is asking. Eg. If it's a Wednesday, and my manager asks me what I worked on Monday, I won't know. It will take me a long time to figure it out......It's so embarrasing! Is this normal? Often my headaches can be so bad I want to scream, and I just want the pain to stop. I've been given medication for Major Depression Disorder.
304970 tn?1331429594 Just wondering if anyone is taking anything, and if so what? And how soon did you feel better and are there horrible side effects? Any advice/input would be great. Thank you.
774736 tn?1311334985 Cipralex (Lexapro) 10 MG - I tried Wellbutrin 150XL as well... wasn't the right med for me made me way too jittery and nervous. Jury is still out on the Lexapro as I am having some side effects of increased nervousness and jitteryness but I have only been on it 12 days and need to give it about 3 weeks to see if the side effects go away. However I believe it has "calmed" my mind in that I don't get as panicky as I did before about things. But again....
Avatar f tn When I first got anxiety my psychiatrist put me on effexor xr 150mg. It worked for me and I was anxiety free. I requested my psychiatrist to taper off effexor xr as I am feeling normal. He advised me that keep taking it now is not the time to taper and stop it. I insisted a lot and he gave me a plan to taper off. One month I was normal after that anxiety was back. Psychiatrist again put me on effexor xr but this time it did not work.
Avatar n tn It quickly fixed my depression/anxiety problems, and I feel okay mood-wise. Although for the first few months, the libido change (MUCH lower) and anorgasmia had been hard to deal with in the begining, but seems to be better. The only thing is that I've noticed over the last several months an effect that is rather disturbing and I don't know if it's due to lexapro? Kind of an inability to think straight sometimes, or loss of short term memory. Just an overall feeling of almost a blank mind.
Avatar n tn Well I took 1 or 2 pills of wellbutrin and didn't like the side effects (i think the side effects was actually just the stress), Anyway I didn't take any medication and dec passed then jan passed and they all just went away. A year goes by, no problems then I started a 3 month study program to promote within the police department. It was/is a very stressful process and not one someone with a stress or anxiety problem should even think of attempting.
Avatar m tn And for anyone who tries to say my pain, diarreha and nausea, is anxiety they also put me on Zoloft 100mg and Wellbutrin. The pain is real, I mean I had enough bodily knowledge to go to the ER and they took my gallbladder out. And now it isn't any better. I know when something is going on. As for the ERCP or MRCP, they haven't even mentioned that. I wonder what the criteria is for that test. Somethings gotta give.
Avatar f tn I was on cipralex and Wellbutrin for 1 and a half years and then my doc switched me to Effexor for a year which caused more side effects than anything so iv been back on cipralex for about a week, I guess we will see how that goes.
Avatar f tn I am taking anti depressants Zyprexa 5mg, Cipralex 20mg & Wellbutrin SR 150mg. When I am busy I am fine as soon as I think of anxiety my anxiety level starts to increase and becomes realy disturbing and uncomfortable. What can I do to control my fear of anxiety?
Avatar f tn Some pdocs write celexa/cipram and some write cipralex/lexapro i can't understand why if they come from the same company and the last is only a new edition of the former, etc... My very MODEST opinion, if a patient doesn't improve on the new drugs then he can resort to lithium since by definition it's the only so-called mood stabilizer. although it's side effects are plenty so are all the other drugs except that it's not marketed well because there is no money in it.
387056 tn?1200447377 The withdrawal symptoms were only comparable to an earthly hell. I taking Epival and Wellbutrin. Lot better results. Cipralex helped until levels of toxicity in my body were too high. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been on Effexor XR for 3 years and I have gained about 40-50pounds, most when my dose was increased to 225, now I am on 75mg b/c I'm getting ready to wean off the medicine in a couple of weeks,and I haven't lost anything yet. My eating habits have not changed and I exercise. I have always been underweight and I could eat whatever I wanted...I'm only 26 years old...I know my metabolism has changed some, but not enough to pack on 40 pounds.
1926604 tn?1322965005 Wellbutrin was not a good drug for me. It caused rapid cycling and was part of the reason I was so screwed up about 2 years ago. I did much better on cipralex. I think it is a crap shoot. I would let the pdoc do the picking of drugs.
Avatar f tn my degree went down the drain, i cant even hold a simple job because my anxiety has taken over my life! And its making me hate everything and everyone. And the only way to get attention to my problems is by cutting.