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444932 tn?1273984397 ) Side effects..........I stopped taking Chantix 3 days after my quit. Toward the end, I was taking 1 pill a day......weaning off though I'm not sure that is necessary. The reason I stopped was because my stomach was getting a bit queasy. This didn't happen right away so perhaps it wasn't because of the Chantix but since I was able to continue without smoking, I went for it knowing I had the remainder if necessary.
Avatar f tn I did stop smoking for two months, but once I started feeling like s---. I stop the Chantix. My brother took Chantix for two weeks and quit, without any side effects, and he smoked for 40 yrs. I will never take this medication again, and I would not recommend this medication to anyone.
Avatar n tn Hi Bill, I don't know if you quit or not, but maybe you should speak to your doctor and maybe he can prescribe something to help you relax. I quit with Chantix, 1 year, 2 weeks and 2 days ago. I had very few side effects and after 38 years of smoking, I am grateful that I was able to quit. I would recommend that you have a talk with your physician about what is going on. Because Chantix is fairly new, it is important that they document all of the possible side effects.
Avatar f tn Off the board I've heard a lot of complaints about people not being able to take the side effects of taking the drug. Nothing about withdrawl from the drug. I am hoping to find some others who have had the same problems but may be dealing with a coincidence and there is some other medical problem that needs attention, or my worst fear, problems caused by taking the drug. I am close to going back to the doctor as I am still sleepy, dizzy, hot, and loopy. And my skin, it just doesnt feel right.
Avatar n tn Anyone had experience with both or either or knew someone that has stories about it? Whats prescribed commonly? What side effects and or pros and cons for each did you experience? Isnt a full nicotinic antagonist better than a partial? And why did they leave out the dopamine reuptake inhibitor?
596605 tn?1369950227 Any better today? I've been thinking about you; read a few more posts on Chantix side effects, and if you still feel that deep fatigue, I would quit the Chantix immediately!...and most especially if you have any kind of emotional issues (I don't mean to assume) as Chantix can exacerbate them. There are many other quit aids to choose from if Chantix turns out to be not right for you.
190673 tn?1259206866 Update My Husband got back on Chantix. No to happy with this med. too many side effects. But what else can anyone do? My husband Doctor call tonight while watching the big Presidents speech. My Husband prostate levels are up. The Doctor is going to check it again. Another test from God. I wonder how much I can handle this . I am trying to be very strong. It hurts to see him like this. I wanted us both to be around for our Grandchildren. I hope I will get through my Hysterectomy and Cancer free.
1606324 tn?1298297471 ( I hope i don see any side effects. I hear about them, they are a bit freaky and worrisome. I cant be losing sleep because of "vivid" dreams which probably means nightmares, and I don't want to get all depressed about life or suicidal, i'd rather smoke. So, here I am. I finally got over the fear....So far so good, Ive been tired today, maybe because I didn't sleep well last night but that was most likely my bed not being comfortable. I've been pretty calm actually.
Avatar f tn I stopped earlier due to side effects - primarily not being able to sleep. I encourage you to go to and join the Chantix Users Club. Great support and immediate response for encouragement and inspiration. I have now been smoke free for 131 days after smoking for 41 years.
Avatar n tn you may also want to check into chantix potential side effects if you haven't already done so. a lot of the medical community still isn't up to speed on the possible side effects which include suicidal ideation and severe depression (yes, some have killed themselves). the pharmaceutical companies have become just as profit driven as the rest of corporate america, and meds that have little or no long term clinical trials should be considered with informed caution.
390388 tn?1279639813 I'm also finding it hard to figure out how to take my thyroid, iron, multi vitamin, blood pressure, H20 and cholesteral pills, plus chantix in the correct manner.??? Can you take Chantix with levothyrozine? Thanks for any comments in advance. I am very ignorant when it comes to thyroid issues.
Avatar f tn Chantrix works amazingly well. There are quite a few side effects so use caution. I personally didn't have any side effects except maybe making me a little tired or worn down but nothing too bad. One of the side effects is depression so if you are still having trouble in that area from the withdrawals I wouldn't recommend it as of now. It's something you def have to talk over with your doctor and be honest about your situation. It does have about the best success rate out there.
Avatar n tn With all your past history of depression and anti-depressants, make sure you are aware of the possible side effects of Chantix. I have been on Lexapro for two years and started taking Chantix a month ago to quit smoking. I did quit after two weeks, but I've fallen into a severe depression that I believe is caused by the Chantix. I have been checking online and many people with mental illness have had severe depressive episodes and even suicide attempts while taking Chantix.
1000946 tn?1253811447 Known of several other people who have tried the Chantix. They had bad side effects as well. Have tried the patches. I will do good for a day. But, the next day becomes unbearable. Can't handle the nicotine gum. I might add that I am also bipolar. So, I have to be very careful of what I take. Adverse reactions. I have had extreme anxiety problems for many years as well. The anxiety that goes with quitting, just sends it through the roof. I am not proud that I still smoke. I have a lung disease.
Avatar n tn One of the other immediate side effects of steroids can be electrolyte imbalance though sodium/potassium, but definitely also through calcium/magnesium. When I was getting 1000mg/day I definitely had more generic cramping. We know that steroids cause urinary calcium wasting. I'm just wondering if any of the increased spasticity you're experiencing is a need for increased supplemental potassium, calcium and magnesium. I have increased mine.
147426 tn?1317269232 I thought about Chantix, but read a bad report on it right after my PCP wrote me the percription. I know every medicine has side effects, but since this whole attack started 6 weeks after a medication change two years ago, I am a little gun shy!!!! Anyway, what works?? Does the five min rule really work? I stopped buying cartons of them and am only buying one pack at a time to try to make it more trouble to get them, since I cannot drive, but this is not working at all!
284208 tn?1292859119 I don't like it, can't tell that it has made much difference, and have started to taper off of that as well. I'm just tired of taking so many medications. Plus, I just finished a month of Chantix, successfully quitting smoking (again). I can't afford the refill, and it seems to me that the Chantix just complicates what I am trying to do with the rest of the medications.
700212 tn?1240764420 Hi, I have never taken it but I read the side effects and honestly don't know if I would Sorry I couldn't give you any more info.
Avatar f tn I started taking chantix a month ago to quit smoking!!! I looked up the side effects and boom, everything I listed here. I seriously think that drug was causing all of this, including the muscle spasms and weakness. Regarding the disability status for my DNP program, it's a nurse anesthesia program- so if I'm having cognitive difficulties, then I cannot perform this job. So that's not an option. And I'm just praying that I don't ever start having cognitive issues.
222135 tn?1236491821 What a disaster! Spasms came fast and furious, plus the side effects!!! Mademe really nervous (not by nature a nrevous person), and anything I ate (even toast) made me sick as a dog. Tried to ride out the side effects and give it a while to work, but after a week on the floor most of the time from leg/ other spasms, I couldn't do it anymore. PCP put me back on baclofen.
Avatar m tn Has anyone out there taken synthroid or knows someone that has taken synthroid to reduce a thyroid, with normal or close to normal range function, share side effects ?? Unless I take the med, the Endo basically tells me he can't help me. Thanks for all feedback.
Avatar n tn I finally went to the doctor and got a prescription for Chantix. Yes Chantix does work but I cant take the side effects. It makes my muscles ache at night and makes me so extremely tired. So then after I had quit the gum after using Chantix I had a really bad day and bought a pack of cigerettes. Got tired of smoking and got the gum and I cant stop chewing the dang gum!!! As soon as the flavor runs out I just gotta have another piece!!! And I got soooo sick of it that I said forget it.
406957 tn?1203000500 my doc started me on 150mg twice daily and i was still so agitated after 2 days he uped the dose to 150mg am and 300mg pm as of yesterday/day4 i was still very agitated so i called and he said if i were having no side effects go ahead and increase to 300 mg twice daily. i started with that yesterday and last night after mmy first day at 300mg twice daily i felt depressed.
228686 tn?1211558307 Everything's tailored to start working after a few weeks, with tons of side effects. So I'd rather not try chantix. I think the patch will do it, but if it doesn't, I'll try it next. I suppose I'm just stubborn. But I used the patch once before and it worked, so... The annoying thing is I never go to doctors. Can't stand them. I think I saw one a year ago, so I don't have one I know that I can go to who knows me. I can't figure it out. Maybe he thinks I want to sell it??? I just don't know.
997898 tn?1303738464 ive tried the Zyban and patches and i cant get passed the taste of the gum,losengers so Now I am taking chantix so far it seems to be working... GOOD LUCK!
213617 tn?1189759421 It finally went away for the most part. R there side effects of the med U R taking to stop smoking? Also, believe it or not the calcium carbonate in the Tums can actually bring on some acid reflux from the body trying to handle ALL THAT # of Tums ... it actually turns on the gastric juices sometimes and the reflux can get worse.
Avatar n tn My doctor discussed possibly putting me on welbutrin. I am SCARED TO DEATH of two side effects I was told welbutrin can cause. 1. seizures 2. weight gain Can anyone here put my mind at ease?
Avatar f tn I felt my tolerance was getting up there, but then I see that I was actually taking a small amount compared to some things I read in here. I actually felt a lessening of the bad side effects when I upped the dose today, but am still a bit confused, VERY tired, and just feeling weird. Thanks for writing.