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Avatar m tn my niece has kidney failure, 40 percent. she was prescribed cellcept, i read up on it and it is for patients who have had an organ transplant, which my niece hasn't had yet. it is safe for her to take this medication?
471161 tn?1317194550 Has anyone been on Cellcept for Lupus? My doctor is wanting em to start it for my SLE. I would appreciate any experience with the drug. I am scared to start it.
Avatar f tn that affected my legs so my Dr. just prescribed Cellcept. I filled the prescription yesterday and was scared to death after reading the literature on it. What is PPMS? I will be interested in seeing if anyone has used this medication too. Sunnyb.
Avatar f tn Would just like to say that I have now been on Cellcept for two years and it is a brilliant medication. I say this as this suits me but obviously everyone has different effects to drugs. I have mild lupus, raynaulds but primarily have primary biliary cirrosis and auto immune hepatitis. I had a massive flare up after being intolerant to Azathioprine and then to Mercaptopurine. Cellcept is a more pure medication and I have totally stabilized from having biliruben level of 87 down to 13.
Avatar f tn ) She's had one very minor episode of rejection, about 5 years out, successfully treated with short term prednizone and short term raising the dosage of her then regular medications--tacrolimus and cyclosporin. She shifted to cellcept about 6 years ago and has slowly cut back the dosage--presently taking 500MG Cellcept 2X a day and nothing else. We wonder if this is very low in your experience or if you know people on even lower dosages.
Avatar m tn After three hospitalizations it was determined that Cellcept was the Culprit. I had a liver transplant 12 years ago. Now at age 74 the side affects are adversely affecting me. During the latter stay I was taken off Cellcept. The Diarhrea ceased after three days and I'm feeling very well. I have noticed a great weight loss going from 187 to 146lbs. Can I attribute this to cellceptless input?
Avatar f tn My husband had autoimmune hepatitis and had liver transplant in March of 2003, he is doing well however, he stopped taking his meds 3 months ago because the meds is very expensive as he say, now he went back to take his meds that is Cellcept and Prograf . He now is feeling pain on his left side of his belly and it is really like distended and hard.and very warm to touch. His belly like shifted to the left ever since he had the surgery.
Avatar m tn Rightlobe with subtotal MHV. Prersent medication ; Prograf 2.5 mg twise a day and prednisone 5 mg. ( Recentelly reintroduced after gap of 3 months) My worries are for following reports; Hg. 9.8 TLC 2.
1135761 tn?1260560694 the only other medication i take is prograf 4mg 2x day. initially your thoughts included medications as a cause of my symptoms. are you more concerned about cmv or infections? my blood count went from 38 to 31 and my creatinine is now high which explains my back pain. my symptoms have not improved greatly since cellcept reduction 7 days ago. they are discussing my case in clinic today. any lab tests you would recommend?
645800 tn?1466864555 I take CellCept ( 2000m ) an Immuno suppressant every day for my MS. For about a week now I have been sick with some kind of bug or at least I think I have been, Scratchy throat, either running or stuffy nose ( left side), Stuffy left ear, Itching left ear drum, Headaches. These have all been coming and going every day along with a temp that just before taking my CellCept will be around 99.2 - 99.6. After taking my medication my temp drops to my normal 96.6 - 97.4 temp range.
Avatar f tn I wonder if the study medication could be playing a role. Actigall is a commonly used medication post-transplant and can paradoxically cause itching.
Avatar m tn If so, then the treatment is optimizing doses and levels of cellcept and prograf and trying to minimize the use of parenteral corticosteroids.
Avatar f tn 8:00am Entecavir tablet 0.5mg, Cellcept 0.5g, Prednisone acetate tablet 10mg, Nexium 20mg, Uniscope Eph 250mg; 9:00am: Tacrolimus 2-2.5mg; 8:00pm almost the same as these taken at 8:00am without Entecavir tablet; 9:00pm the same as these taken at 9:00am. Jaundice symptom started in mid May. And always have fever together. Examinations the hospital had includes: blood test, MRI, needle-biopsy, blood culture and deep fungal infection G/GM determination and etc.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if any of you had had the opportunity to have your blood levels of vitamin d tested, and if so how many of you were deficient? I ask because I sort of took myself off the cellcept I was on and only continued with 5 mg of prednisone for almost a year. Of course I progressively felt worse until I went back to my primary and asked for a refferal to a different GI doc.
Avatar f tn The FDA said it had identified 16 cases of patients developing the rare neurological ailment while taking Roch's drug CellCept, which is used to avoid rejection in organ transplant patients. Roche alerted regulators to the issue last November. The FDA is looking into similar risks with Myfortic. The article goes onto say it will take about 2 months to review the reports and approve new labeling for the medication.
Avatar m tn If you are doubtful that the medications are causing excessive sweating speak with your doctor and see if it's possible to either lower the dose of your current medication or switch to a new medication. It is also important to rule out other medical causes of excessive sweating like overactive thyroid etc.I sincerely hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
984010 tn?1255799738 Also a medication called provigil helps with the fatigue. and Green tea extract helps build your immune system.
645800 tn?1466864555 As some of you might ( or not ) remember from last week I have been sick while on my CellCept ( immunosuppressant ) so I was looking forward to seeing my PCP today. Sorry LULU! It didn't start out as that great of a day as my tires were low on air due to the cold weather and my compressor died as I was trying to top then off. So I had to make a special stop to get a new compressor. I also wasn't able to that the Trace up to Nashville as I had to make a stop at my bank.
Avatar n tn I have to have this stent in for at least 6 weeks and I dont know how I am going to be able to do it with no sleep as I am a mum of two young children as well as still recovering. I am on anti rejection Cellcept and Prograff as well as Prednislone steroids but is there anything I can ask my transplant doctor to prescribe to numb the pain, other than paracetemol (which dont work), and help me sleep - I really am desperate, please help!!!
1100837 tn?1267672275 Sorry Lelia, I answered you Nov 13 post and hadn't seen this. In that post I metioned Savella. I haven't tried it but since I didn't do well with Lyrica and Methotrexate, I aske my Rheumy about this and he said he would not prescribe it to me because it messes with your blood pressure, so he put me on Cellcept for all my mix connective tissue disease. Cellcept seems to be better than anything I have tried.
645800 tn?1466864555 Had my latest appt with Dr. P at the MS clinic today and am feeling pretty good about how things went. But as usual there were questions I didn't thing to ask him about. Last week I had a MRI w/wo contrast, MRA, and VEP tests done. Of course it took forever to get them lined up due to the VA. The MRI & MRA were done at the VA while the VEP was done at Vanderbilt.
1284766 tn?1272813389 It's just so hard to ascertain what is from the medicine and what's from my lupus, and therefore it's hard to gauge whether it's better to take the medicine or not take the medicine. My rheumy suggested switching to Cellcept. What makes me nervous about this is that not only am I reacting badly to plaquenil, I also had a bad reaction to prednisone.
Avatar m tn My wife is 44 years old and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and mixed connective tissue disease in 2001 and lupus in 2005. She also takes medication for moderate hypertension and is allergic to Ace inhibitors. Over the past few years she has had to be infused several times for low H&H. Each time the doctors suspect external or internal bleeding but nothing is ever found so she receives 2-3 units of O-Pos and is sent on her way.
1176211 tn?1264042280 I sufferer with other stuff on and off and at varying degrees but the medication I'm on has helped. I am on Cellcept 2000 mg a day and I have noticed a that it has worked better than Plaquenil, Arava, Methotrexate did. How long have you been diagnosed and without meds?
Avatar m tn His doctor recently lowered his Mycophenolate Mofetil (Cellcept) from 500mg tablets to 250mg capsules. Based on the images I’ve seen, the colors of the capsules are very similar if not identical to the 250mg Apotex capsules. However, on the ones he got the only imprint is that on each half of the capsule there is one thick line and one thin line. I can’t find this particular imprint on any Cellcept capsule to verify what he actually got. Can you tell me if he got the correct medication?
Avatar f tn it is not unusual for the platelets to decrease after liver transplantation--meds such as bactrim, cellcept and others can contribute.
Avatar f tn Three years back,for some days, I took Cellcept tabs and now, I stopped it completely. At present, in addition to Pyridostigmine bromide tablets, I will take Meganeuron OD Plus and Antoxyl Forte and Potklor syrup and Gravitor SR tabs. This four medicines I will take (as and when required) whenever I go outside or when there is more work or when there is more weakness. We are non-resident of Bangalore.
312330 tn?1245180352 While on prednisone you are immunosuppressed which might impede the production of protective or diagnostic hepatitis antibodies. how about medications such cellcept or azathioprine as steroid-sparing agents?