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Avatar f tn I have have Lupus (SLE), too and been taking Cellcept since 2000 or so. I will probably be on it all my life now and that is good. Since no joint pain has really bothered since the late 1990s. I think my doctor was one of the first to experiment with Cellcept in regard to lupus kidney behaviors. Wouldn't go back.
471161 tn?1317194550 Well, today my Rheumy who has been calling my disease a Mixed Connective Tissue Disease finally told me I have Lupus. She wants me to start Cellcept which is a chemo type drug also used for transplant patients. It is supposed to kill off the bad cells. I feel numb with fear of the disease and the cure.
Avatar n tn I am considering just staying on Prednizone for a little while longer and getting pregnant, and then going on cellcept. I have been on cellcept one week tomorrow, and think it would not be too late to discontinue (after talking to my doctor again) since I am also still on 40mg of prednizone every day. Do you have any opinions about cellcept and pregnancy?
1153048 tn?1262480530 Today I went to the doctors and we decided to try going back on prednisone again. only 5mg this time, not 10. just to help me feel better and make me better in general, hopefully. I'm still staying on the double cellcept because she said that she didn't know if it really had a good chance to work yet.
Avatar m tn He was only given given prograf and prednisone immediately following the transplant. The prednisone was stopped after 3 months and he continues only taking 0.5 mg 2x daily of prograf 10 months later. I would suggest you discuss this matter with your wife's hepatologist and surgeon to see if her drugs can be changed. I wish you and your wife the best in your quest to become parents.
Avatar f tn Ive tried every over the counter and perscription cream they could suggest and tried doryx, valtrex and nothing works. The latest drug they want me to try is CellCept which is used in transplant patients to decrease rejection. Now I have also been trying to have children, and with this drug I absolutely cannot get pregnant, as it causes major birth defects. Also I have a giant increase in risk of cancer, and sickness. My question is....
1419424 tn?1282872794 now tapered down to 50 mg daily. Would this be considered long term use of prednisone? And how long will it take for it all to get out of my system? I was also wondering... I havent really experienced the side effects of the withdrawal, Is it because im also taking plaquenil and cellcept or will the side effects come later into the tapering?
Avatar f tn ) are you off prednisone now? I'm on cellcept, and when I started I actually lost some 3kg but gained that back obviously with prednisone. Now I'm waiting to get off pred. and see what happens when I'm on cellcept alone. Had no problems losing weight after last time I got off pred, then I was using trexan as cytostat. Oh, and I have wegener's, not AIH.
Avatar n tn ). It just starts to wear on you after this long. Also, the prednisone has caused my menstrual cycle to be every 2 1/2 weeks, which in turn makes my disease flare. AAUUGGGHHH! Autoimmune disorders stink! (Can you tell I am having a bad prednisone day?) I am usually in very high spirits, I work with kindergarten children, have 2 girl scout troops and 3 very active kids, so I stay very busy and involved.
1284766 tn?1272813389 It's all extremely confusing and no one seems to know what to make of it. I'm leaning more towards not going on cellcept, and enduring the plaquenil for the time being, but has anyone else tried it? Or does anyone have any advice about what could be causing my symptoms? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I am a liver transplant recipient and am currently taking prograf, prednisone and cellcept (among other drugs). My doctors advised me to switch to imuran from cellcept when i want to get pregnant. Since it is listed as category D, it makes me very nervous. In your experience have you treated women who had healthy babies while they were on imuran during their pregnancies?
Avatar n tn The Mestinon was not being as effective, and my back problems were returning. My neurologist put me on Cellcept and 40 mg prednisone. After being on the prednisone for 2 weeks, my symptoms started getting better (less spine pain, eye stayed open longer, not as much blurry vision). Now that I have been up to the 2000mg Cellcept daily for awhile, she is weaning me off the prednisone.
Avatar n tn isn't something abnormal for me having AIH and was formerly on both (now off of Imuran and on CellCept), but vommiting probably isn't good.
Avatar n tn He has been having flare-ups for the last year and has been up and down on prednisone, and plaquenil. His doctor put him on 40 mg of prednisone until the new drug (cellcept) starts working. He has been on the 40 mg for about a week, but has been having alot of pain and a fever. I was under the impression that he should not be in pain or having swellings on that high a dosage of steroids. Has anyone else still had pain and swellings while on a dosage of steroids like his?
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with CIDP, and have gone through the "normal" protocol.. prednisone, IvIG, plasmapheresis, with no real help. My neurologist now suggests therapy with cytoxan or cellcept. He is "saving" the stem cell/bone marrow transplant as a last resort. I have read all of the info on both drugs and the risk/benefit for each.
Avatar f tn In the past I have used Imuram, then my dr. put me on Cellcept, but this was hard to tolerate, that's when the prednisone was increased. In 2008 Nov the Rhumatologist determined that I have mixed connective disease and tried th IVIG infusion for 2 months, the breathing is worse! Does anyone a similar situation and have a theraphy that is working for end stage NSIP?
163305 tn?1333672171 Before it came back down but this last time, I dropped from 2mg to 1 after only 2mg weeks instead of 4 and it all shot up and I feel fuzzy. I’ve also got canker sores and I don’t know if that's connected or not. Here’s the figures: date ALT AST prednisone 8/4 78 38 | 4mg to 3, 8/9 8/20 100 48 | 9/2 75 43 | 3mg to 2, 9/6 9/16 110 78 | 2mg to 1, 9/21 9/29 319 242 | eek!!!
Avatar n tn (I have exhibited no UC symptoms.) Typical PG therapies (prednisone, dapsone, Cellcept, cyclosporine) have been unsuccessful. Recommendations for new treatments have included: methotrexate, Cytoxan, skin grafting, IV prednisone pulse treatments. I am looking for additional input and any ideas concerning my diagnosis. (For example, is it possible that PG is an incorrect diagnosis?) Thanks very much!
Avatar n tn The doctors say they do not believe my weightloss is due to my thyroid though. I take Prograf, Cellcept, Norvasc and Prednisone. What could possibly be wrong with me?
Avatar f tn Can raynaund cause constriction in my lungs as it does in my extremities? I am on Cellcept 3 x/day and prednisone 5 mg/day for SSC. 2. Could this have caused this basically new onset asthma at middle age? BUT the cellcept has helped to basically stop the spread of fibrosis(mild to mod) in my lungs via Cat scan,so can I even think of stopping it since fibrosis can not be treated and asthma can??? 3.Also I get so weak when my PEF or sat drops and I get tears that I can't stop. Why?
Avatar n tn I also take 50 mg.of cyclosporine, 1500mg cellcept, and 5 mg prednisone daily. My white count,after 2 weeks on all kidney rejection meds and gleevex dropped to 2200..( 10/10/08) My kidney doctor at Vanderbilt took me off the cell cept, but I still tale the cyclosporine and predisone. I had my blood drqwn on 10/22/08 and it was down lower to 1080. My hemotologist took me completely off gleevex andf I had a repeat blood test on 10/14 and it was down futher still to .68.
Avatar f tn I am on Medrol and Cellcept. I've just been diagnosed with an enlarged uterus and multiple uterine fibroids. One fibroid is pressing on the back wall of my bladder. I'm afraid to have a hysterectomy, due to the very real possibility of the the Cellcept preventing the healing process. Has anyone else had this surgery while on immunosupressants? Has anyone had the fibroid ablation treatment with MRI? I would be interested to hear from patients who have experienced these procedures. Thanks!
1284766 tn?1272813389 zoloft, ibuprofin, tylenol, prednisone. Prednisone caused some other weird side affects, like awful muscle pain, especially down my arms, and I swear I've lost some sensation. It also made the muscle twitching worse. Ibuprofin did the same thing. Now I have a cold and my chest hurts and I'm constipated and achy, my head feels like it's swelling. I have been going over and over in my mind: what went wrong? Has the Plaquenil turned against me? Did stopping birth control mess up my body?
Avatar f tn I am concerned I am losing function because of my neuromuscular disease. I take CellCept and prednisone for the polymyositis. Does anything about my PFT look significant? Why is my MVV so low? Can I do anything to improve my muscle tone? I have a young child and am concerned about long-term health issues. Thank you very much for your help.
778275 tn?1326917223 After a upper respiratory infection last month I have been having someone more weaknesses and even a slight breathing problem at times, so he wants to put me on Cellcept. The problem is Cellcept can cause Lymphoma and other side effects and infection risk,. I want to get off Prednisone due to weight gain and creeping up hypertension and the Mestinin digestive problems are a real pain.
Avatar m tn I have Cellcept and prefer it to MTX in concept but I am waiting to switch to Cellcept until I am in a more sterile setting than my family member's house.
Avatar n tn Started out with 40 mgs of prednisone and am now down to 7.5 w/ 50 mgs of azathioprine. I am glad to hear others are suffering the same stupid muscle twinges I have over the last month. When I started the drugs 9 weeks ago, I was thrilled because nothing really seemed to be happening. But the last three weeks I have this constant feeling/discomfort in the muscles under my arms and in my chest/pecs. I went in to my Dr.
Avatar f tn What are some causes of blurred and double vision after reading or doing computer work for 15 minutes? I was diagnosed with polymyosites 10 years ago and have been taking cellcept and prednisone. I was told about four years ago that I had blepharitis but the treatments did not really help my vision. I have tried eye drops which do not help. I've had a lazy right eye since child hood and have had two eye surgeries for wandering and crossed eyes and may have another soon.
Avatar n tn I am still taking prednisone, mestinon and cellcept but nothing seems to be working. I have had 3 major falls over the course of one month and several minor ones. Is there nothing else that can be done for me?
Avatar m tn Rightlobe with subtotal MHV. Prersent medication ; Prograf 2.5 mg twise a day and prednisone 5 mg. ( Recentelly reintroduced after gap of 3 months) My worries are for following reports; Hg. 9.8 TLC 2.