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Avatar f tn lol trust me natural progesterone will make your husband like a 20 year old man with his sex drive and its cheap with not one side effect and can take with his heart meds i think being as your body makes progesterone male and female so substituting with more progesterone is safe.
Avatar m tn I am a 37 year old male and had an ischemic stroke on 7/22/14. The neurologist says the cause of the stroke was uncontrolled high blood pressure along with plague in one of my arteries. Since that time I have mentally and physically returned to near normal. I am back to work full time and doing the same physical activities as before. I am however having some issues that I need help with.
Avatar n tn and taking following medicine-- 1, clopidogrel 75 mg-- 1 time at noon 2, furosemide 40mg-1 morning and half night 3. atorvastatin 10 mg-- 1 at night 4. carvedilol 6.25 mg---half morning and half night 5. trimetazidine hcl 35 mg---1 morning and 1 night pls say me. how long she will survive? why LVEF is getting down? can LVEF get up? are these medicine OK? any more advice?
Avatar m tn METOCLOPRAMIDE, QUALAQUIN 324MG, TRAZODONE, DOC-Q-LACE, RENAGEL 800MG, and, at the moment, Tramadol for severe joint and muscle pain, but it doesn't seem to work very well, so I'm willing to try DLPA that a friend of mine is bringing when he comes for a visit Thursday. I don't have an appointment with a rheumatologist until March 26 and I'm literally moaning when I have to use my hands (mostly the right one, left side having been weakened by a 2004 stroke..
907968 tn?1292625804 BP is low during these time, 106/70 and it's been over 6 hours since I took my 6mg carvedilol and over 18 hours since I took my 2.5mg lisinopril. And I'm getting ready to take it for the night. Question, what should the BP differences be between the systolic and diastolic? Shouldn't there be something like 60? Here I have 36 and I wont doubt it's been much lower as don't even feel my heart beating in my chest late night through early morning.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with CHF and dilated cardiomyopathy (EF 20%), in April 2010. By July, 2010, my EF increased to 45%. I feel wonderful and lead an active life. What is the prognosis based on this information?
Avatar f tn I presently take Lisinopril, Digoxin, Warfarin, and Carvedilol. Is 'my present condition' truly something that should not cause concern to me. Isn't being in constant AFib causing my chances of a stroke to rise considerably??? I have no health insurance and am on a cash basis w/my cardiologists but, at my appt. in June my doctor seemed to think I was "ok" and will see me again in Dec. -- I live in constant fear/worry and have very little energy!!
Avatar n tn may i know what is this about and FYI my dad is a stable angina patient, could it be symptom of stroke? TIA? or post-surgery effect? he in on losartan, carvedilol, atorvastatin, plavix med.
Avatar m tn Also, should I begin the carvedilol gradually? And should I taper off of the atenolol/Tenoretic, or can I make the switch immediately? I appreciate your help!
Avatar f tn I did not like beta blockers. Anyway, I am worried I am at risk for a stroke. I don't know why I have head pressure, and no one else seems to know. I saw my ob a few weeks ago and mentioned it to her and she said it most likely had to do with the blood flow to the brain. It's scary, no one seems to believe me. I'm scared and frustrated because before SVT I was very active, athletic and happy. Now I'm scared, feel like **** all the time, even after the ablation.
Avatar f tn That being said, it sounds like you are being treated with the standard of care and there is very good data to support the coreg, diovan, and coumadin to decrease your risk of cardiovascular events including hospitalizations for heart failure, stroke and death. Beta blockers like coreg can cause fatigue. Some people have decreased fatigue if they continue to take the medications. There are other beta blockers like metoprolol that can be tried to see if there is less fatigue.
Avatar m tn My knees have started to hurt again (the pain will switch from one to the other), I went to the doctor and he said my heart was irregular (that it was beating too fast and he prescribed Carvedilol), I was dizzy for like 3 weeks (kept almost fainting and I still feel like fainting when I walk around a lot), I have a difficult time concentrating and zone out a lot, it’s hard to pay attention and I don’t feel as alert as I normally would.
Avatar n tn Live entirely on dietary restrictions ,medications for hypertension,diabetes(lasix,aspirin,clopidgrel,carvedilol,stator,Glimipride and nitroglycerine).No breathlessness felt during walking sessions. Except for occasional spells of fatigue and listlessness, everything seems okay. Further investigations or interventional procedures not suggested by the consultant cardiologist.
Avatar m tn Someone correct me here, but I think the aim was to stop coronary artery disease (CAD). I had an MI and stroke in June of 2003. I also read and was told by my cardiologist that moderate consumption of red wine was good for you. So I started drinking it even though I had not mentally (or physically) recovered from these events. My fear of death was overwhelming. After a while I learned that the alcohol did away with this fear to some degree. So I became a drunk.
Avatar m tn Diovan 160mg 2Xd, Lisinopril 40mg 1Xd, asprin 325mg 1Xd, Carvedilol 25mg 2Xd, Lipitor 400 1Xd and Amolodipane 5mg 2Xd. Not usre if this is related but I also have been having joint pain in the ankles, knees and hips the past couple of weeks.. Anyone have any ideas or help they can offer. I live in Chicago. Email address is ***@****.
Avatar n tn They've now added Carvedilol 3.125 2x/day and Lisinopril 2.5mg. Ejection is 55%, Cholesterol-119, LDL-64, HDL-29, and Triglycerides-131. BP is usually 120-130 over 80 pulse 60. My husband is 60 years old, no other health problems,does chew some snuff, 5 ft. 10in 209 lbs. No diabetes. The dr. seemed very discouraged and couldn't understand all this blockage after 5 years, what do you think is wrong and do you agree he shouldn't have bypass?
Avatar n tn Newer beta-blockers such as carvedilol (coreg is a beta blocker and ACE inhibitor, slows hr and lowers medication) or nebivolol are better tolerated. These beta-blockers have a vasodilating effect, which may beneficially affect systolic blood pressure in the aorta. Their long-term cardiovascular outcome in hypertension is still not known. Further studies would be required to show that stroke is adequately reduced by these newer beta-blockers.
475570 tn?1280944963 I n spite of all these meds My pressure is still 168 /87. I have had a kidney test and blood test and that is well. What else could cause this high pressure.
712042 tn?1254572809 After 2 ½ years of problems ( mainly shortness of breath on exertion) and after many interventions and tests which were all negative, including two left and right cardiac caths, I was referred to Emory University Hospital interventional cardiology. I underwent another cath as a way of a diagnosis by exclusion. They were pretty confident of the diagnosis they were to confirm.
1603923 tn?1297771567 If your father has had a heart attack in this setting or is still continuing to have chest pain, then I would be very nervous about taking him out of the hospital and flying him to Pakistan. If he is now stable without chest pain on medications then he probably would be ok but I would check with his doctors because they are ultimately the ones who are seeing him now and know his exact situation.
21064 tn?1309312333 I had an enlarged LV and low EF diagnosed 7 years ago due to high blood pressure. My treatment (carvedilol, ACE inhibioter, etc.) was medication to control blood pressure, also an exercise routine, proper diet, etc. My heart size returned to normal and the ejection fraction is 59% currently. If you have any further questions or comments you are welcome to respond.
Avatar m tn [4][5] Dihydropyridines including felodipine (Plendil), nicardipine (Cardene), difedipine, nisoldipine (Sular), nitrendipine (Bayotensin)[4] losartan (Cozaar)[4] The Cough Suppressant dextromethorphan repaglinide (Prandin)[4] verapamil (Calan SR, Covera HS, Isoptin SR, Verelan)[4] Antiarrhythmics including amiodarone (Cordarone), quinidine (Quinidex, Cardioquin, Quinora), disopyramine (Norpace), propafenone (Rhythmol), and carvedilol[4] Antihistaminic terfenadine Cisapride which treat G
Avatar f tn and as soon as they got me on hydrochlorothiazide, losartin, lisinopril, carvedilol, and famotadine for heartburn from the other meds my blood pressure is now mostly normal. in case you are wondering it turns out my heart is 3 times the size it should be. it's a genetic disorder, one that should have been tested for but without insurance I just didn't have the funds to do that until it almost killed me. but today I am doing much better. so hooray!
1210142 tn?1266080631 I am currently on Plavix, Aspirin, Simvastatin, Lisinopril and Carvedilol/Coreg/. Stopped Lisinopril 3 days ago and feeling much better- unfortunately my blood pressure went a little up. From your expirience: looking for BP medications with good proven record and less side effects? Statins and Plavix do not give me any trouble so far. Any opinion and advise will be greatly appreciated.
1397648 tn?1288146526 I had essentially 2 nurses taking care of me in my room, one for general house keeping and care and the other a cardiac nurse. Both were professional and caring to the max. I also, being a single guy, developed a crush on my nurse in the OR, but I'll save that story for my buddys. I have 10 incisions on my body, under my arms across my chest and 2 drain holes below my ribs. Small ones 1/2 inch long.
Avatar n tn I must say that this should be researched by the medical world, because it could make someone think that they are having a stroke and it can be very scary when it occurs. My suggestion is when it occurs, attempt to stay as calm as possible. Massage the area that is spasming and a warm cloth on the sore area afterward may be helpful. I too would like to find the cause as well as a cure so that we all can have a little more peace of mind. GOD Bless you all.