Carvedilol and grapefruit

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1322157 tn?1279660281 So, I just poured myself a glass of grapefruit juice and took my medicine - then for some reason I remembered that grapefruit juice interacts with some medications. I just did a quick search online and here is a list (probably not complete) of some medications that interact badly with grapefruit juice. Including some opiates.... Please be careful! a small part of the piece I read: "Amy Karch, R.N., M.S.
Avatar f tn Some anti-depressants and a few others don't do well with grapefruit. I am taking Cymbalta and we'll just see what happens. It wasn't listed and my doctor said it would be ok. We will see. If I understood correctly, grapefruit will enhance or build up the drugs in your blood. So, if your on high blood pressure meds for instance, it could cause it to go down too much. If your on a high dose of anti dep. you could get too much. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
Avatar m tn Ive read that lemons and limes are similar to grapefruit in its reaction to certain medications...i am trying to dig it out from google again....lemons do clean the blood and the liver very a big lemon drinker,before i started TX...
Avatar m tn Diovan 160mg 2Xd, Lisinopril 40mg 1Xd, asprin 325mg 1Xd, Carvedilol 25mg 2Xd, Lipitor 400 1Xd and Amolodipane 5mg 2Xd. Not usre if this is related but I also have been having joint pain in the ankles, knees and hips the past couple of weeks.. Anyone have any ideas or help they can offer. I live in Chicago. Email address is ***@****.
1210142 tn?1266080631 I am currently on Plavix, Aspirin, Simvastatin, Lisinopril and Carvedilol/Coreg/. Stopped Lisinopril 3 days ago and feeling much better- unfortunately my blood pressure went a little up. From your expirience: looking for BP medications with good proven record and less side effects? Statins and Plavix do not give me any trouble so far. Any opinion and advise will be greatly appreciated.