Can xopenex be mixed with pulmicort

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Avatar m tn I take care of a child dx with Mucopolysaccharidosis. He has Pulimicort and Xopenex ordered as Neb tx. Should they be mixed and delivered at the same time or admin by them self at differnt times. If at different times can they be admin one after the other or hours apart. Which should come first. Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn The ETHICAL NUTRIENTS company sells an INFANT/NURSING MOTHER formula of BIFIDUS INFANTUM probiotics, called DAIRY-FREE, MAXI-BIFIDUS, that has only rice maltodextrin (supposedly gluten-free) mixed with the Bifidus infantum powder. This is a milk-free preparation, and can be very helpful to treat or prevent yeast infections (like Candida albicans/thrush, etc.) in a baby that took anti-biotics. Look in the refrigerated section of good health food stores.