Can potassium chloride kill you

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Avatar f tn I would assume cooking them does little to alter the potassium content, but I'm not 100% sure. Yes, you can get too much potassium, and too much can kill you just as too little can kill you.
Avatar m tn tests have only been in use for less than a decade, and some doctors are resistant to using them, preferring to do things the way they have always been done. You can either run a Free T4 and Free T3, or you can run four older tests designed to almost show as clear a picture after some educated guessing is done by the doctor. Free T3 is run less often than Free T4 for several reasons. It costs more. It takes longer to get the results back. It often shows the same result as the Free T4.
Avatar n tn She closely monitors me and there's meds for that. My humble advice to you is, run as far as you can from your current doctor. You can look online for endocrinologist's ratings and patient satisfaction ratings. Do research on different doctors and if you don't like the next one, try another one. We're taking about your health here and you deserve the best and brightest there is. I wish you God speed in your search.
3180166 tn?1344485413 It sounds like an inner ear problem in addition to sore throat and usually when you ears are infected it can throw your balance off and sometimes make you naseated. Has anyone checked your ears?
Avatar m tn Excellent call! I agree. Drink fluids! Clear fluids, as much as you can. The diarrhea is going to dehydrate you and the liquid will help flush your system and promote new blood cell production. The fever and rapid heart rate may indicate your body attempting to kill the invader.
1916673 tn?1420236870 There are two different kinds of salts contained in blood and, in their appropriate volumes, they are essential to good health and life. The two salts are potassium chloride (KCl) and sodium chloride (NaCl). Chloride ions maintain blood volume, affect blood pressure and help control the acid-balance of the canine body. Chloride is reformed into hydrochloric acid in the stomach to assist in the digestion of food.
Avatar n tn I'll help you research it if you want. Can you list each test you've had, and the actual results (like numbers)?
393685 tn?1425816122 You must take this health crises and understand it as YOU can - or the doctors that are fighting you on the thyroid meds won't take you seriously. See what others post here too.
Avatar n tn I don't know much about this at all, but the only advice i can give you is please see another doctor. You aren't getting proper treatment, and obviously no answers. See if you can find a better doctor, or atleast one who will tell you what's going on. Or maybe even take all of this information to the Hospital or ER and ask them about it. I hope things look up for you and you find out what's going on..
Avatar f tn If you decide to get it you can ask them what their requirements are and I can help some too. If you are positive I''ll let you know more about the treatment. It is basically two particular antibiotics and one proton pump inhibitor called a PPI. That helps kill the bacteria and heal the erosion if you have it. The dizziness, tinniness and muscle twitching may be because of the diarrhea due to water loss. You need to be sure to drink 8 glasses of water and/or tea or other drinks a day.
Avatar n tn However, if, in the days until you can see a doctor and you have the same signs of weakness and symptoms of arm pain or tingling, (or sluring of speech/blurry vision) you should immediately dial 911 to the local EMS unit to bring you to an ER. Then, take a single aspirin with water and rest while waiting for the unit to arrive. Make sure you tell the medic that you took an aspirin (so he can alert the ER doctor.
1358341 tn?1282213443 5%), hydrolysed liver, sugar beet slices, dried liver, apple pomace (dried) (1%), powdered egg, sodium chloride, yeast (dried), potassium chloride, barley (fermented) (0.2%), seaweed (dried) (0.15%), linseed (0.15%), yeast extract, chicory root extract (0.04%), mussel meat (dried) (0.02%), artichokes, dandelion, ginger, birch leaves, nettles, sage, coriander, rosemary, thyme, liquorice root, chamomile, meadowsweet, wild garlic. (Herbs in total: 0.
Avatar m tn 6 1.1-2.9 Sodium 142 135-147 Potassium 4.6 3.5-5.5 Chloride 101 96-108 CO2 28 22-29 BUN 11 6-20 Creatinine 1.01 0.90-1.30 e-GFR 96 >or=60 e-GFR, African American 111 >or=60 BUN/Creat Ratio 10.9 10.0-28.0 Calcium 9.8 8.6-10.4 Bilirubin, Total 0.4 <1.2 Alk Phos 87 40-156 AST 19 =60 GC/Ct RNA, TMA, Throat (quest) 2017-08-22 C. TRACHOMATIS RNA, TMA Not Detected Not Detected N.
Avatar m tn Sodium 140 (135-146) --- higher end? Potassium 3.7 (3.5-5.3)---- lower end? Chloride 107 (98-110)----higher end? Carbon Dioxide 24 (21-33)---- Im a smoker too, thats low! Calcium 9.4 (8.6-10.2) Protein Total 7.5 (6.2-8.3) Albium 4.7 (3.6-5.1) Globulin 2.8 (2.2-3.9)---- lower end? Albumin/ Globulin Ratio 1.7 (1.0-2.1) Alkaline Phosphase 58 (33-115) AST 19 (10-30) ALT 22 (6-40) Lipoprotein <10 (<75)---- whats this mean?
Avatar f tn get a psychologist who will help you with counselling. Yes you can get back to normal if you focus on what you used to do. Go back to your happy lifestyle, meet friends and have fun. the more you isolate yourself, the more you think about the symptoms and all. I spent the whole of last month in hospital over bad depression that caused physical symptoms and it scared me alot. am now trying to have my life back. I have faith that I will be happy again. please go have fun. dont isolate yourself.
Avatar n tn I had a cesarean 17 months ago. I bled and had pain for 5 months on bowel movements also I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis about 6 days after. I was never treated for anything as my doctor thought it was a hemerroid. I had alot of breast feeding complications including red infected nipples and pain. Still have the red nipples to date. I bled from the bowel again about 4 months ago and alot of small problems I had becaume big.
2217169 tn?1371487322 Are you still struggling with this issue?
Avatar m tn yes it is like watching a train wreck but come can be a little tease you silly wabbit!! I came , I loooked,,,no kingdom for some pond scum!!
6970651 tn?1386604470 From a very long list of symptoms that can be related to hypothyroidism, following are those specifically related to ears. Ears: Oversensitive hearing Noises in ears (hissing, ringing) Deafness Tinnitus Internal itching of ears Dizziness from fluid on the inner ear Excess earwax Vertigo Do you have any other symptoms? If so, please tell us about them. Also please post your thyroid related test results and their reference ranges shown on the lab report.
Avatar f tn - I don't know if this is the case for you? Have you tried 'mebendazol' tablets - you can ask a pharmacist about them - not sure they treat all types of human worms - they are o.k. for children to take so I shouldn't think there would be any risk to your health or anything. You said that some of your symptoms improved whilst taking antibiotics - have you discussed this further with your doctor? Have you looked into possible vitamin/mineral deficienies?
687665 tn?1227106840 Don't know what size the kibble is, though. You can feel the bag to see before you buy. Again, you cannot find these at grocery stores or discount centers....Of the three listed: Wellness is probably the easiest to find, Then Calif. Natural, then Innova.....Good luck and thank you for your concerns about nutrition for your furry friend. Let me know if you have any other questions......
1524673 tn?1327845100 They should give you a days worth of food, or tell you what they are feeding so you can purchase it. Before you go switching your puppies brand of food you need to do it very very slowly, first few days add about 1/3 cup of the new with what the breeder gives you/ or you purchase and than increase it to the amount you should be feeding. Mastiff's are very very large breed dog's and need a well balanced diet.
184674 tn?1360864093 Jade did have a bout with crystals - a condition much more prevalent in males so as Opus said, if you can get him on all wet food, will save you alot of money in the end...and pain for kitty. Good luck at the vet, AH. We look forward to your update.
Avatar n tn It's magnesium chloride at 66.5 mg's per 1/2 teaspoon, so you can start as slow as you like and work up to about 400 mgs. Liquid Magnesium Chloride has to be stored in the refriderator. You can order it online here: or check your local health stores. And here's some product info on it.
446156 tn?1275863176 Hi im sorry you are going through this,i can tell you if you were 5-6 weeks pregnant then you wouldnt hear it yet.i had scan first at 5 weeks,all i saw was a dot.i had another scan 9 weeks,although im only 7 weeks since conception,and saw a i hopefully end next week or so they may see somthing.dont go for a dnc yet.ive read so many stories doctors just want women to have them,instead of allowing couple weeks,especially since you have no bleeding or pain..
Avatar f tn aspx If you feel that the definition of Ankylosis Spondylitis sounds like what you are experiencing, I suggest you find a doctor that can test you for it. There are very specific tests for it. It is rather rare and many doctors haven't even heard of the disease. Good luck and I hope you find the answers and cure you need. p.s. I still have not found out what is causing my problems even after having all kinds of tests done.
Avatar f tn or wherever you are or can get to, you may find some leads to a Lyme specialist. LLMD is NOT an official title and is used only among us patients to denote an MD who things progressive thoughts about Lyme. No doc calls him/herself an LLMD. Also you could send an email to contact [at] ilads [dot] org and request a referral to an LLMD in your area. That is the main organization for LLMDs. Their website also has information about Lyme research and diagnosis.
499534 tn?1328707778 What type is best: potassium iodine only Where can you find it? This can be a tough one..... How to test for deficiency... scratch skin test and or hair analysis is best What are the many many health benefits of Iodine? MANY! There are soooo many benefits to Iodine.....did you know that if you take Lugols at the first sign of infection it can help to destroy viruses, bacteria, etc.? How about at the first signs of food poisoning to neutralize toxins?
Avatar m tn ” You are a good lady and wife to reach out for help, learning all that you can so you can help him. Always remember this is not your fault, nothing you should have done differently. His fate is in his own hands. We are all here for you anytime you need, take care.
Avatar n tn Our elderly have a lot to share if only we would stop long enough to listen. Jackie, time remaining is not a decider. Do what you feel is best, what you know you can live with. V- I have heard that the Alaskan Indians used to send the elderly off on the ice flows back in the old days...