Can i take advil with xanax

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Avatar f tn Perhaps if I go back on the depression meds, I can level off the xanax. I wouldn't recommend xanax or cholonopin (sp) as I've been on both but the xanax is 3 years now and I didn't realize the dosage was so high. 3 mg per day - that's crazy.
317787 tn?1473362051 Now there are thousands of heart breaking stories. I will get through this. I will write down every time I take one so that I can keep track and will wean down just like my doctor said. Thank you for responding.
163305 tn?1333672171 Everyone says to take Tylenol or advil with the shot but I thought those were bad for my liver. What about zanax?
Avatar m tn First of all that is a lot of xanax you are taking. I have detoxed off of valium and xanax. Depending on your self control you can do this at home with out having to go to a hospital to detox. You are going to have to taper off it slowly because of the risk of siezures. And when I say slowly I mean slowly. This could take several months to do and you have to want to kick this habit.
1140403 tn?1322067173 I am on my third day of going off Xanax. I normally take .5 twice daily and have been for 3 years. Three days ago, I started taking only .5 once daily and then from Feb 3-9, I will take .5 every second day and then off. Im going through severe withdrawal, especially today. I am alone and need to hear some suggestions on any ways to help me get through this. This is the worst day of my life. How can a doctor perscribe a medicine for three years when it should only be taken for up to 3 months???
1351082 tn?1479843732 it really makes you never want to take pills again I dont even want to take a advil they brainwash you good in rehab. but its a good type of brainwash. Thanks for the response.....I just hope this horrible feeling in my chest leaves me soon it is so scary and uncomfortable.
1116530 tn?1324916747 so with the doxy and the 3 advil, i would not want to take anything else. it is a weird/awkward procedure but it is not much worse than having a longer than usual exam/pap smear. you'll feel better if you are coherent and can understand what they are doing. they explain along the way and tell you what looks good/is normal as they go.
Avatar f tn If he is not willing to talk to his Dr can you go with him to his next appointment? If you can, then you can ring up your concerns about your fiance to his Dr. Let him know that he is sleeping a great deal and has no desire to do anything. His Dr may recommend another pain medication, therapy, another type of anxiety medication. I'm sorry he's going through this. I don't think he's purposely trying to be lazy. When you have severe back pain it can be awful.
Avatar n tn I've read all about the bad addictive qualities of xanax, so I'm fearful, but it works. Should I just go ahead and take a xanax daily for the indefinite future? Am I giving myself a future problem? My neurologist muttered something about trial and error; I think he was referring to treatment for chronic daily headache, but he never explains anything or how to take a given drug. Any advice?
5068589 tn?1363121926 (The second generation of anti-histamines are not nearly as effective.) If I wake up after two or three hours I take 1/2 of a .25 Xanax pill. I can keep myself from escalating with the Xanax because I use it erratically. Keep that in mind as you wean yourself off it. I do think, though, that it is a marvelous medication when you need it. The tiniest dose will stop a panic attack dead. As a side effect, it makes you drowsy. Oh, joy!
1855076 tn?1337118903 Both are benzodiazepines, and are highly addictive. I have taken Xanax for 26 years and am currently in a taper plan that will take me over 2 years to complete. Benzos take a grip on your life and will not let go. You mentioned the Ativan was not that effective for you. Probably b/c you were not at a high enough dose, or b/c you had developed a tolerance to the dosage you were on.
760547 tn?1234292834 CJ29 that comment about how xanex gets out of your system faster comforts me, i thank you for your response, even when i was tapering down the xanax myself, i fealt like everytime i took more, it was a set back, but i did because of fear of having a seizure, my friend is on the xanax too and he missed his doseage a couple days and had one, and i've read on this site, that your more prone to seizures within the first 72 hours, and today is day 2 of having absolutely nothing. So wish me luck.
Avatar n tn This is one of the hardest things you'll have to do in your life. But you can do it. It gets better, I promise. I did xanax the first three days of my tapering off, then I stopped. I'm still having a hell of a time sleeping, but tylenol PM is helping with the sleep and aches and pains of withdrawal. I still don't sleep well, but it will come. Trazadone is a great sleep aid for addicts. Ask your doctor for some. Good luck, be strong, Fight. It's worth it!
Avatar n tn She is taking Zanax to help her anxiety but she complains of leg pains and muscle pain. Is there anything I can do for her? I hate to see her like this though I am very proud of her for trying. I want to know also how long till she's finally pain free??
1174473 tn?1263849893 The worst should be over for you with that nasty narcotic. I am on day 7 after cold turkey stopping norco and xanax so I can relate to your situation somewhat. The xanax can take more time to come out of your system depending on how much and how long you took it. From what I have read, you and I are both out of the high risk zone for seizures, however, there is something called Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome and it seems that your tooth related ailment may be related to that.
1211508 tn?1343083205 My I have a fever from the flu and can't talk to my Dr til Monday since it's the weekend. I'm taking a benzo (klonopin). Can you take benzos, such as Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin WITH Tylenol or Advil???
Avatar n tn I am taking zinc, A good Multi-Vit, B-Complex, drinking as much water as I can tolerate, and sleeping as much as I can. I'm taking 2 advil 3x's a day to help with the body aches . My belly still hurts...but not so bad as yesterday. I didn't taper. I just stopped. I knew it was going to be bad, but I wanted out so much it didn't matter... and IT'S BAD! I did a lot of reading. Withdrawl from Hydrocodone, Vicoden, Percoset is truly uncomfortable but none of it is life threatening.
784382 tn?1376934640 but i did just take a xanax to take edge off before i get there....i did fight taking the xanax all day and went ot library and a few other places, but the higher anxiety was haunting me so you took the klonopin for the four weeks until the zoloft kicked in?.....a few other suggested talkking tomy dr about that as well, i just hate asking for these types of meds i dont want to seem like a "druggie" as its a BIG problem down here where i live....
Avatar n tn I'm also wanting to get off the Ambien 10's and xanax .5 x2 a day. Maybe it is okay to be on the xanax and the Ambien as I sleep right through the night but I guess I'm just terrified of being on what I think might be too much. Please if you would share your wean off stories that have worked with any of the 3 meds that I've mentioned I would be very grateful.
Avatar f tn Now i know a lot of people are probably going to disagree with me, and tell you to try it, which i don't disagree with because i know how unbearable an anxiety attack can be. But if i were you, I would have a talk with your doctor and ask him to prescribe you 10 ONLY 10 valium, or ativan in a very low dose to keep in your purse. Only having the ten pills will help you to learn to deal with your anxiety attacks and know when its actually serious enough to have to take something for it.
Avatar n tn You can do it, I know you can. I was out of my mind 2 weeks ago when I quit the evil pills after 2 years and if I can do it you can too. Things that helped me were a hot shower or bath, anti-diarrheal meds, a walk with my husband out of the house ( I know that that is the last thing you want to do but I promise it helped even if it were only for like 10 min). I did call off work for a few days with the flu and used some vacation days for the bad w/d.
Avatar n tn with her physciatrist today and I am afraid of her getting a higher dose. What do I do?! Can She die if this is continued. Please. Do i need to get her medical help? She wanted the 11 pills of Adderall to wear off from Tuesday but she couldn't go long without her pills without being super depressed. How can she over come this?! What can i do to help?!?! Please an advice!!
Avatar n tn I have some oatmeal at home, if my wife will let me I'll give it to you for a bath hahahahah!!! Try an oatmeal bath it might do something. I have heard of the RX your going to try I really hope that helps. I'm still ok. Had a heck of a headache yesterday toooo much stress at work. Didnt take any aspirin probably shud have oh well. I'll post a new thread Thursday for us to pump each other up for FridayFightNight.
Avatar n tn have been reading about the problems with the vics. i feel for you all. i too take vics,5/500s bout 2 meds a day. what i want to know is i take valium bout 10mgs a day. is this a dangerous combination? can it lead to a double addiction or could the combo be fatal? please rsvp asap so i can wein of one or the other! i hope you all get help with your addictions. GODS BLESSINGS on you for trying!
633640 tn?1223662123 As of yesterday I have dropped the Zanax (2 weeks now) and down to 4 Norco's a day. Today I woke up and took 2 Norco's and tried not to take anymore. I felt like I was sick. Diarea, Cold Sweats, a little dizzy and little energy. I just went to the Gym and walked for an hour ( 4+ miles) to regain some energy. I feel drained so I took 1 Norco. So that's 3 for today. If I am understanding right and what I have read on these posts and others, it is best to wean myself off the Killers.
Avatar f tn I also take magnesium (I buy the powered form) and B complex drops. In addition to that: COQ10 fish oils or flax seed ACETY L Carnitine Zinc Vitamins E & C Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (for my energy boost !) I was taking D-Ribose, but the energy boost it used to give me no longer works anymore. D-Ribose has been proven in some studies to be beneficial for pain and it also helps with energy.
1041953 tn?1259076290 I have decided that no matter how bad my back and knee pain gets, I will take nothing stronger than an Advil or Aleve. If this can help anyone, please know this - before the Vicodin, my doctor had prescribed Tramadol, and after several months, I WAS dependent upon them. I think because they affect serotonin levels somehow, they really made me feel GOOD; very, very GOOD. Not snowed as with a Vicodin. I had a rough time when he switched me to Vicodin and I was without the Tramadol.
Avatar f tn I know I really want this. I just hope when the time comes I can keep that strong resolve and not give in. I know I can do it but the mental part is what got me using again. I need NA this time. Am committed to doing lots and lots of meetings. I can't do it alone, found that out the hard way..
Avatar m tn My psychologist is rx the Xanax for me. I think next time I will just tell him hey I smoked and I will take drug test every time I see u to show u I am gonna stay sober because Xanax has help with panic attacks. Nocturnal panic attacks have been the hardest to deal with. I even had a suicide attempt waking up in a panic and a Xanax before bed has totally eliminated them. I still wake up very anxious but no where near the point of wanting to commit suicide.