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Avatar f tn I am writing because about a month ago I started noticing my heart skipping beats more often. My heart had done this many times in the past but not like it has been doing this month. It happens more often and the feeling is very strong. It is happening everyday many times a day. I noticed that it does not matter what I am doing and my heart does not have to be racing at the time it happens. Actually it has happened many times this month when I was just sitting down.
Avatar m tn My doctor gave me 5mg samples of Bystolic for Heart Palpitations. He wants me to take 1 a day before bedtime. He told me that it will slow my heart rate down. Normally I get 1-2 palps daily. Slightly concerned because it can lower your blood pressure to. My blood pressure is normally around 125/80. Doc says my heart is generally in good shape but I do have some "leakage". Mild case of mitral valve prolapse and slightly large aortic valve.
116881 tn?1189759423 My Dr just took me off of Hyzaar and has put me on 5 mgs of Bystolic per day to control skipped beats and my HBP. Well, the skips are much better but my pressure is still up and my pulse is really low for me -- like in the mid 50's!!! I feel like garbage. I have only been on it for a week. My Dr wants me to stick it out a little longer. So her I am needing take one today for my BP but my pulse is sooooo low. ANyone else on Bystolic? Will this get better?
Avatar n tn I had skipped beats for one full year three yrs ago and now they have come back & have had for 6 months now. Sometimes I don't have that many sometimes I have lots. They sometimes seem like they shake my body. I also have ringing in the ear that pulsates with my heart beat so I hear everything my heart does. So this can be very stressful. I have had heart monitor, ekg everythings ok. I know how everyone feels. It's like it can drive you crazy.
Avatar m tn Since my ablation, i've had zero skipped beats or SVT. If you have that extra pathway it could be causing you have those skipped pathways as well. Atenolol is controlling your fast heart rate and now you notice the PACs because your SVT is being controlled. Also, i found out that PACs or those skipped beats can trigger SVT as well. You didn't state what happened what caused you to go into SVT but PACs are a known trigger.
612551 tn?1450025775 If I were to take another dose at night it would lower my pulse too much, and I've also read that taking it at night can cause insomnia as well. I find on 25mg my heart rate sits around 60--75 for most of the day which is perfect for me since my heart rate is affected by my IST during the day time, and usually comes back down to a normal rate on its own at night time.
Avatar f tn I also wore a heart monitor for 2 weeks and was told that my skipped beats that I sometimes have are PACS. I was okay for a while but started having chest pain and more skipped beats. I went back to the Cardiologist and he did an echo and ct scan in Jan. 2009, both he said were also clear. At this time I was also having shortness of breath. The doctor could not find any reason for the chest pain or shortness of breath.
Avatar n tn You're right that I'm lucky it's not a life threatening condition or that it doesn't even put me at a higher risk for heart disease, and I am definitely grateful for that. However, I feel that, because it's not dangerous in those respects, my doctors kind of shrug me off. This makes sense because I know that soccer isn't life, but I am receiving a large scholarship and I feel like I have so much more to prove before my "career" ends.
Avatar n tn Had a few episodes through out the year. Lately I have been having skipped heart beats. (as proved by listening with stethoscope) For some reason laying down on couch or bed with legs crossed seems to bring them on more so. I try not to cross legs. I have read to try taking Omega 3 or Fish Oil pills can help. Also, consumption of bananas for potassium can help. Good luck.
Avatar m tn I pulled over and felt my pulse, and my heart was beating very erratically. It sped up to a very high rate and also skipped beats. I was in a cold sweat, felt like I was losing control / having a heart attack. I got out of my car and went up to a random house and asked them to call 911. While sitting in this strangers house, I calmed down a little, though I still felt very strange and my chest still felt very strange. I went to the hospital and had an EKG which turned out normal.
Avatar n tn I have had irregular heartbeat and strong pulse feeling intermittent for a long time and it became all the time, mostly feel skipped beats and pressure in middle of chest in addition to what felt like adrenaline surges at the least little stress; have had all tests to check out (your husband should have these tests) and doc feels I am ok but recently prescribed a betablocker bystolic (new) and I've only taken for a week but no more irregular heart beat, no adrenaline surge, some antianxiety ef
Avatar n tn I recently stopped the flecainide and have had no significant a-fib that I can discern, although some skipped beats. I do continue to take bystolic and azor for high blood pressure. However, since discontinuing the flecanide, I have had what I would describe as a pounding heartbeat (not rapid), dizziness, and consistent blood pressure readings of 140s/50s.
637910 tn?1454710180 1 year success with taking fish oil and magnesium for my pvc's. I haven't had such a good year for years (15 years exactly since my heart first skipped)! I still have the skips, but it's much better, and I haven't had one of my episodes, where the heart rate goes up, the heart skips on a continuous basis, and I generally feel lousy and anxious. Most of you know how this feels. I still have to watch what I eat a bit, white bread is a no no for me (MSGs?), and absolutely no caffein or alcohol.
1272987 tn?1274675310 Back in November I was hospitalized for severe heart palpitations, it felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest. The ER staff did an EKG among other tests and discovered a pronounced sinus arrhythmia. I am a 22 year old female, non-smoker who until recently was pretty active. Since the diagnosis and the prescription of Bystolic from my primary care physician I've attempted to get back to my previous level of exercise.
Avatar n tn I am a 27 year old male who is perfectly healthy, aside from the fact that I take a beta blocker, Bystolic, for high blood pressure. Two years ago, I was evaluated by a cardiologist. I had ECGs, Echocardiogram, Holter, Stress test, Stress echo and everything came back normal. I am scheduled to see a cardiologist in a week and a half. I have been monitoring my blood pressure and it tends to hover in the 130-135 / 80 range. I am quite worried about the increase in PVCs.
Avatar n tn He said most people don't notice their heart beats, but those of us with heart issues often have an awarness of their beats. He said it was as if we had a direct line from the brain to the heart that makes us sensitive to what our heart is doing. It may be that your awarness has nothing to do with beta blockers. It is just that you have learned to tune in to what is happening with your heart.
Avatar m tn I have had skipped beats for about 10 years. I had a defective Medtronic Sprint Fidelis lead and I was shocked 12 times inappropriately the end of February of this year. The skipped beats got bad after that happened. I have tried medications to control these but cannot tolerate them. I am on the beta blocker, Bystolic and that does not help. Any comments or insights into this procedure.
Avatar f tn Palpitations, extra beats, irregular heartbeat, pounding heart, racing heart, skipped beats, rapid pulse, heart fluttering Chest pain, chest tightness Lightheadedness, dizziness, almost passing out Fatigue, weakness Anxiety/panic attacks Shortness of breath Headaches In may of this year I was diagnosed with mild MVP with mild regurgitation. According to my cardiologist I was born with it. I als have MVPS.
116881 tn?1189759423 I also take Metropolol, 12.5 mgs as needed, for skipped beats and a rapid heart beat (around 120-130 at times, unknown cause) So today, im grocery shopping, beautiful day, relaxed as can be and I start getting the BIG<PAINFUL skips. They started coming at about every 3rd or 4th beat -- I could feel every single one with a big, hard thud each time. I ended up driving myself to the hospital and waiting to see if the Metropolol I popped worked.
899454 tn?1295587538 On 12th April 2015 in the morning I started feeling skipped beats one after another. I never felt this way in my life! I took my BP. It was normal but my pulse was 48! I contacted a cardiologist friend that I know and she instructed me not to take my Nebivolol that day because my pulse was low and start take half the dose (2.5 mg) the next day. In the afternoon hours my husband drove me to the ER. When reaching the ER they could not catch anything on the ECG. They sender me home.
Avatar m tn NT was dc'd over a week ago and I started the levoxyl 25mcg but only took half and when I found out what that did to me I didn't want to take anymore. I am 55 yo. My TSH has been in vicinity of 3.26-3.67 for last 4 years. Had parathyroid surgery in July and first part of December in went to 5.61. Have been having anxiety and panic attacks with tachycardia and skipped beats for about 1 year now. I am really sensitive to meds now but never before that.
Avatar f tn I feel like if I have any skipped beats that means I need to stay on the meds, but that's crazy because I have skipped beats while on the meds too :-) As you can see I don't know what to do. The funny thing is I posted on here a few months ago about how I could not WAIT to come off of these things because I felt like they were making me very lethargic, etc. Well, once I went down to 12.5 mg I felt SO much better, and like I said, that has been over the past two months.
Avatar f tn Reading what others write about their experience helps me stay calm and not give in to much to my anxiety re having palpitations and skipped beats, etc.while i wait for effective treatment for the type of sibo i have (an medication is in works and should be approved soon).
Avatar m tn I am 34 years old and was in excellent physical condition. I go to the gym and lift weights 4x/week and was doing intense cardio (via hockey) 2 -3 times per week for years. In 2009 I went into Atrial flutter for the first time ever. Went to ER and ended up getting a cardiversion to restore regular rythm. I was absolutely fine until May of 2011, when I again went into Atrial flutter. By doctor's recommendation I went ahead and had an ablation.
Avatar n tn After a visit to a cardiologist (including stress tests, Holter monitor, blood work, etc -- all normal) I was prescribed beta-blockers and a few other anti-arrhythmia type drugs. I'm currently taking Bystolic (have been taking it for 2 months) - still no help. My primary symptom is a sudden kick or lurch in my stomach when the skipped beat occurs. This can go on all day, many hundreds of times. These episodes are dramatically impacting my work, sleep, and exercise and leisure time.
1701959 tn?1488555141 I was just at my first cardio appt back in January bc I get very strange heart beats. I am literally waiting for my heart to just stop, when they happen. Afterwards I am a hot mess for days...weeks even. I constantly am worrying/thinking about my heart.Anyway, I Had an Ekg, blood work and wore a holter for 24 hrs. My Ekg showed non specific ST Depression. Blood work was all normal (electrolytes, sugars, kidneys and thyroid). Holter showed my heart beats fast from time to time.
Avatar n tn I have had skipped beats for years. Like everyone else, my heart is jumping into my throat. The comment here has to do with coq10. I take a multi-vitamin with coq10. I am away and only have the vitamin w/o coq10. So, I'm taking 100mg supplement. The palps have been bad for the last 10 days. They start about 1 hour after I take the coq10. One day a scientific experiment does not make, but today I decided not to take the coq10. Today, no palps!!!???
Avatar m tn At its least, 2 beats, skipped beat, 2 beats..etc, goes on for hours until i'm asleep. At its worst, beating crazy skipping, hard beats and cant get to sleep...Sometimes it quivers(those scare me) but i'm pretty use to it, its been going on for over 20 years and im sure i'd be dead if they were dangerous. I've found that its worst depending on the time of the month.
Avatar n tn For PACs and AF, it is primarily stroke risk and for some unlucky ones, heart failure. For PVC's, it is cardiomyopathy and heart failure, so monitoring of PVC burden and LVEF is important. Maintaining a healthy life style and weight loss solves around half the cases in a Utah study. For the unlucky half, meds may help over the short term but usually doesn't over the long term. The good news is that EPs have learned over the last 10 years how to treat these cases successfully with ablation.