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Avatar f tn i was just showing them to my fiance tonight before reading all of this. nipples are huge and have the bumps on them and the nipple itself is darker. i don't want to sound so desparate...but there are too many signs. did any of you ever hear of taking the blood test and getting a negative result, when the person WAS actually pregnant?
Avatar f tn Its only on the outside and my veins (looks like mini bumps) poke out more when it feels like my baby is pressing down on my lower tummy.. It feels like those veins even have something to do with my restless legs. Idk! Help?
Avatar n tn is it normal to have blue veins in the head of the penis?and any small bumps on the veins? (if you open the spot where you pee)?
Avatar f tn I am 22 weeks pregnant today and while I haven't gained a tone of weight and am feeling pretty great I have a weird issue I noticed today! I have three bumps in my veins on my left calf, that are in three different spots. Anyone know what this is?I heard of legs swelling but is there something else going on?? Any suggestions to being to my doc would be great! Thanks!
Avatar f tn I'm 28 weeks and barely have a bump.
Avatar f tn like they just blew up to double they're size (I had NEVER had veins that showed on my bb's before) But my legs are covered with spider veins since I got pregnant. it's crazy. I hate support hose tho.
Avatar m tn Eventhough these bumps are in line with some of the veins, they are on different locations on the scrotum, so I am a bit confused and anxious, so if you, or others, have any ideas as to wether or not this is something viral/bacterial, or serious, I would greatly appreciate your input. Hopefully, my doctor will shine more light onto this problem, but I will only be seeing him in a few days time. Thanks again.
Avatar m tn Could this be caused by the vericose veins. There are also other bumps that are not close to any veins. They don't look like warts given that warts cannot be popped. What could this be it is driving me crazy?
Avatar n tn There also seems to be bruising/discoloration on the underside of my penis as well. I have also noticed little bumps on the base of my shaft and some on the scrotum, but they look like the where the roots are to the hair. Also, I have had a large, dark vein on my scrotum on the left side, and the tubes to my left testicle are much larger than thicker comparitively to my right testicle. Does anyone know what is going on?
1534422 tn?1325632368 just today i have noticed i have purple veins on the side of my tounge and in the very back of my tounge i have like pimples that are red but dont hurt ,also under my tounge i get little bubble like pimples that i have popped and clear liquid comes out of them.I was wondering if it could just be a mouth infection or something more serious.I have given oral sex to my boyfriend we have been together for 3 years .
Avatar n tn I have these bumps that have been around for a while now and seem to be getting worse. I'm not sexually active, but within the last year or so, I've noticed these bumps. they are only on the inner thighs and not in the vaginal area. Lately, some of them will swell to about the size of a grape and become very painful, then will go away. I can't have an STD unless it's something surface transmitted or by genes, obviously. The only thing it seems to resemble is syphillis.
Avatar m tn I have been treated for an inflamed prostate, and the pain in my penis has subsided, but the tip (around the hole) has some sort of bumps. Several doctors have suggested that they may be engorged veins, but I have NEVER heard of veins being around this particular area? I have been tested in January, Febuary, May, and July for hsv 1 2 igm and igm, hiv, hep a b and c, ghoannrea, chlamydia, and syllaphlus, I have also been tested for any bacterial (sti, uti, etc), and fungal (yeast, candid etc.
Avatar f tn for the past few days my breast have been a little tender and today i noticed tiny white bumps on both nipples. they come and go. im on cd 29 and have 32-39day cycles. has anyone know what this might be from? thanks!
Avatar f tn It hurts for few days then pain goes away but bump stays. I have at least 5-6 bumps like that on my right leg and 1-2 on left leg, they don't hurt anymore. There is always poosibility of getting one more like that. Do I need to worry?
Avatar n tn hi, since april i have been getting petechiae dots which first appeared on my hands.. now i have several on my arms, a few on both legs and general red veins forming everywhere.. my face is pink now which is very alarming, i do have dry skin, but besides the rosey patches on my cheeks, my entire face including forehead is pink which you can tell is to do with blood, not dry skin.. i've always been pastey white and do not expose my skin directly to the sun..
Avatar n tn 250...noticing some small varicose veins in the area too...could these bumps be related? Your thoughts would be appreciated!
Avatar f tn After the first couple of months i started getting them on the top of my thighs and a couple on my calfs. I have also got 3 more on my right forearm and 1 on my left forearm and a couple near my armpit on the left hand side. I have had flu like symptoms for about a week with severe forearm and hand pains and some pain in my right waist area. I would like to know if anyone has similar symptoms or has been diagnosed with an illness that has similar symtoms.
Avatar f tn Some time during my last pregnancy I my husband noticed a bunch of dark colored spots on both sides of my labia I have counted 14 on one side and 9 on the other. Since then I have noticed that many of them are raised and hard. These range in size from a pin point to the size of an eraser. The larger ones are the ones that are raised and hard. I do not have any itching or discharge. I only get yeast infections if I take antibiotics. Luckily.
Avatar n tn i have these little red bumps on my skin almost like a mosquito bite but they dont itch and when i touch them it kind of feels like a bruis......could you help me out?
Avatar n tn they are or seem to be slightly fleshy colored but look as the same as my veins if streched... and on thr right side most of the veins seem to be a little swoolen and bubbled when flaccid and seem to just tighten up with erection and just a slight sensitivity does not hurt if touched or sexual activity.. compared to the left side wich is nomrmal Well im in desperate need of someones opinion plz reply i would be greatly appreciated.........
Avatar f tn I have red bumps all over the bottom half of my legs, no pain no itch nothing. anyone know whAt it is?
Avatar n tn For the past several days (approx 5) I have had re-occuring bumps on my arms. The bumps are red and circular. When they first appeared they were on my arms and my hands. I took some Benadryl and applied Calamine lotion. The bumps went away on my arm and reappeared the next day higher up on my arm near my arm pit. Now they are on my underarm, back, a little on my arm and I literally just got one within the past hour on my stomach.
Avatar f tn on my toe, the bottom of my foot, legs, stomach, arms. I'm wondering if this could be pregnancy related. I did have PuPP with my son in my 3rd trimester, and I really dont think these bumps are PuPP, but I'm wondering if maybe they are related, or if they are pregnancy related. Also, I have been noticing more blood when I blow my nose, or sneeze, and I also had this with my son. Thanks for answering.
Avatar n tn My ladyfriend has been experiencing small bumps around her anus and they are pink in color. We practiced anal sex several times a month or so ago and it was rather rough in nature. She is experiencing blood in the stool and some itching. I assume that it would be anal fissures but i am confused about the bumps. She says that after anal sex there was some discomfort and that soon after she began wiping very roughly and I believe that was the reason for the bumps.
Avatar m tn All the symptoms have eased except the bumps. They aren't always prominent but are always there. On close examination the whole penis head has them and what looks like small broken veins. Is this a possible mild case of Herpes or can anyone else shed any light?