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Avatar f tn I have small flesh coloured bumps on my knee caps, I cannot get rid of them, I have tried E45 and Astral and nothing has worked at all. I have had them for years. PLEASE HELP. I want bump free smooth knees!
Avatar n tn for the past 2 months (recently appeared) i have gotten these itchy dry red bumps on my knees. They are not on any other part of my body. Just on my knees..does anyone know what they are and how to heal them??
Avatar n tn I have a bunch of tiny bumps under my knees. They're not red, don't hurt or anything, they're just there. Some of them have hair through them, but most of them don't. What are they and how can I get rid of them?
Avatar n tn I have small red bumps on my shin where my socks overlap and on my knees and anterior and lateral thighs. They have been present now for over two weeks and on the shin areas several broad and irregular flat red areas have developed. on the thighs, several whitish and keratotic type flat areas have occured. Not much itching and they get less red with 1% hydrocrtisone cream but do not go away This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn My 7 year old daughter i noticed yesterday she has bumps on her elbows and knees? I put hytosyincortsone 1 %. Should I see a doctor? Or am I to keep putting the cream?
Avatar n tn I have had bumps on my arms and thighs and knees and on the inner thighs since I was little. My doctor told me to get a rough sponge and rub the skin that does not help at all. Sometimes they get more itchy sometimes less sometimes there is more of them some of them turn white like pimples. The ones on the knees look like there is hair trapped in them meaning ingrown hair.
Avatar f tn i have the same type of bumps on my elbows i havent noticed them on my knees though. But i have flesh colored bumps on my elbows as well and they dont itch its been 2 days now did you ever find out what it was?
Avatar n tn hi, I have small white bumps on my elbows and knees. They appeared on my elbows and knees around a month ago but I never gave them much bother. They do not itch nor are they in huge groups/clusters (about 4 bumps on my elbow and 6 on my knee so it doesn't really seem like a rash (they are only on my left knee and left elbow (not sure if that matters)). They are white at the raised bump and slightly red around the edges (looks similar to pimples).
Avatar f tn For the past 2-3 weeks or so, I've had tiny bumps on my forearms (the outer, elbow side) and around my elbows as well as on my knees and shins. The bumps are very tiny, very close together, and not at all red. It's a kind of "chicken skin" appearance. It responds briefly to Benadryl, but the itching always comes back. I don't have any food allergies that I'm aware of and nothing in my diet has changed, nor am I using any new soaps or detergents. Any ideas what this might be?
Avatar m tn A week later, I had bumps on my right knee with a patch of what looked like blisters trying to start but didn;t get there. I had a few of these bumps and clusters on my arm and but. I think I may have autoinoculated myself many times. The pictures on the internet match up. It didn't bother me too much. I am convinced that I got it from this girl from skin to skin contact somehow. Now I have accepted this total bad luck.
Avatar n tn It never itched again and then a week later another red bumpy area appeared on my right knee with many red bumps down my knee. I had several clusters of red dots on my arm. None of them every hurt me or itched. I saw a dermatoligist and a regular doctor 10 days into it, but they weren't concerned it was hurpes. I am very paranoid that is why I didn't have sex with a women who I know was promiscious but I was intimate with her. Could I have received herpes through her viral shedding?
Avatar n tn I had slept with and had heavy petting but not intercourse with a very risky women. I was naked and rubbed on her groin while she had panties on. I did ejaculate on her but did not penetrate her or come in contact with her vagina that I know of. A couple of days later I had a blistery itch on my knee cap which turned into a red bumpy rash. It did not bother me. I believe I had leg pains.
Avatar n tn I have excess bone growth on my knee caps and basically over the last 10 years I have noticed my entire knee bone area getting larger. It is quite visible and bumps like Mt. Rainier on my knee caps. I recently found a bone lump on the back of my hand. I am also recently noticing the finger joints getting larger... what causes all of this. No pain but it looks awful and does not seem to stop...
Avatar n tn Rainier on my knee caps. I recently found a bone lump on the back of my hand. I am also recently noticing the finger joints getting larger... what causes all of this. No pain but it looks awful and does not seem to stop...
Avatar n tn what are and how do i get rid of, bumps on fingers hands arms legs knees and back
Avatar n tn Does that mean even though I had no lesions or sores on penis that I can still be contageous if the sores are on my knees in the future? Can I get sores on my penis in the future? I also had scratch marks on legs and in crease of butt.
Avatar f tn a few weeks ago i started noticing these red bumps on my legs, mainly below the knees. i ignored them but they started spreading, and now i have them on my feet too. at first i thought they were bug bites, but after they started spreading i thought they were an infection, or maybe a rash. but they dont itch much, and when they do, it's mostly at night. my friends thought it was poison ivy, but it doesnt itch that much, and there's no swelling.
Avatar n tn About 3 days ago I had these bumps appear on my legs and arms mostly around my elbows and knees. The are small are red and itch what could they be? I thought I may be allegric to my cats so I got ride of them and the red bumps are still there.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I noticed a few red bumps on both of my elbows. Within the day the bumps had turned from few to several and had also started appearing on my ankles, knees and hands. The largest concentration of these bumps are on my elbows and the back of my hands (though I do have a few on my palms). The bumps are itchy, red and round and range from hardly noticable to about the size of a lady bug.
Avatar n tn Then on the fifth day I started to notice them on the top of my hands mostly on the top of my fingers. then on the 6th day I saw them on my knees and elbows. for the next 4-5 days they increased a little but now seeem to be staying the same. The ones on my fingers are sore a little to the touch. they are all pretty small with the largest being about the size of a lady bug. now today the 11th day I have pain in the joints at all the locations of the red bumps.
Avatar f tn i get these little red bumps on my knees and back of my arms.
Avatar m tn I have itchy bumps on both elbows, on the outside, but they are symmetric and only appear towards the tricep area, however i ve been getting hives and rash like lesions elsewhere on the body.
Avatar f tn I have reoccurring red bumps that show up on mostly my elbows, knuckles, and my knees. The ones on my elbows are the worst. They start out small then form together into a flat, red, raised bump about the size of a thumb nail. And the ones on my elbows itch so bad. The ones on the back of my hand start out as one tiny bump then they spread and I'll have about 4-5 tiny bumps on my knuckles. The ones on my knees usually come in 1-2 and aren't very big.
Avatar f tn I have been getting slightly drier skin already (could be the weather in CA as I'm only about 6 weeks along!) but I also have been getting a few itchy red bumps on my hand which drives me crazy! I would suggest keep chugging water to stay hydrated and maybe see a doc if the itchy bumps aren't going away (maybe they can give you something to help!
Avatar n tn ), so I've spent many sleepless nights surfing WebMD and such trying to find out what the heck is going on. The rash consists of a ton of tiny bumps, flesh colored or red and are everywhere from my knees to my neck, even my arms. There are a handful of larger bumps which are on my butt and penis, probably larger from scratching those areas. All itch, regardless of size. Everything I read suggested it was scabies.
Avatar n tn Also, the knee also has some redness after 4 weeks. I can not figure any explanation as it was on my right knee too with red bumps and a red circular area with what looked to be clusters forming, but no drainage. My initial problem was a little scratching then immediate scabbs and red rashy lumps. If I do have it, can I now get recurrences on my genitals? I actually had some scratchs and skin breaks on legs and crease of but. I did not have intercourse.
Avatar f tn My son had tiny raised bumps on knees, elbows; knuckles of hands when he was about 3 years old....these things just appeared suddenly and were diagnosed as flat warts by a dermatologist back then. I have looked online now and see that they were probably not flat warts as they look very different from any pics online of flat warts. I was reading where another lady says her child has the same thing and she is wondering what it is.